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  122 individuals found for query Ostrander
Abraham OstranderAFT 1717  
Abraham Ostrander1735 Ulster Co, New York 
Abraham OstranderABT 1785  
Abraham Ostrander14 FEB 1747/48 Dutchess Co, New York 
Abraham J Ostrander18 NOV 1785 New York19 FEB 1814 Malta
Adam Ostrander12 JAN 1705/06 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Albert Gerret Ostrander13 DEC 1729  
Alia Ostrander23 SEP 1722 New York 
Alida Ostrander21 MAR 1713/14 New York 
Andreas Ostrander5 FEB 1784 Rhinebeck, New York 
Andrew J Ostrander1833  
Anneke OstranderABT 1740  
Antonius Ostrander21 FEB 1735/36 New York 
Arent Ostrander5 OCT 1684 Ulster Co, New York 
Arent OstranderABT 1660 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Catarina Ostrander1750 Dutchess Co, New York 
Catharina Ostrander10 DEC 1727  
Catrina Ostrander4 FEB 1709/10 New York 
Catrina Ostrander10 SEP 1727 Ulster Co, New York 
Catrina Ostrander5 SEP 1686 Ulster Co, New York 
Catrina Ostrander12 OCT 1729  
Catrina Ostrander27 OCT 1728  
Chrstoffell Ostrander22 SEP 1737  
Cornelius Ostrander16 APR 1721  
Cornelius Ostrander22 JUL 1742 Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York 
Daniel Ostrander3 FEB 1750/51  
David Ostrander20 APR 1746  
David Ransom Weston Ostrander1815  
Debora Ostrander25 SEP 1726  
Egbert OstranderABT 1740  
Elias OstranderABT 1740  
Elsjen OstranderABT 1740  
Evert Ostrander20 SEP 1733 Ulster Co, New York 
Flotjen OstranderBEF 10 OCT 1628  
Geertruy OstranderABT 1740  
Geestje OstranderBEF 15 DEC 1654 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Geestje OstranderBEF 19 MAY 1700 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York 
George OstranderABT 1835  
Gerretje Ostrander9 JAN 1725/26  
Gideon Ostrander13 DEC 1730  
Harmanus Ostrander22 JUN 1729 Ulster Co, New York 
Harmanus Ostrander10 NOV 1695 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York 
Helena Ostrander31 MAR 1738 Ulster Co, New York 
Hendrick Ostrander12 AUG 1739  
Henrick Ostrander18 SEP 1693 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York 
Huibert Ostrander28 JAN 1721/22  
Huybert Ostrander15 JUL 1720  
Jacob Ostrander24 MAR 1716/17 New York 
Jacob Ostrander13 JAN 1705/06 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York 
Jacob Ostrander27 MAR 1748 Ulster Co, New York 
Jacobus Ostrander18 NOV 1716  
Jacobus Ostrander1731 Ulster Co, New York1800 Halfmoon, Saratoga Co, New York
Jacobus OstranderABT 1740  
Jacobus Ostrander23 MAY 1740  
Jacomyntjen Ostrander20 DEC 1719  
Johannes Ostrander5 DEC 1719 New York 
Johannes Ostrander6 NOV 1738 New York 
Johannes Ostrander27 NOV 1720  
Johannes Ostrander21 SEP 1742 Ulster Co, New York 
Johannes Ostrander23 SEP 1688 Ulster Co, New York 
Johannes Ostrander19 APR 1742  
Johannes Ostrander1752 1805 
Johannes Ostrander11 SEP 1715 1783 
Johannes Ostrander20 FEB 1733/34  
Johannes Ostrander19 SEP 1708  
Johannes I OstranderABT 1740  
Jonathan Ostrander19 OCT 1740  
Julia M Ostrander25 MAR 1846 Nauvoo, Hancock Co, Illinois15 OCT 1911 Emporia, Lyon Co, Kansas
Lea Ostrander12 FEB 1723/24  
Leah OstranderABT 1745  
Leah Ostrander1 MAY 1693 Ulster Co, New York 
Leah Geesjen OstranderABT 1720  
Lena Ostrander1 SEP 1734  
Maas Ostrander11 APR 1714  
Magdalena Ostrander26 FEB 1745/46 Dutchess Co, New York 
Marcus Ostrander7 DEC 1735  
Maria Ostrander26 JAN 1734/35  
Maria Ostrander26 JAN 1714/15  
Maria Ostrander6 MAY 1741 Dutchess Co, New York 
Maria Ostrander1752  
Maritje Ostrander12 MAR 1744/45 Ulster Co, New York 
Ora A Ostrander29 JUN 1894  
Peter OstranderABT 1785  
Petrus Ostrander12 NOV 1716  
Petrus Ostrander19 JUL 1713  
Petrus Ostrander28 AUG 1743 Dutchess Co, New York 
Petrus Ostrander6 FEB 1708/09 New York Dutchess Co, New York
Petrus Ostrander10 OCT 1725  
Petrus Ostrander4 FEB 1724/25  
Petrus OstranderABT 1740  
Pieter OstranderBEF 3 JUL 1657 Amsterdam, The Netherlands28 JAN 1737/38 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York
Pieter Ostrander22 DEC 1706  
Pieter Castensen Ostrander1600 Nordstand, The NetherlandsBEF 21 SEP 1659 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Pieter Van Noostrammer Ostrander1680 Ulster Co, New York 
Rachel Ostrander1 MAY 1698 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York 
Rachel Ostrander11 SEP 1715  
Rachel Ostrander23 MAY 1729  
Rebecca Ostrander12 JAN 1705/06 New York 
Rebecca Ostrander22 SEP 1723  
Rebecca Ostrander19 MAY 1728  
Rebecca Ostrander31 AUG 1718  
Rebecca Ostrander25 DEC 1726  
Rebecca Ostrander2 AUG 1713  
Rebekka Ostrander1702 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York 
Seijtje Cartensen OstranderBEF 19 AUG 1625  
Solomon OstranderABT 1740  
Teunis OstranderABT 1740  
Theunis Ostrander16 JAN 1689/90 Ulster Co, New York 
Thomas Ostrander1745  
Tryntje OstranderABT 1655 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Wilhelmus Ostrander19 NOV 1732  
Wilhelmus Ostrander3 OCT 1726  
Wilhelmus Ostrander15 MAY 1743  
Wilhelmus Ostrander15 FEB 1718/19  
Willem Ostrander9 NOV 1718  
Willem Ostrander16 SEP 1733 New York 
Willem Ostrander12 JUN 1715 New York 
Willem Ostrander24 SEP 1682 Ulster Co, New York 
Zara Ostrander2 DEC 1722  
Zara Ostrander25 FEB 1727/28 New York 
Zara Ostrander1 DEC 1723  
Zssac Ostrander30 MAR 1725 New York 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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