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  88 individuals found for query Peavler
Adam Peavler1730  
Amanda Francis Peavler25 JAN 1849 Mercer Co, Kentucky31 OCT 1926 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Ann PeavlerABT 1774  
Bertha M PeavlerSEP 1893 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Beulah Peavler31 AUG 1900 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Catherine Ann Peavler22 FEB 1822 Mercer Co, Kentucky10 MAY 1896 Muhlenburg Co, Kentucky
Christian PeavlerABT 1760  
Christopher PeavlerABT 1784 1836 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Christopher PeavlerMAY 1822 Mercer Co, Kentucky31 MAR 1915 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Christopher Peavler1722  
Christopher Peavler1690 Schwartzwaldkreis, Wuerttemberg, GermanyABT 1747 Spotsylvania, Virginia
David PeavlerABT 1788  
Elizabeth Peavler15 JAN 1831 29 SEP 1910 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Elizabeth PeavlerABT 1785  
Elvira Catherine Peavler16 JAN 1860  
Eunice Peavler4 SEP 1895 Mercer Co, Kentucky26 DEC 1981 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Ezra C Peavler21 APR 1898 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Fidelia Peavler12 NOV 1843 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Francis PeavlerABT 1762  
Gabriel Peavler27 JAN 1813 Sullivan Co, Tennessee18 OCT 1895 Spring Garden, Jefferson Co, Illinois
George Peavler18 SEP 1872 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
George B Peavler1851 Mercer Co, Kentucky May have died before 1850
George Rason Peavler1862 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Georgia Ann Peavler6 NOV 1867 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Henry Peavler26 JAN 1882  
Henry Peavler1808 Sullivan Co, Tennessee27 APR 1871 Sullivan Co, Tennessee
Henry Clay PeavlerDEC 1860 Mercer Co, Kentucky15 FEB 1915 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Ida L PeavlerAUG 1884 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Isaac Peavler19 FEB 1856 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Jacob PeavlerABT 1780  
Jacob Peavler1820 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Jacob Peavler1757 Virginia1814 Norfork, Virginia
Jacob Peavler10 DEC 1811 Sullivan Co, Tennessee12 OCT 1877 Jefferson Co, Illinois
Jacob Peavler1721 Spotsylvania, Virginia Rockingham Co, Virginia
Jacob Peavler11 SEP 1812 Mercer Co, Kentucky1902 Mercer Co, Kentucky
James Peavler1809 Sullivan Co, Tennessee23 MAR 1891 Spring Garden, Jefferson Co, Illinois
James Peavler1822 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
James Peavler18 DEC 1825 Mercer Co, Kentucky8 FEB 1863 Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky
James Lewis Peavler1807 MAY 1881 Sullivan Co, Missouri
James Lewis Peavler1777 Shenandoah Co, Virginia1849 Knox Co, Kentucky
Jesse Peavler1835  
John Peavler1827 Mercer Co, KentuckyAFT 1880 Mercer Co, Kentucky
John Peavler1826 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
John Peavler1848 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
John Abraham Peavler13 MAY 1880 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Joseph PeavlerABT 1816 Mercer Co, Kentucky1888 
Joseph Peavler1796 Sullivan Co, TennesseeABT 1870 Fountain Co, Indiana
Joseph Peavler1843  
Leonard PeavlerABT 1808 BEF 1863 
Lewis Peavler29 SEP 1817 Mercer Co, Kentucky2 JAN 1864 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Lewis Peavler1756 1822 Scott Co, Virginia
Lewis Peavler1740  
Lewis PeavlerABT 1779  
Lillie Anna PeavlerABT 1874 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mabel M Peavler20 MAY 1884  
Maggie B Peavler9 NOV 1887 Mercer Co, Kentucky30 DEC 1963 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Margaret Peavler1818 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Margaret Peavler1842 Mercer Co, Kentucky6 JUL 1894 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Mary Peavler8 AUG 1866 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Peavler1773  
Mary Elizabeth Peavler1810 1838 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Mary Vastine Peavler15 AUG 1847  
Matthias Peavler1720  
Merle M Peavler17 JUN 1891  
Merrill H Peavler1858 Mercer Co, Kentucky1894 
Nancy Peavler1777  
Oscar PeavlerOCT 1890 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Permilia Peavler1833  
Samuel Peavler6 DEC 1850 Mercer Co, Kentucky24 AUG 1928 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Sarah Peavler1833  
Sarah Peavler22 DEC 1805 Sullivan Co, Tennessee24 APR 1895 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Sarah Catherine Peavler4 SEP 1829 Scott Co, Virginia 
Sarah Elizabeth PeavlerJUL 1850 Kentucky4 JUL 1927 
Thomas Peavler29 DEC 1850 Kentucky25 SEP 1921 Lee Co, Iowa
Unk PeavlerABT 1800  
Unk PeavlerABT 1800  
Unk Peavler1725  
Unk PeavlerABT 1781  
Unk Peavler1840  
Unk Peavler1837  
William Peavler1 FEB 1888  
William Peavler1821 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
William Peavler28 OCT 1821 4 JAN 1900 Lee Co, Iowa
WIlliam Peavler20 SEP 1845 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
William A Peavler1819 Mercer Co, Kentucky4 JAN 1900 Lee Co, Iowa
William H Peavler21 DEC 1853 Mercer Co, Kentucky27 APR 1936 Mercer Co, Kentucky
William Oliver Peavler1846  
William R PeavlerABT 1865  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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