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  158 individuals found for query Parker
Abraham ParkerABT 1640 Cheimsford, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Ades ParkerSEP 1858  
Aey Parker8 FEB 1772 New Jersey 
Alice Parker31 OCT 1724  
Allen Joseph Parker1811 New Jersey1892 Canada
Allie Artimissa ParkerABT 1875  
Amey Parker16 FEB 1765 New Jersey 
Amy Parker19 JUN 1791  
Ann ParkerABT 1740 Brunswick Co, VirginiaBEF 30 SEP 1819 
Ann Parker15 MAY 1763 New Jersey 
Ann Parker1663  
Anna Hoolingsworth ParkerABT 1794 Virginia 
Annar Parker20 APR 1794  
Anne ParkerABT 1735  
Anne ParkerABT 1640  
Anne Parker1575 1657 
Anthony Parker13 SEP 1775  
Asa S Parker1861  
Benjamin Parker8 AUG 1663 Cheimsford, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts14 APR 1742 Cheimsford, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts
Benjamin ParkerABT 1735  
Cecil ParkerJUN 1894 Toledo, Ohio 
Charles Parker27 APR 1787  
Charles Parker6 DEC 1784  
Cyrus ParkerABT 1800  
Damaris Parker1741 Northhampton, Burlington Co, New JerseyAPR 1795 Northhampton, Burlington Co, New Jersey
David Parker1704 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
David W ParkerABT 1800  
Dessie Maggie Parker18 OCT 1891 21 JUL 1940 
Eli ParkerABT 1780  
Elisha ParkerABT 1680  
Elisha ParkerABT 1785  
Elizabeth Parker4 FEB 1721/22  
Elizabeth Parker23 AUG 1751 Montgomery Co, Pennsylania18 MAY 1821 Montgomery Co, Pennsylania
Elizabeth Parker1779 1857 
Elizabeth ParkerABT 1750  
Elizabeth ParkerABT 1831  
Elizabeth Ann Parker1794 Lexington, Fayette Co, Kentucky6 JUL 1825 Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinios
Elizabeth S Parker7 MAR 1826 Soutth Carolina11 OCT 1911 Anderson Co, South Carolina
Elizabeth Terrill ParkerABT 1815 13 DEC 1863 
Ella ParkerABT 1885  
Elva V Parker25 JUN 1854 Oakland, Michigan24 FEB 1937 Kingfisher, Kingfisher Co, Oklahoma
Emaline Eliza Parker28 NOV 1847 24 JAN 1942 Kelso, Cowlitz Co, Washington
Emma Parker9 JAN 1860 16 AUG 1936 Marengo, McHenry Co, Illinios
Ester ParkerABT 1830  
Esther Parker23 JUN 1720 Groton, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts20 NOV 1789 
Flora G Parker25 JAN 1855 11 NOV 1880 
Frances Amanda Parker1 APR 1828 10 JUN 1904 Anderson Co, South Carolina
Frank ParkerABT 1870  
Frank J ParkerAUG 1892 Toledo, Ohio 
Frank R ParkerABT 1880 4 MAY 1914 
George ParkerABT 1645  
George Parker  
George ParkerABT 1675 Calvert Co, Maryland 
George ParkerABT 1790  
George ParkerABT 1827  
George Marshall ParkerMAR 1847 IllinoisAFT 1910 Sac Townshiop, Sac Co, Iowa
Gilbert H ParkerABT 1836  
Hananiah Parker1638 Lynn, Massachusetts 
Hannah ParkerABT 1695  
Hannah Parker1795  
Hannah Parker20 AUG 1671 New Haven Co, Connecticut 
Hannah Parker23 FEB 1733/34  
Hannah Parker19 JAN 1783  
Harvey Ezekiel Parker18 DEC 1897  
Helen ParkerABT 1815  
Isaac ParkerABT 1730  
Isaac Lowe Parker8 FEB 1852 11 APR 1921 
J S ParkerABT 1825  
J W ParkerAFT 1850  
Jacob Parker4 FEB 1771  
Jacob Parker24 MAR 1667/68  
James Parker1591 Marlborough, Whitshire, England Massachusetts
James ParkerABT 1813  
Jeanette Parker1670 Kent Co, Maryland 
Jeremiah ParkerABT 1660  
Jeremiah Parker1821 Covington, Mississippi 
Jesse ParkerABT 1775 North Carolina27 MAY 1849 Walker Co, Texas
Joe Cephys Parker29 NOV 1873 Boone Co, Arkansas 
Joel Parker15 MAR 1797  
John ParkerABT 1700  
John ParkerABT 1810  
John ParkerOCT 1836 Canada Toledo, Ohio
John A ParkerABT 1833  
John Garrison Parker1795 Jamestown, Guilford Co, North Carolina1892 Marion Co, Arkansas
John T Parker1 JUN 1766 New Jersey 
