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  8 individuals found for query Plantagenet
Beatrice Plantagenet1242 England1275 
Edmund Plantagenet1245 England1296 
Edward Plantagenet1239 England1307 
Edward Anjou PlantagenetDEC 1472 Middleham Castle, North Yorkshire, England1484 
Elizabeth Plantagenet11 FEB 1465/66 Westmister Abbey, London England11 FEB 1502/03 Tower of London, London, England
Geoffrey IV Plantagenet24 AUG 1113 Anjou, France7 SEP 1151 Chateau-du-Loir, Eure-et-Lorie, France
Katherine Plantagenet1253 England3 MAY 1257 
Margaret Plantagenet29 SEP 1240 England26 FEB 1274/75 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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