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  191 individuals found for query Phillips
Abigail PhillipsABT 1642 Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Abigail Phillips29 OCT 1699  
Abner Phillips15 SEP 1737 New Jersey18 NOV 1813 Elkin, Surry Co, North Carolina
Adolphus PhillipsBEF 15 NOV 1665 New York 
Amanda Jane Phillips22 FEB 1846 Clay Co, Missouri 
Angie Phillips  
Anibell PhillipsABT DEC 1637 Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Anna Phillips9 DEC 1670 Newtown, Queens Co, Long Island, New York 
Annatje PhillipsBEF 27 NOV 1667 New York 
Appolonia Phillips1517  
Barbara PhillipsABT 1620  
Barber Phillips17 NOV 1619 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Benjamin Phillips20 MAY 1687  
Benjamin Phillips20 MAR 1724/25  
Benjamin Phillips15 AUG 1658 Scituate, Plymonth Co, MassachusettsABT 1745 Harwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Bunk PhillipsABT 1850  
Catherine Phillips1733 Pleasant Valley, Warren Co, New Jersey7 FEB 1824 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Charlotte PhillipsABT 1810 North Carolina 
Charlotte Phillips1835 North Carolina 
Christine Phillips1870  
Christopher Phillips1550 England1620 
Clyde E Phillips4 JAN 1888 De Soto, Jefferson Co, Missouri9 OCT 1917 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Connie Phillips  
Daniel PhillipsABT 1660  
Dyna Phillips18 SEP 1657 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth PhillipsABT 1645 Jericho, Long Island, New York 
Elizabeth PhillipsABT 1775  
Elizabeth PhillipsABT 1803 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth PhillipsABT 1821 Ohio 
Elizabeth PhillipsABT 1820 Adams Co, Ohio 
Elizabeth Phillips1746 1826 
Elizabeth Phillips25 OCT 1787 Goshen, Orange Co, New York 
Elizabeth Phillips17 SEP 1872 Trenton, New Jersey13 MAR 1963 Tucson, Arizona
Elizabetrh Susanah Phillips13 JAN 1738/39 Dekalb Co, Alabama 
Ellen Phillips1846 1904 
Elmayra PhillipsABT 1850  
Elmira Phillips1845 Yancey Co, North CarolinaSEP 1887 Cureall, Howell Co, Missouri
Emaline Phillips1837 North Carolina 
Enola PhillipsABT 1890  
Ephraim PhillipsMAR 1639/40 Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Ezra Phillips1762 1839 
Fanny PhillipsABT 1730  
Florida Phillips22 DEC 1841 Clay Co, Missouri26 MAY 1911 Madison, Illinios
Frances Phillips1671 Newtown, Queens Co, Long Island, New York 
Frances PhillipsABT 1720  
Gabriel Norton PhillipsABT 1806 New York Phillpsburg, Orange Co, New York
Geo Phillips17 OCT 1816 15 DEC 1905 Tennessee
George PhillipsABT 1805 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
George PhillipsABT 1811 New York 
George PhillipsABT 1593 Rainham St. Martins, Norfolk, England1 JUL 1644 Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts
Grace Phillips1744 1813 
Griffith Phillips1676  
Hannah Phillips25 DEC 1693  
Hannah PhillipsABT 1763 Burlington Co, New Jersey Paint Township, Highland Co, Ohio
Hannah PhillipsABT 1803 Athens, Ohio 
Hannah Phillips1 JAN 1783  
Hannah Phillips1750 Albemarle Co, VirginiaAFT 1810 Virginia
Hannah Phillips1669 Newtown, Queens Co, Long Island, New York 
Harry P PhillipsAPR 1869  
Henry PhillipsABT 1723  
Henry Disborough Phillips1793 1873 
Henry Disborough Phillips1842 1912 
Henry Wisner PhillipsAFT 1768 1811 Mount Hope, New Jersey
Hiram M PhillipsABT 1810  
Hope PhillipsABT 1750  
Isaac Phillips27 FEB 1703/04  
Jack Phillips  
James Phillips1830 1859 
James M PhillipsABT 1850  
Jane PhillipsABT 1809 Athens, Ohio 
Jeremiah Phillips19 AUG 1697  
Jermone Phillips1861 1935 
John PhillipsABT 1812 Athens, Ohio 
John Phillips13 DEC 1682 Marshfield, Plymonth Co, Massachusetts23 FEB 1736/37 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
John PhillipsABT 1820  
John Phillips5 JAN 1743/44 New Jersey1794 Evasham, Burlington Co, New Jersey
John PhillipsAFT 1796  
John PhillipsABT 1720  
John Phillips4 AUG 1622 Arlington, Sussex, EnglandOCT 1691 Marshfield, Plymonth Co, Massachusetts
John PhillipsABT 1800  
John Anderson Phillips1664  
John W Phillips1834 North Carolina 
John William Phillips1880 1961 
Jonathan Phillips16 NOV 1633 Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Joseph Phillips20 MAR 1684/85  
Joseph PhillipsABT 1731  
Joseph Phillips1737  
Julia L Phillips29 MAR 1864  
Keith Phillips  
Keziah Phillips1717 Maiden Head, New Jersey 
Kristin Phillips  
Laly Sylvia Phillips30 JUN 1882 Dallas Co, Missouri 
Letitia Phillips1723 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Lewis PhillipsABT 1783 1854 
Lott Phillips1741  
Lucinda F Phillips24 MAY 1848 Missouri 
Lula Jane PhillipsABT 1880  
Margaret PhillipsABT 1815 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Margaret Phillips1761 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1803 Harrison Co, West Virginia
Margaret Phillips16 MAR 1701/02 County Derry, Ireland 
Margaret Ellen Phillips1843 Washington Co, Kentucky 