Johnsey Parker1808 North Carolina 
Jonathan Parker1 AUG 1709 Cheimsford, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts Tennessee
Jonthan Cole Parker1832 Cannon Co, Tennessee 
Joseph ParkerABT 1730  
Joseph Parker24 NOV 1701 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New JerseyBEF 21 JUN 1777 Little Egg Harbor, Burlington Co, New Jersey
Joseph Parker7 MAR 1781  
Judith Parker1650  
Julia ParkerABT 1840  
Katherine Parker1438 Somerset, England 
Levi ParkerAFT 1760  
Lillian Ann ParkerABT 1770 10 OCT 1835 Jefferson Co, Kentucky
Lucinda ParkerABT 1860  
Lucy ParkerABT 1850  
Lydia Parker26 NOV 1773 Monmouth Co, New Jersey4 OCT 1834 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Maggie Parker20 OCT 1884 Gillett, Arkansas Co, Arkansas21 OCT 1964 Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co, Arkansas
Malissa Catherine Parker1842 1926 
Margaret Parker1869  
Margaret Parker1876 1938 
Margaret ParkerABT 1786  
Margaret Parker1736 Morris Co, New JerseyDEC 1816 Tomlison's Run, Brooke County, Virginia
Margaret Ann Parker1854 1925 
Marian ParkerABT 1775 Whitestown, Oneida Co, New York 
Mark R ParkerABT 1900  
Martha J Parker1844 KentuckyBEF 1892 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Martha Louisa Parker1812 South Carolina1886 Center, Dade Co, Missouri
Mary Parker8 JUN 1726 Newton, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Mary ParkerABT 1671 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Mary Parker1705  
Mary ParkerABT 1845  
Mary ParkerABT 1819  
Mary Parker17 MAY 1789  
Mary Parker1818 Illinois1857 Fannin Co, Texas
Mary Ann ParkerABT 1825  
Mary J Parker1865  
Mary Jane Parker20 JUN 1834 Montreal, Quebec, Canada4 FEB 1891 Delphos, Ottawa Co, Kansas
Mary R Parker1 JUN 1831 Massachusetts19 JAN 1859 Montgomery Co, Illinios
Marytje ParkerABT 1665 Albany, Albany Co, New York10 JUL 1690 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Matthew Arnold Parker17 MAY 1801 Nails Creek, Banks Co, Georgia19 MAR 1862 Nordheim, Dewitt Co, Texas
Maximillan ParkerABT 1840  
Nancy Parker1839 Tennessee 
Orsilla ParkerABT 1700  
Peter ParkerABT 1733  
Peter ParkerDEC 1863  
Pineas ParkerABT 1684 Groton, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Prestion Parker1887  
Rebecca Jane Parker1827 1891 
Robert ParkerOCT 1760 Pennsylvania1800 Lexington, Fayette Co, Kentucky
Robert Parker1803 1885 
Robert Parker1754 Gates Co, North Carolina1825 Copiah Co, Mississippi
Robert James Parker7 JAN 1762 New Jersey 
Robert LeRoy Parker13 APR 1866 Beaver, UtahABT 7 NOV 1908 San Vicente, Bolivia
Samuel ParkerABT 1735  
Sarah Parker29 OCT 1637 Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut 
Sarah ParkerABT 1739  
Sarah ParkerABT 1610 England 
Sarah Parker1711 Calvert Co, MarylandBEF 1769 Calvert Co, Maryland
Spencer B ParkerABT 1845  
Susan Parker1813 1870 
Thomas Parker1597 Lincolnshire, England 
Thomas Parker16 MAR 1768 New Jersey 
Thomas Parker1736 Montgomery, Somerset Co, New Jersey31 JUL 1822 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Thomas Parker1805 North CarolinaABT 1861 Henry Co, Missouri
Thomas ParkerABT 1740  
Thomas F ParkerABT 1817  
Thornton ParkerBET 1813 AND 1817  
William ParkerABT 1640  
William Parker1770 North Carolina 
William Parker14 OCT 1769 New Jersey 
William ParkerABT 1800  
William B Parker1871  
William Benton Parker1877 1960 
William D ParkerBET 1828 AND 1830  
William Henry Parker31 MAR 1815 Tazwell, Clairborne Co, Tennessee 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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