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  66 individuals found for query Perrin
Alma Pearl Perrin26 JUL 1890  
Betsey Perrin4 MAR 1783 Hebron, Connecticut 
Carl Sterling Perrin9 JUN 1888  
Catherine Perrin1680 King & Queen Co, Virginia Orange Co, Virginia
Catherine Perrin1670 Henrico Co, Virginia10 OCT 1686 Virginia
Clarence Alvin Perrin23 FEB 1898  
Daniel Perrin1672 Richmond, Staten Island, New York 
Daniel PerrinABT 1642 Isle of Jersey, FranceABT 6 SEP 1719 Richmond, Staten Island, New York
David Homer Perrin3 NOV 1895  
Edward PerrinABT 1740 Germany 
Elizabeth PerrinABT 1692 Richmond, Staten Island, New York 
Elizabeth PerrinABT 1660  Orangeburg Township, Berkeley Co, South Carolina
Elizabeth Perrin1648 Isle of Jersey, France 
Elizabeth Ann Perrin1610 York Co, Virginia1639 Elizabeth Ciity Co, Virginia
Eureka Perrin6 OCT 1871  
Frances Perrin1650 Henrico Co, Virginia1700 Henrico Co, Virginia
Francyntje Perrin1675 Richmond, Staten Island, New York 
Helen Irene Perrin28 JUL 1893  
Henry Perrin1669 Richmond, Staten Island, New York1765 Staten Island, Richmond Co, New York
Henry Perrin1644 Isle of Jersey, France 
Henry P PerrinOCT 1851 FranceAUG 1923 Wyandotte Co, Kansas
James Perrin7 SEP 1838 Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co, Kentucky1 SEP 1919 Haskell, Haskell Co, Texas
James Perrin1670 Richmond, Staten Island, New York1745 Staten Island, Richmond Co, New York
James Caughey Perrin24 FEB 1882  
John Perrin1640 Isle of Jersey, France 
John Perrin1734 Lunenburg, Virginia20 JAN 1810 Garrard Co, Kentucky
Joseph Perrin1700 New Kent, Virginia22 OCT 1772 Twittys Creek, Charlotte, Virginia
Loyal PerrinABT 1900  
Marie PerrinABT 1693 Richmond, Staten Island, New York 
Martha Allie Perrin11 NOV 1877  
Martha Ann PerrinABT 1685  
Mary Perrin30 JAN 1799 Berlin, Vermont3 SEP 1843 Montpelier, Vermont
Mary Perrin1671 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Mary Caroline Perrin28 AUG 1874  
Mary L PerrinABT 1860  
Pamelia Perrin6 FEB 1787 Hebron, Connecticut 
Pierre Perrin1644 Isle of Jersey, France 
Pierre Perrin1615 Rhone, Lyons, France1698 Staten Island, Richmond Co, New York
Polly Perrin22 OCT 1781 Hebron, Connecticut 
Porter Perrin1 FEB 1790 Berlin, Vermont 
Raymond PerrinABT 1900  
Richard PerrinABT 1660 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Richard Perrin1637 Sussex, England16 MAR 1692/93 Henrico Co, Virginia
Richard E PerrinABT 1632 New Kent, Henrico Co, Virginia1 APR 1695 Henrico Co, Virginia
Sammy Perrin23 SEP 1873  
Samuel Perrin28 JUN 1785 Hebron, Connecticut 
Samuel Perrin28 SEP 1803 Madison Co, Kentucky22 SEP 1867 Decatur, Wise Co, Texas
Samuel Perrin1649 Virginia1701 
Sarah PerrinABT 1690 Richmond, Staten Island, New York 
Sophia Perrin7 SEP 1801 Berlin, Vermont 
Stephen Gose Perrin31 DEC 1879 Wise Co, Texas20 FEB 1934 Greenwood, Wise Co, Texas
Susannah Perrin3 MAR 1766 Maryland8 SEP 1841 Jefferson Co, Ohio
Thomas Perrin1600 New Kent Co, Virginia Virginia
Thomas PerrinABT 1645 1689 
Thomas Perrin2 JAN 1584/85 Lichfield, England Virginia
Thomas PerrinABT 1550 Ashely, De La Fouche, England26 FEB 1625/26 
Thomas Perrin12 SEP 1675 Essex, England 
Thomas Perrin2 MAR 1715/16 England17 SEP 1789 Hebron, Connecticut
Thomas Richard Perrin22 FEB 1609/10 Ashely, De La Fouche, England 
Truman Perrin24 APR 1799 Berlin, Vermont 
Unk PerrinABT 1675  
V PerrinABT 1870  
William Perrin1673 Richmond, Staten Island, New York 
William Perrin25 APR 1793 Berlin, Vermont 
William Roy Perrin8 FEB 1885  
Zachariah Perrin8 MAY 1749  

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