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  24 individuals found for query Noyes
Caleb K Noyes15 OCT 1880 Mattoon, Coles Co, Illinois Dallas, Texas
Clinton Dewitt Noyes12 NOV 1854 Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, Wisconsin24 MAR 1940 Portland, Multnomah Co, Oregon
Emily K Noyes1834 New Hampshire1915 Revillo, Grant Co, South Dakota
Enoch Noyes28 MAR 1750 Pembroke, Merrimack Co, New HampshireBET FEB AND MAY 1842 Bow, Merrimack Co, New Hampshire
Francis Noyes12 NOV 1849 Mattoon, Coles Co, Illinois 
Francis V Noyes15 SEP 1881 Mattoon, Coles Co, ILLBET 1922 AND 1925 
Grace E L NoyesAUG 1886 South Dakota20 AUG 1954 Multnomah Co, Oregon
Harriett Noyes1849 Wisconsin 
Isaac Noyes6 JAN 1811 Piermont, Grafton Co, New Hampshire31 JAN 1886 De Smet, Kingsbury, South Dakota
Isaac Noyes1776 1862 
John Noyes20 JAN 1644/45 Newbury, Essex Co, MassachusettsAPR 1691 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts
John Noyes20 APR 1720 Abington, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts30 MAY 1770 Pembroke, Merrimack Co, New Hampshire
Joseph Milton Vivian Noyes20 JUN 1895 South Dakota25 OCT 1937 Marion Co, Oregon
Joseph Stevens Noyes1844 Wisconsin1880 
Josephine Ella Noyes30 JUN 1892 South Dakota27 MAY 1939 Marion Co, Oregon
Mary Noyes1809 New Hampshire 
Nicholas Noyes1615 Cholderton, Wiltshire, Engand21 NOV 1701 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts
Nina Gertrude Noyes7 OCT 1890 South Dakota23 JUN 1952 Portland, Multnomah Co, Oregon
Rebecca Noyes1809  
Samuel Noyes5 FEB 1690/91 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts6 NOV 1729 Abington, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts
Samuel W Dunn Noyes1846 Wisconsin1922 
Sara NoyesABT 1770  
Ursula A Noyes1840 1920 
William Noyes1568 1622 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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