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  29 individuals found for query Pittenger
Abraham Pittenger1740 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Abraham PittengerABT 1773  
Antje Pittenger1784  
Charity Pittenger1780  
Charity Ann Pittenger1845  
Cretze PittengerABT 1738 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Daniel Pittenger21 AUG 1775  
Daniel Pittenger1750 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey1846 Oxford, New Jersey
Hendrick Pittenger1696 Somerset Co, New Jersey25 APR 1775 Hillsbough, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Henry Pittenger25 FEB 1734/35 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Henry Pittenger1782  
Jane L Pittenger1834  
John Pittenger1779  
John Pittenger22 APR 1739 Monmouth Co, New Jersey21 DEC 1828 
John Pittenger1738 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John Pittenger1831  
John C PittengerABT 1840 New Jersey 
John Roy Pittenger1 JAN 1887  
Margaret Pittenger7 OCT 1781 24 MAR 1851 
Martha Pittenger25 SEP 1819  
Mary Pittenger1828  
Mary Lowe Pittenger15 AUG 1732 Somerset Co, New Jersey18 MAY 1778 Brooke Co, West Virginia
Rebecca Ann Pittenger4 MAY 1830  
Richard Pittenger1646 The Netherlands1745 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Richard Pittenger15 APR 1730 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Sophia Pittenger1742 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Susannah Pittenger18 MAY 1727 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
William PittengerABT 1772  
William S Pittenger10 APR 1813  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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