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  14 individuals found for query Moseley
Arthur Moseley1664 Lower Norfolk, VirginiaJUL 1730 Henrico Co, Virginia
Arthur Moseley1635 Delft, The Netherlands 
Arthur Moseley3 JAN 1688/89 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Francis Moseley1700 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Henry MoseleyAFT 1604 London, England 
Issac Dallas Moseley1856 1934 
Judith Moseley1708 Bermuda Hundred, Dale Parish, Henrico Co, Virginia 
Mary Moseley1740  
Richards Moseley1570 Westminster, London, England31 AUG 1620 St Margarets, Westminister, London, England
Robert Moseley1696 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Sarah Moseley1705 ermuda Hundred, Dale Parish, Henrico, Virginia 
Thomas Moseley1698 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Willam Moseley1634 Delft, The Netherlands 
Wlliam Moseley1606 London, England1655 Lower Norfolk, Virginia

* Individual - family ties unknown

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