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  17 individuals found for query Nicholson
Deliverance Nicholson1638 Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Dorothy Nicholson1687 Bedford Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth NicholsonABT 1645  
Elizabeth Nicholson15 JAN 1696/97 Perquiman Co, North Carolina 
James Larkin Nicholson23 SEP 1851 13 APR 1919 
John NicholsonABT 1718 England 
Larkin Nicholson4 NOV 1783 Washington Co, Virginia10 JUN 1863 Indiana
Margaret NicholsonABT 1830  
Margaret NicholsonABT 1832 Isle of Skye, Scotland8 OCT 1865 
Martha Elizabeth Nicholson29 MAR 1857 Georgia23 SEP 1929 Picher, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma
Mary NicholsonABT 1625  
Mary Ann NicholsonABT 1815 Kentucky 
Pauline NicholsonABT 1830  
Thomas NicholsonABT 1746 Orange Co, Virginia8 AUG 1812 Jessimine Co, Kentucky
Thomas Nicholson1698 Cumberland, Whitehaven, England 
Vandiver Venton Nicholson12 SEP 1826 30 SEP 1852 Washington Co, Indiana
Vania NicholsonABT 1879  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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