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  90 individuals found for query Murphy
Aaron Leroy Murphy1848  
Anna Stella Murphy21 JUN 1887 Boone Co, Missouri9 DEC 1951 Oak Harbor, Ohio
Annie J Murphy4 SEP 1853 Shelby Co, Kentucky30 OCT 1885 
Arthur MurphyABT 1900  
Benjamin Franklin MurphyJUN 1876 Missouri27 AUG 1949 St Charles, Missouri
Bessie Virginia Murphy17 JUN 1892 MissouriDEC 1977 Centerview, Johnson Co, Missouri
Bridget MurphyABT 1795  
Caroline Murphy27 JUN 1841 Boone Co, Missouri17 NOV 1882 
Charles MurphyABT 1885  
Charles Thomas Murphy1840  
Cora L Murphy1874 Anderson Co, Kentucky 
David Murphy23 APR 1770 Halifax Co, Virginia24 MAR 1843 St Francois Co, Missouri
Dubart Murphy1772 Tennessee 
Earnest Murphy1883 Tennessee 
Edmund D MurphyBEF 1835 Virginia ( now West Virginia) 
Edmund Louis Lewis Murphy15 FEB 1865 Boone Co, Missouri15 OCT 1927 St Charles, Missouri
Elizabeth MurphyABT 1780  
Elizabeth Ann Murphy1853  
Ellsworth Murphy28 DEC 1862 Whiteland, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Ethel Murphy1897 1980 Onondaga Co, New York
Francis Murphy27 APR 1839 Hampshire Co, Virginia ?14 JUL 1930 St Charles, Missouri
George MurphyBEF 1875  
George West Murphy29 JAN 1817 Arkansas 
Granvill MurphyBEF 1834 Virginia ( now West Virginia) 
Hannah MurphyABT 1800  
Harold Murphy9 APR 1897  
Hillary J MurphyABT 1875  
Ida Murphy1 SEP 1891  
Ida Murphy1873 Tennessee 
Isaac Murphy1779  
Issac David Murphy1850  
James M Murphy1842 1904 
James William Murphy1835  
Jemima Murphy1797 Jefferson Co, Tennessee12 JUL 1869 Polk Co, Missouri
Jesse Murphy1782  
Jesse Lewis Murphy22 MAY 1843 17 MAY 1920 Posey Co, Indiana
Jessie Mae Murphy3 NOV 1896 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri15 SEP 1970 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
John MurphyABT 1750  
John MurphyABT 1785  
John E Murphy4 JUL 1838 Cross Plains, Robertson Co, Tennessee20 AUG 1910 McDonald Co, Missouri
John Fanquoy Murphy1750  
Joseph Murphy1761 Pittsylvania Co, Virginia 
Joseph Murphy1871 Tennessee 
Joseph Murphy1 JAN 1797 New Jersey6 MAY 1884 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Katherine Murphy5 MAR 1804 Tennessee 
Keziah Murphy7 AUG 1754 Virginia29 JUL 1845 Springvale, Hamblen Co, Tennessee
Kitty Murphy15 MAY 1866  
Lawerance MurphyABT 1900  
Lillie MurphyABT 1890  
Lloyd MurphyABT 1900  
Louis MurphyABT 1900  
Lucy Murphy1775  
Lydia Murphy1798 Tennessee1851 Polk Co, Missouri
Margaret Florence Murphy27 SEP 1864 Indiana2 SEP 1933 Glenwood, Rush Co, Indiana
Marvin MurphyABT 1900  
Mary Murphy1752  
Mary MurphyABT 1799  
Mary Murphy17 MAY 1893  
Morgan MurphyABT 1838 Virginia ( now West Virginia)7 OCT 1862 Fedral Military Prison, Alton, Ill
Nancy Ann Murphy12 DEC 1834 Kentucky11 DEC 1898 Lee Co,Iowa
Nancy Ann Murphy1838  
Noah Murphy22 NOV 1814 Indiana30 JUN 1869 
Noah George Washington Murphy1855  
Orval Edward Murphy2 NOV 1894 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri18 DEC 1954 Inglewood, Los Angeles Co, Californai
Oscar Bryan Murphy9 OCT 1896 Makane, Callaway Co, Missouri17 DEC 1996 Lincoln Co Mem Hosp, St Charles, Missouri
Phobe Ann Murphy1845  
Rachel Murphy28 SEP 1805 St Francois Co, Missouri15 AUG 1881 Cedar Co, Missouri
Richard MurphyABT 1776 Tennessee Ouachita Co, Arkansas
Robert Lee Murphy17 SEP 1865 Cross Plains, Robertson Co, Tennessee27 OCT 1944 Rocky Comfort, McDonald Co, Missouri
Roger MurphyABT 1745 Ireland 
Roger Murphy1767 North Carolina 
Roy MurphyBEF 1875  
Sallie Virgnia Murphy1870 1933 
Samuel MurphyBET 1810 AND 1820 1846 
Sarah MurphyABT 1807  
Sarah Murphy1771 Halifax Co, Virginia 
Thomas MurphyABT 1835  
Thomas MurphyABT 1850  
Thomas J Murphy1880 Tennessee 
Thomas J MurphyABT 1810 Cross Plains, Robertson Co, Tennessee13 OCT 1840 Robertson Co, Tennessee
Thurman MurphyABT 1900  
Unk MurphyABT 1850  
Willam Murphy12 MAR 1759 Pittsylvania Co, Virginia 
William Murphy1730 Ireland1799 Kentucky
William MurphyABT 1700  
William Murphy31 MAR 1760 Wadesboro, Anson Co, North Carolina15 AUG 1850 Polk Co, Missouri
William Gilbert MurphyMAY 1890  
William Jefferson Murphy19 JAN 1840 Cross Plains, Robertson Co, Tennessee 
William R Murphy16 NOV 1860 Missouri13 OCT 1939 Boone Co, Mo
Willie G Murphy1869 Tennessee 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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