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  75 individuals found for query Pogue
Alice Ellen Pogue1857 Newton Co, Missouri 
Ann Pogue29 JAN 1734/35 Baltimore Co, Maryland 
Ann Pogue3 SEP 1762 Baltimore Co, Maryland 
Bethany Mathena Pogue18 APR 1795 Caswell Co, North Carolina4 NOV 1862 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Casandra PogueABT 1825 Greene Co, Tennessee6 MAR 1863 Cyclone, McDonald Co, Missouri
David PogueAFT 1872 Newton Co, Missouri19 OCT 1904 
Early PogueABT 1860 Newton Co, MissouriABT 1860 
Eliza Harriet Pogue1834 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Elizabeth Pogue28 APR 1734 Baltimore Co, Maryland 
Elizabeth Amelia Pogue1876 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri1956 
Elizabeth L Pogue28 JAN 1820 Greene Co, Tennessee13 OCT 1876 Newton Co, Missouri
Fanny Pogue1769 Caswell Co, North Carolina 
Farmer Pogue1790 North CarolinaOCT 1849 Newton Co, Missouri
Franklin Pogue23 DEC 1853 Newton Co, Missouri21 FEB 1890 Newton Co, Missouri
Franklin Pierce Pogue1 JUN 1885 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri17 JUN 1962 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Franklin Pierce Pogue1 JUN 1892 Newton Co, Missouri17 JUN 1969 Newton Co, Missouri
George Pogue16 APR 1738 Baltimore Co, Maryland 
George Pogue1855 Newton Co, Missouri 
George Aken PogueAFT 1872 Newton Co, Missouri 
George Aken Pogue2 MAR 1870 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri2 JUL 1942 Wheaton, Barry Co, Missouri
Grace PogueABT 1825  
Grover Cleveland Pogue20 DEC 1892 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri21 NOV 1945 Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri
Hannah Pogue10 APR 1758 Baltimore Co, Maryland 
Howell Pogue1802 Greene Co, Tennessee 
infant Pogue7 JUL 1884 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri7 JUL 1884 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Ira Jonah Pogue1876 Newton Co, Missouri1941 
Irvin B Pogue24 AUG 1897 Newton Co, Missouri30 OCT 1977 Newton Co, Missouri
James L Pogue1837 Greene Co, Tennessee 
John PogueABT 1698 Hartford, Baltimore Co, MarylandAFT 1733 Baltimore Co, Maryland
John PogueABT 1788 North Carolina 
John Pogue3 DEC 1756 Baltimore Co, Maryland26 APR 1814 Greene Co, Tennessee
John Henry Pogue22 FEB 1872 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri4 DEC 1949 Stark City, Newton Co, Missouri
John Ira Pogue25 JUL 1852 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri21 JAN 1924 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
John William Pogue1822 Tennessee10 JAN 1865 Civil War - Battle of Wilson Creek, Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Jones Pogue1832 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Joseph Pogue22 NOV 1724 Baltimore Co, MarylandAPR 1788 Caswell Co, North Carolina
Joseph Pogue1763 Caswell Co, North Carolina 
Joseph Elmer Pogue26 MAY 1887 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri31 JUL 1953 Washington Township, Vernon Co, Missouri
Katherine Pogue1882 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri1969 
Louise Lulu PogueAFT 1872 Newton Co, Missouri 
Luther Pogue1880 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri1881 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Margaret L Pogue3 MAR 1859 Newton Co, Missouri8 JAN 1931 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Martha Alice Pogue28 JUL 1874 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri10 NOV 1960 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri
Martha Elizabeth Pogue6 MAY 1874 Newton Co, Missouri1963 
Martha Jane Pogue1840 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Mary PogueABT 1855 Newton Co, Missouri15 SEP 1855 
Mary Pogue7 FEB 1724/25 Baltimore Co, Maryland 
Mary Ann Pogue1868 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri28 SEP 1869 Newton Co, Missour
Mary Ann Pogue1824 Greene Co, Tennessee San Saba, Texas
Mary Ritta PogueABT 1798 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Mary V PogueJAN 1861 Newton Co, Missouri1932 Newton Co, Missouri
Minnie May Pogue1878 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri10 FEB 1917 
Nancy Pogue1793 North Carolina 
Nancy Caroline Pogue1 MAR 1832 Greene Co, Tennessee27 JAN 1905 Cedar Co, Missouri
Patrick PogueABT 1890 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri 
Percy PogueAFT 1817 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Price William Pogue24 FEB 1896 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri13 MAY 1957 Coliumbia, Boone Co, Missouri
Rachel Pogue10 SEP 1849 Newton Co, Missouri24 JUL 1888 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri
Rachel Pogue21 JUN 1837 Greene Co, Tennessee8 JAN 1905 Newton Co, Missouri
Robert PogueABT 1660 County Cavan, Northern Ireland Baltimore Co, Maryland
Sarah Pogue24 JUN 1759 Baltimore Co, Maryland 
Sarah Pogue1830 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Sarah A Pogue13 FEB 1871 Newton Co, Missouri 
Sarah Cassandra Pogue1848 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri 
Sarah Elizabeth PogueAFT 1872 Newton Co, Missouri 
Sarah Nancy Pogue24 FEB 1785 North Carolina 
Susanna Pogue1 JUL 1755 Baltimore Co, Maryland 
Susannah PogueABT 1781 North Carolina 
Thomas Pogue1783 North Carolina 
Thomas Alexander Pogue1845 Greene Co, Tennessee 
William Pogue1836 Greene Co, Tennessee 
William Pogue7 APR 1740 Baltimore Co, Maryland 
William Ira Pogue1824 Greene Co, Tennessee3 MAR 1905 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
William McDaniel Pogue14 FEB 1846 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri5 JAN 1918 Franklin Township, Newton Co, Missouri
William P Pogue1796 Greene Co, Tennessee6 JUN 1877 Newton Co, Missouri

* Individual - family ties unknown

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