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  56 individuals found for query Oliver
Abigail OliverABT 1622 Bristol, Gloucester, England 
Agnes Oliver1 JUN 1816 Anderson Co, Tennessee3 MAY 1894 Lawrence Co, Missouri
Alexander Oliver1702 Chowan, North Carolina1763 Bertie, North Carolina
Alfred Oliver23 FEB 1805 Anderson Co, Tennessee 
Alfred Lundsford Oliver29 JAN 1785 Caswell Co, North Carolina1834 Newton Co, Missouri
Ann Scott OliverABT 1707 Augusta, Montgomery Co, VirginiaABT 1763 Montgomery Co, Virginia
Cynthia Oliver17 DEC 1814 Anderson Co, Tennessee 
Daniel Oliver1631 Bristol, Gloucester, England 
David Oliver1653  
Dicey Oliver1779 Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee1851 Alabama
Dixon Oliver2 AUG 1806 Anderson Co, Tennessee 
Eleanor Oliver2 JUL 1650 Isle of Wright, Virginia 
Elizabeth Oliver12 APR 1624 Boston, Massachusetts6 MAY 1691 
Elizabeth Oliver28 DEC 1639 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts 
Hannah Oliver8 MAR 1641/42 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts 
Hannah Oliver3 JAN 1640/41 Boston, Suffolk Co, MassachusettsBEF MAR 1641/42 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts
Hannah Oliver28 FEB 1638/39 Boston, Suffolk Co, MassachusettsBEF JAN 1640/41 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts
Harriet Oliver1861 1942 
Harrison Oliver9 JUL 1811 Anderson Co, Tennessee 
James OliverABT 1621 Bristol, Gloucester, England 
James OliverABT 1607 Bristol, Gloucester, England 
James Marion OliverABT 1831 North Carolina 
John Oliver12 DEC 1645 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts 
John Oliver15 APR 1640 Boston, Suffolk Co, MassachusettsBEF DEC 1645 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts
John Oliver1744 Chowan Co, North Carolina1796 Bertie Co, North Carolina
John Oliver1555  
John OliverABT 1615 England 
John Oliver1616 Bristol, Gloucester, England12 APR 1646 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts
John Oliver29 JUL 1638 Boston, Suffolk Co, MassachusettsBEF APR 1640 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts
Lucetia Oliver1772  
Lyida Oliver9 FEB 1849  
Martha Rebecca Oliver23 SEP 1842 2 NOV 1925 Jefferson, Jackson Co, Georgia
Mary Oliver6 OCT 1808 Anderson Co, Tennessee 
Mary Oliver1745 1808 Bertie Co, North Carolina
Mary OliverABT 1850  
Mary OliverABT 1655 Elizabethtown, Union Co, New JerseyABT 1727 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Mary OliverABT 1870  
Mary Oliver1656 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts 
Mary Catherine OliverABT 1725  
Nancy Oliver1761 29 DEC 1840 
Narcissa Oliver17 OCT 1821 Anderson Co, Tennessee 
Nathaniel OliverABT 1619 Bristol, Gloucester, England 
Oliver OliverABT 1613 Bristol, Gloucester, England 
Peter OliverABT 1609 Bristol, Gloucester, England11 APR 1679 Barnstable, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts
Samuel OliverABT 1618 Bristol, Gloucester, England 
Samuel Oliver1649 East Hampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts 
Sarah Oliver1747 Amelia Co, Virginia 
Sarah Oliver4 SEP 1696 Cambridge, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Sarah Oliver1677 Elizabeth, Union Co, New Jersey1715 Rahway, Union Co, New Jersey
Thomas Oliver14 APR 1582 England1 JUN 1658 Massachusetts
Thomas Oliver10 FEB 1645/46 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts 
Thomas OliverABT 1605 Bristol, Gloucester, England 
Tilltiha Oliver18 OCT 1824 Anderson Co, Tennessee26 APR 1862 Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri
Wayne Oliver12 NOV 1813 Anderson Co, Tennessee 
William Oliver21 SEP 1638 Elizabethtown, Union Co, New Jersey1694 Rahway, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
William OliverABT 1760 Ireland 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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