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  19 individuals found for query Phenix
Andrew PhenixABT MAR 1742/43 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Catherine F Phenix31 DEC 1768 Somerset Co, New Jersey17 MAY 1835 Dansville, Livingston Co, New York
David Wesley Phenix1822 Bond, Illinios1854 Montgomery Co, Illinios
Effie PhenixABT 1749 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Elenor Aletta Phenix16 AUG 1765 Somerset Co, New Jersey26 DEC 1842 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth Phenix18 AUG 1744 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
James W Phenix1844 Montgomery Co, Illinios1925 Newton Co, Missouri
Jane PhenixABT 1755 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John Phenix1710 Northern Ireland22 JUL 1777 Lamington, Somerset Co, New Jersey
John Phenix1739 Somerset Co, New Jersey23 OCT 1779 Bedminster, Somerset Co, New Jersey
John Lane Phenix1772 Bedminster, Somerset Co, New Jersey24 AUG 1839 Gaines, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania
Louisa Jane PhenixBET 1840 AND 1854 Montgomery Co, Illinios 
Lucinda PhenixBET 1840 AND 1854 Montgomery Co, Illinios 
Margaret Phenix17 APR 1750 Somerset Co, New Jersey1831 
Martha Elizabeth Phenix17 JAN 1846 Montgomery Co, Illinios23 JAN 1920 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Mary Phenix22 SEP 1747 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Moses PhenixABT 1745 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Ralph Phenix2 NOV 1758 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Phenix15 OCT 1753 Bedminster, Somerset Co, New Jersey22 NOV 1823 Cherry Valley, New York

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