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  87 individuals found for query Porter
Andrew Porter9 APR 1773 Pennsylvania 
Andrew Porter24 SEP 1743 Pennsylvania16 NOV 1813 Harrisburg, Dauphin Co, Pennsylvania
Ann PorterABT 1747  
Anna Maria Porter1 JAN 1781 Pennsylvania 
Anne PorterABT 1645 1711 
Arthur PorterABT 1885  
Catherine PorterABT 1790 30 NOV 1878 
Catherine Porter26 JAN 1682/83  
Charlotee Porter1 FEB 1778 Pennsylvania 
Damaris PorterABT 1730 18 SEP 1773 
David PorterABT 1825  
David Porter8 MAR 1780 Rockbridge Co, Virginia16 JUL 1849 Oregon Trail, Idaho
David Rittenhouse Porter31 OCT 1788 Pennsylvania 
Dutoy PorterABT 1740  
Elizabeth Porter7 SEP 1786 Rockbridge Co, Virginia1 MAY 1872 Jerome Township, Union Co, Ohio
Elizabeth Porter1620 Kent, England1671 Huntington, Suffolk Co, Long Island, New York
Elizabeth Amelia Porter3 MAR 1853 Plesantville, Illinois26 MAR 1929 Aurora, Lawrence Co, Missouri
Elizabeth Anne PorterABT 1702 Ireland Bath Co, Virginia
Elizabeth Lea Porter1693 1790 
Elizabeth Rittenhouse Porter27 SEP 1769 Pennsylvania 
Ernest E PorterABT 1900  
Esther Porter1772  
George Bryan Porter9 FEB 1791 Pennsylvania 
Georgia Ann Porter17 FEB 1871  
Hannah Porter1636 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts6 APR 1722 Rhode Island
Harriet Porter19 OCT 1786 Pennsylvania 
Isaac Porter23 JUL 1753  
James PorterABT 1770  
James PorterABT 1680  
James PorterABT 1865  
James Madison Porter6 JAN 1793 Pennsylvania 
Jane PorterABT 1780  
Jane Porter1769  
Jane Porter1 JUN 1792 Ross Co, Ohio 
Jane Ann PorterABT 1635  
Jerush Porter15 SEP 1712  
Johanna PorterABT 1635  
John Porter22 OCT 1734  
John Porter1730 Augusta Co, Virginia1804 Rockbridge Co, Viriginia
John PorterAFT 1750  
John Ewing Porter11 MAY 1784 Pennsylvania 
Jonathan Porter1595 1660 
Joseph Porter3 MAY 1782 Goshen, Rockbridge Co, Virginia18 DEC 1852 Greene Co, Missouri
Joseph Woods Porter27 DEC 1814 Lincoln Co, Missouri7 FEB 1908 Pulaski Co, Missouri
Josiah PorterABT 1675  
Kate Sinclair Porter21 JAN 1885 Shelby Co, Missouri22 SEP 1913 Shelby Co, Missouri
Laura H PorterABT 1830  
Lila Mae Porter16 AUG 1896 Kansas31 OCT 1960 Muskogee Co, Oklahoma
Lois Porter1708 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland1776 
Margaret PorterABT 1800 Bourbon Co, Kentucky 
Margaret Porter1733 Augusta Co, Virginia1795 Augusta Co, Virginia
Martha Ann Porter24 JAN 1826 Lincoln Co, Tennessee14 FEB 1864 Christian Co, Missouri
Mary Porter1736 Augusta Co, Virginia1813 Augusta Co, Virginia
Mary PorterABT 1751  
Mary Porter3 MAR 1771 Pennsylvania 
Mary Ellis PorterABT 1800  
Minnie PorterABT 1885  
Nancy Porter1765  
Nancy Porter18 OCT 1797 27 JUN 1837 
Peter Porter1605 England1658 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland
Peter PorterABT 1651 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland1676 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland
Peter Porter1675 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland1755 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland
Rachel PorterABT 1706 Londonderry, Ireland Fayette Co, Pennsylvania
Rebecca Jane Porter1731 Augusta Co, Virginia1814 Augusta Co, Virginia
Richard PorterAUG 1844 Arkansas 
Robert Porter1698 Isle of Burt, County Donegal, Ireland14 JUL 1770 Pennsylvania
Robert Porter10 JAN 1768 Pennsylvania 
Sarah Porter7 FEB 1743/44 St James Parish, Goochland, Virginia 
Sarah PorterABT 1740 13 SEP 1777 Lebanon, New London, Connecticut
Sarah PorterABT 1665 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Sarah Ann Porter1812 Indiana26 FEB 1913 Fairview, Newton Co, Missouri
Susannah Porter26 APR 1716 Medford, Middlesex Co, Connecticut 
Sydney Emmaline Porter1876 1958 
Thankful PorterAFT 1706  
Thomas PorterABT 1700 ABT 1767 Cumberland Co, Virginia
Timothy PorterABT 1680  
Timothy PorterABT 1700  
Unk PorterABT 1755  
W A PorterABT 1865  
William Porter1735 Augusta Co, Virginia1804 Augusta Co, Virginia
William Porter1707 Orange Co, Virginia1782 Goshen, Rockbridge Co, Virgnia
William Porter27 NOV 1740  
William Porter9 APR 1773 Pennsylvania 
William PorterABT 1770 Ireland 
William PorterABT 1640  
William Alexander Porter5 MAY 1740 Rockbridge Co, Virginia10 MAY 1804 Goshen, Rockbridge Co, Virginia
William Daniel Porter6 OCT 1835 Alabama25 DEC 1917 

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