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  31 individuals found for query Poole
Adam Poole17 NOV 1776  
Adam Poole1731 Brunswick Co, VirginiaBET 1798 AND 1799 Pendleton District, South Carolina
Amos Poole1774  
Augustus Poole12 APR 1820 Long Island, New York 
Benjamin Tredwell Poole10 APR 1807 Long Island, New York 
Catherine Poole1765 1851 
Elizabeth Poole1729  
Elizabeth Poole1775  
Harriet PooleABT 1840 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri 
James Poole14 JUL 1728 Jamaica, Long Island, New York4 MAY 1804 Hempstead, Long Island, New York
James Poole8 JAN 1773  
Jane PooleABT 1735  
John PooleABT 1670  
Julia Ann Poole1844 1919 
Manning Poole1778  
Marie Antoniette Poole17 APR 1826 Long Island, New York19 OCT 1875 Flushing, Long Island, New York
Mary Poole1727  
Mary Poole29 APR 1752  
Mary Ann Poole1755 Lunenburg Co, VirginiaOCT 1838 Habershan Co, South Carolina
Mary Elizabett Poole1 APR 1806 Long Island, New York 
Pierce Poole20 JAN 1749/50 5 SEP 1778 
Precious Presha Poole1792 Rutherford Co, North Carolina1850 North Carolina
Robert Poole1743  
Robert Poole1777  
Rushmore Poole7 SEP 1810 Long Island, New York 
Samuel Poole29 APR 1777 Hempstead, Long Island, New York2 APR 1853 Manhasset, Long Island, New York
Samuel Poole1760  
Samuel Cheeseman Poole8 FEB 1815 Long Island, New York 
Walter Poole1745  
William Poole1762  
William PooleABT 1703 Prince Georges Co, MarylandABT 10 NOV 1777 Mecklenburg Co, Virginia

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