Maria PhillipsABT 1760  
Mariah H Phillips1794 26 APR 1834 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York
Martha PhillipsABT 1685 Long Island, New York 
Mary Phillips23 JAN 1900 Connecticut22 APR 1975 Santa Monica, Los Angeles Co, California
Mary Phillips3 FEB 1811 Athens, Ohio 
Mary PhillipsABT 1726  
Mary Phillips28 JUL 1778 Mansfield, Mass5 AUG 1840 Savoy, Mass
Mary PhillipsABT 1817 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Phillips1738  
Mary PhillipsABT 1825 Ireland 
Mary Phillips1865 1924 
Mary Ann Phillips20 NOV 1791 18 MAY 1871 Horton, Nova Scotia, Canada
Mary E Phillips1818 Ontario, Canada21 MAY 1874 Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
Mary Jane Phillips28 MAY 1839 Owsley Co, Kentucky 
Matilda PhillipsABT 1830 North Carolina 
Maude E Phillips31 JUL 1874 Gibson City, Ford Co, Illinois29 APR 1951 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Melborne Phillips3 MAR 1849 4 NOV 1880 
Mercy Phillips1699 Smithfield, Providence Co, Rhode Island1735 Smithfield, Providence Co, Rhode Island
Meredith Phillips1808 Buncombe Co, North CarolinaAFT 1870 Probably Forsyth Co, Georgia
Michael Phillips  
Minnie Phillips1876 1960 
Mirillis PhillipsABT 1801 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Moses Phillips8 MAR 1740/41 Smithtown, Long Island, New York29 DEC 1819 
Moses PhillipsABT 1810 New York 
Nancy PhillipsAFT 1797  
Nancy Ann Phillips1776 Maryland1839 Woodbury, Cannon Co, Tennessee
Nathaniel Phillips22 JUL 1713  
Nicholas Phillips1775 Leesburg, Loudoun Co, Virginia 
Nicholas PhillipsABT 1720 1786 Virginia
Obadiah PhillipsABT 5 APR 1641 Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Osa Pecola Phillips1900 1923 
Periza PhillipsABT 1805 Athens, Ohio 
Peter PhillipsABT 1705  
Peter Phillips1715  
Peter Phillips3 APR 1768 Leesburg, Loudoun Co, Virginia1851 Clinton, Elkhart Co, Indiana
Phebe Phillips1830 North Carolina 
Philip PhillipsBEF 18 MAR 1662/63 New York 
Phillip Phillips27 DEC 1678 Newtown, Queens Co, Long Island, New York 
Phillip PhillipsAFT 1694 Lawrenceville, New Jersey 
Priscilla Phillips1734  
Prudence Phillips12 OCT 1818 Marion Co, Tennessee 
Rebecca PhillipsABT 1630 Saco, Maine 
Richard Phillips1 JUN 1662 Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island13 DEC 1747 Smithfield, Providence Co, Rhode Island
Richard Phillips15 AUG 1777 Louden Co, Virginia16 SEP 1851 Jasper, Marion Co, Tennessee
Richard Dabney PhillipsDEC 1819 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Robert Robbin PhillipsABT 1765  
Rombout PhillipsBEF 9 JAN 1669/70 New York 
Roscoe Phillips  
Samuel PhillipsABT 1665  
Samuel PhillipsAFT 1768  
Sarah Phillips1850 North Carolina 
Sarah Phillips20 MAR 1724/25  
Sarah Phillips1737  
Sarah Phillips31 AUG 1747  
Sarah Phillips29 JUN 1689  
Sarah PhillipsAFT 1768  
Sarah PhillipsABT 1800 Athens, Ohio 
Sarah Ann Phillips24 DEC 1879 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri24 JAN 1963 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Sarah Catherine PhillipsABT 1810 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Sarah Elizabeth Phillips18 OCT 1877 Jackson Co, Indiana 
Sarah Elizabeth Phillips7 NOV 1844 Tennessee26 AUG 1895 Missouri
Simeon Phillips21 DEC 1739  
Simon Phillips12 DEC 1799  
Stephen Phillips1843 North Carolina 
Susannah Phillips1787 1862 
Theophilus Phillips1695 Lawrenceville, New Jersey 
Theophilus Phillips1653 Newtown, Queens Co, Long Island, New York26 JAN 1688/89 Newtown, Queens Co, Long Island, New York
Theophilus Phillips15 MAY 1673 Newtown, Queens Co, Long Island, New York1709 Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Theophilus Phillips28 MAY 1636 Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Theophilus Phillips1760 1840 
Thomas Phillips17 JAN 1690/91  
Thomas Edward Phillips13 SEP 1849 Danville, Vermillion Co, Illinois27 SEP 1912 Christian Co, Missouri
Thomas Edward Phillips13 APR 1894 Galena, Stone Co, Missouri18 SEP 1915 Christian Co, Missouri
Tilghman Richard PhillipsABT 1815 Missouri 
Unk Phillips  
Unk PhillipsABT 1855  
Warren PhillipsABT 1850  
Wilina PhillipsABT 1807 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
William PhillipsABT 1850  
William PhillipsABT 1825  
William PhillipsABT 1813 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
William PhillipsAFT 1768  
William Phillips7 JAN 1701/02 Lawrenceville, New Jersey3 JAN 1776 Lawrenceville, New Jersey
William Phillips21 MAY 1736  
William PhillipsABT 1774 Amhearst Co, Virginia 
William PhillipsABT 1780  
William PhillipsABT 1780  
William Phillips25 JUN 1676 Newtown, Queens Co, Long Island, New York 
Wilson PhillipsAFT 1798  
Zerobabel Phillips6 APR 1632 Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts Southampton, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

* Individual - family ties unknown

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