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  16 individuals found for query Nelms
Christopher Columbus Nelms1595 Hampshire Co, Virginia1630 Hampshire Co, Virginia
Elizabeth Kendrick NelmsDEC 1796 Oglethorpe Co, GeorgiaAFT 1870 (Murray Co, Georgia)
Frances Nelms10 DEC 1813 Tennessee1906 Franklin Co, Illnios
James William Nelms1773 Halifax, North CarolinaAUG 1850 Obion Co, Tennessee
Jeremiah Nelms1743  
John Nelms1649 Hampshire Co, Virginia1744 Virginia
John Archibald Nelms1560 England1630 Hampshire Co, Virginia
John Archibald Nelms1530 1630 
John Morris Nelms16 MAR 1817 Tennessee 
Joshua Nelms1711 1769 
Richard Nelms1624 1688 
Sarah Nelms1808  
Sarah Ann Nelms16 MAY 1869 Waveland, Yell Co, Arkansas 
Sarah Ann Nelms1624 1665 
Thomas Nelms1755 Isle of Wright Co, Virginia8 OCT 1796 Oglethorpe, Georgia
William John Nelms1673 Hampshire Co, Virginia1719 Northumberland Co, Virginia

* Individual - family ties unknown

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