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  32 individuals found for query Odenbaugh
Al Ambaugh OdenbaughABT 1875  
Albert Odenbaugh27 JUL 1813 Whiteley Township, Green Co, Pennsylvania27 MAR 1875 Wapello Co, Indiana
Albert Ray Odenbaugh30 MAR 1892 Wapello Co, Iowa31 MAY 1936 Hocomo, Howell Co, Missouri
Archie Carlisle Odenbaugh17 OCT 1887 Wapello Co, Iowa 
Charles Odenbaugh1760 Germany22 APR 1813 Wayneburg, Green Co, Pennsylvania
Charles OdenbaughBET 1862 AND 1870 Starke Co, Indiana 
Chassapina OdenbaughMAR 1870 Starke Co, Indiana 
Christian Odenbaugh1807 Pennsylvania 
Daniel Odenbaugh1812 Pennsylvania 
Dora Caroline Odenbaugh26 MAR 1885 Wapello Co, Iowa 
Eleanor OdenbaughFEB 1850 Hamilton Co, Ohio 
Elizabeth Odenbaugh8 JAN 1810 Pennsylvania4 MAY 1868 Brave, Green Co, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Irene Odenbaugh22 MAY 1900 Lincoln Township, Dallas Co, Missouri30 JUL 1950 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Fred M OdenbaughAFT 1882 3 MAR 1919 
George Washington OdenbaughBET 1804 AND 1805 Pennsylvania 
Harriet E OdenbaughABT 1870 Starke Co, Indiana 
Jacob Odenbaugh1803 Pennsylvania 
James Odenbaugh1865 Starke Co, Indiana 
John Henry Odenbaugh3 APR 1854 Starke Co, Indiana15 JUL 1941 Osawatomie, Miami Co, Kansas
Malisa OdenbaughBET 1862 AND 1870 Starke Co, Indiana 
Mary Odenbaugh1 SEP 1796 Pennsylvania 
Mary Jane Odenbaugh1859 Starke Co, Indiana 
Mary L Odenbaugh1882 Nebraska 
Nathan Odenbaugh1849 Hamilton Co, Ohio 
Nola Estella Odenbaugh18 JUN 1882 Wapello Co, Iowa23 JUN 1934 Preston, Hickory Co, Missouri
Samuel Odenbaugh1809 Pennsylvania 
Samuel Joel Odenbaugh8 OCT 1851 Hamilton Co, Ohio31 MAY 1934 Hocomo, Howell Co, Missouri
Simon Zelotes Odenbaugh8 JAN 1879 Wapello Co, Iowa 
Thomas Franklin Odenbaugh12 AUG 1877 St Joseph, Buchanan CO, Missouri 
Thomas Jefferson Odenbaugh1812 Pennsylvania 
Unk OdenbaughABT 1780  
Wilhelmina Grace Odenbaugh16 DEC 1873  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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