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  46 individuals found for query Poindexter
Amanada H Poindexter18 DEC 1851 12 OCT 1887 Webster Co, Missouri
Archibald Poindexter1844 Dade Co, Missouri 
Archibald Pledge Poindexter1789 Surry Co, North Carolina 
Archibald Thomas PoindexterAFT 1810  
Archibald W Poindexter1861 Dade Co, Missouri1926 Dade Co, Missouri
Belinda PoindexterAFT 1810  
Chloe Ellen Poindexter27 NOV 1870 Dade Co, Missouri30 SEP 1910 Dade Co, Missouri
Cyrena Poindexter1875 Dade Co, Missouri 
Dorothy A PoindexterAFT 1810  
Eli B Poindexter1875 Dade Co, Missouri1951 
Eliza A Poindexter1863 Dade Co, Missouri 
Elizabeth PoindexterAFT 1810  
Elizabeth Poindexter14 JAN 1698/99 St Peters Parish, New Kent Co, Viriginia 
Elizabeth Poindexter7 AUG 1834 Turkey Neck Creek, Monroe Co, Kentucky 
Freddie Poindexter1885 Dade Co, Missouri1887 Dade Co, Missouri
George Poindexter23 DEC 1629 Isle of JerseyABT 1692 New Kent Co, Virginia
George Henry Poindexter23 APR 1838 Turkey Neck Creek, Monroe Co, Kentucky31 MAR 1894 Dade Co, Missouri
Jemima Vicie Ann Poindexter1830  
John Poindexter1703 Hanover Co, Virginia1753 Louisa Co, Virginia
John L PoindexterAFT 1864 Dade Co, Missouri 
John Thomas PoindexterAFT 1810  
John Turner Poindexter17 AUG 1872 Dade Co, Missouri19 MAY 1953 Mitchell Nursing Home, Smith Township, Dade Co, Missouri
John Turner Poindexter1 MAR 1849 Dade Co, Missouri1875 
Josiah PoindexterAFT 1810  
Josiah R Poindexter1843 Dade Co, Missouri 
Kire Flynn Poindexter19 MAR 1847 Dade Co, Missouri1924 
Lucelia PoindexterABT 1600  
Lucy Poindexter1879 Dade Co, Missouri 
Martha Milner Poindexter18 DEC 1768 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Mary E Poindexter1867 Dade Co, Missouri 
Miriam PoindexterAFT 1810  
Nancy W Poindexter1840 Dade Co, Missouri 
Rachel E Poindexter1879 Dade Co, Missouri 
Rebecca Poindexter25 JAN 1831 Turkey Neck Creek, Monroe Co, Kentucky21 MAR 1916 Dade Co, Missouri
Robert Fleming Poindexter10 APR 1837 Turkey Neck Creek, Monroe Co, Kentucky1898 
Sarah Ann Poindexter1830 Turkey Neck Creek, Monroe Co, Kentucky1863 
Serena Poindexter1877 Dade Co, Missouri 
Sol Poindexter1876 Dade Co, Missouri 
Susan Elzada Poindexter13 NOV 1868 Dade Co, Missouri 
Thomas PoindexterABT 1700  
Thomas Poindexter1644 New Kent Virginia1719 Williamsburg, James City Co, Virginia
Thomas Poindexter1733 Fredericksville, Louisa Co, Virginia1 JAN 1807 Surry Co, North Carolina
Willam Micajah PoindexterAFT 1810  
William Archibald Poindexter14 MAY 1807 Surry Co, North Carolina20 AUG 1878 Everton, Dade Co, Missouri
William F Poindexter1828 Turkey Neck Creek, Monroe Co, Kentucky 
Zedock Wright PoindexterAFT 1810  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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