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  46 individuals found for query Pearce
A PearceABT 1835  
Annastasia PearceJAN 1792  
Arthur Pearce1774 Wake Co, North Carolina4 JUN 1854 Overton Co, Tennessee
Calvert Pearce1886  
Daniel Pearce1658 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island15 MAR 1730/31 North Kingstown, Washington Co, Rhode Island
David Ross PearceABT 1811  
Elizabeth Pearce1800 North Carolina1840 
Emma Pearce29 AUG 1807  
George Read PearceABT 1800  
Granville H Pearce1856 Tennessee1939 
Griffin Pearce22 FEB 1797 North Carolina1854 Carter Co, Tennessee
Gunning Bedford Pearce6 APR 1788  
Henry Pearce1832 Carter Co, Tennessee1895 
Henry Lafayette Pearce15 JUN 1861 Christian Co, Missouri8 SEP 1924 Polk Township, Christian Co, Missouri
Henry Ward PearceAUG 1796  
Henry Ward PearceABT 1787  
Holland Pearce1828  
Jacob Pearce1802 Pennsylvania25 OCT 1857 Orion, Henry Co,Illinois
James Franklin Pearce1859 Tennessee1913 
James G Pearce1829 Carter Co, Tennessee26 FEB 1864 Little Rock, Pulaski Co, Arkansas
John Pearce1610 Bristol, Somerset, England17 SEP 1661 Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts
John Pearce1632 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island16 APR 1692 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island
Joseph J Pearce1851 1936 
Joshua Perry Pearce1856 Tennessee1936 
Margaret Pearce1803 North Carolina1880 
Martha E Pearce27 FEB 1873 Clever, Christian Co, Missouri22 FEB 1961 Christian Co, Missouri
Martha Emmon Pearce  
Mary PearceMAY 1794  
Mary Pearce7 JUN 1833 Indiania Co, Pennsylvania4 APR 1921 Chanute, Neosho Co, Kansas
Mary Florence Pearce23 OCT 1874 Missouri8 APR 1960 
Matthew Pearce21 AUG 1764  
Matthew Carroll Pearce22 APR 1805  
Nancy Pearce1801 North Carolina 
Nathan Pearce22 APR 1705 Isle of Wright, Brunswick Co, Virignia15 MAR 1790 Pawlington, Duchesas Co, New York
Rebecca Jane Pearce1859 1921 
Richard Pearce1590 Panington, Gloucestershire, England1666 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island
Richard Pearce1563 Pearce Hall, Yorkshire, England13 JUL 1641 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusett
Samuel Harrson Pearce1853 Tennessee1912 
Sanders William Pearce21 DEC 1884 Christian Co, Missouri5 MAR 1964 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Sarah Frances PearceABT 1840  
Sarah Jane Pearce23 MAR 1817 Champaign Co, Ohio8 NOV 1897 Jackson Co, Texas
Scion Arthur Pearce1793 North Carolina1830 
Wiliam A Pearce1821 1890 
Wiliam Benjamin Pearce1852 Tennessee1931 
William R PearceFEB 1799  
William Robinson PearceABT 1820 20 MAR 1864 Tennessee

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