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  135 individuals found for query Post
Abraha Post1774  
Abraham PostBEF 24 OCT 1708 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York11 NOV 1790 
Abraham Post3 MAY 1681  
Abraham PostBEF 11 OCT 1741  
Abraham Post1781 Ulster Co, New York 
Abraham PostABT 1740  
Achtje Post1693 Long Island, New York 
Adriaen Post18 DEC 1705  
Adriaen Crijnen PostABT 1620 Den Hague, Zuid Holland, Netherlands28 FEB 1676/77 Bergen, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Adrian Post1655  
Adrian Post25 JUN 1715  
Adtje PostABT 1715  
Aeltje Post6 MAR 1773 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey30 APR 1862 
Aeltje Post1775  
Agnietje Post21 JUL 1680 Mercer Co, New Jersey 
Agnietje PostBEF 3 AUG 1657  
Andrew PostABT 1820 Georgia 
Anna Post1770 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Anthony Post1688 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Antje Post20 AUG 1719  
Antje Post1737  
Antjen Post1703  
Aurthur Post26 AUG 1580 London, England 
Barbara PostBEF 24 FEB 1688/89 Long Island, New York 
Beletje Post1694 Long Island, New York 
Caroline Post1753  
Catharina Post11 OCT 1722  
Catherine Post1765 Ulster Co, New York 
Catherine Post1779 Ulster Co, New York 
Catrina Post30 NOV 1714  
Christoffel Post1771  
Christopher Post24 MAY 1741 17 MAR 1816 
Clarence Marvin Post4 SEP 1898 Gentry, Benton Co, Arkansas8 JAN 1971 North Bloomfield, Trumbull Co, Ohio
Clarertje Post4 DEC 1681 Pompton Plains, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Claritje Post11 AUG 1727  
Cornelia Post4 JAN 1771  
Cornelius Post1 FEB 1735/36  
Cornelius PostABT 1575 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Cornelius PostABT 1745  
Cornelius Post1763  
Debora PostABT 1745  
Elizabeth Post1766 Ulster Co, New York 
Elizabeth PostBEF 17 APR 1698 Long Island, New York 
Elsje Post1 APR 1726  
Francis Post3 SEP 1724 Passaic Co, New Jersey26 OCT 1792 
Francois PostABT 1660  
Frans Post1783 Ulster Co, New York 
Fytje Post19 OCT 1754  
Garret Post1 JAN 1679/80  
Geertje PostBEF 27 DEC 1733 New Brunswick, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Geesje Post4 JUL 1708  
Gerrit Post12 DEC 1721  
Gertruyd Post1787  
Hannah PostABT 1765  
Helmigh Post4 MAY 1717  
Hendrick PostBEF 30 MAR 1749 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Hendrick Post1778  
Henry Jackson Post25 OCT 1861 Washington Co, Arkansas24 FEB 1953 Gustavus, Trumbull Co, Ohio
Isaac Post1714  
Israel PostABT 1765 Dutchess Co, New York29 APR 1859 Stillwater, Saratoga Co, New York
Jacob Post1773 OCT 1838 
Jacobu PostABT 1745  
Jacobus Post1694  
Jacobus PostBEF 24 DEC 1752  
James PostABT 1798 Arygle Township, Washington Co, New York 
James H PostMAY 1838 New YorkBEF 1919 
James J Post9 MAR 1857 Washington Co, Arkansas20 DEC 1955 Wewoka, Seminole Co, Oklahoma
James William PostAUG 1894 Gentry, Benton Co, Arkansas 
Jan Post1706  
Jan Post1680 New York 
Jan Post1659 The Netherlands1693 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Jan Post1732  
Jannejte Post15 JUL 1729  
Jannetje PostBEF 19 JUN 1695 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York1739 
Jannetje Post1718  
Jannetje Post22 APR 1759 10 AUG 1827 
Jannette PostABT 1670  
Jared Post7 MAR 1816 Paterson, New Jersey27 MAR 1901 Pequannock, New Jersey
Johannes PostBEF 29 OCT 1707 Raritan, Somerset Co, New JerseyAPR 1750 Hunterdon, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Johannes Post12 AUG 1712  
Johannes PostBEF 26 MAR 1736  
Johannes Post10 JUN 1690 23 FEB 1783 Saddle River, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Johannes Post1767  
Johannes Post1769  
John Post20 MAY 1769  
John A Post1768 Ulster Co, New York 
John Beaver Post16 JUL 1849 15 MAR 1902 Woodall, Cherokee Co, Oklahoma
John Wesley PostABT 1877 Illinios23 APR 1951 
Lea Post8 JUN 1735  
Linzie Post9 MAR 1857 Washington Co, Arkansas15 JUN 1858 Washington Co, Arkansas
Lodewyck Post1600 Amsterdam, The NetherlandsAFT 31 MAY 1685 New York
Lysbeth Post8 JUL 1655 New Amsterdam (New York, New York)1733 New Castle Co, Delaware
Margaret Post1780 1862 
Margaretia Post6 JUN 1657 New Amsterdam (New York, New York) Hurley, Ulster Co, New York
Margarita Post1780  
Maria Post1760 Ulster Co, New York 
Maria Post1733  
Maria M PostOCT 1828 16 JAN 1878 
Maria Moockers PostBEF 6 JUN 1649 Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil 
Marie Post8 SEP 1764 Katsbaan, Ulster Co, New York 
Marretje PostBEF 1 APR 1739  
Marrretje Post14 JAN 1765  
Martha Elizabeth Post31 OCT 1854 Elm Springs, Washington Co, Arkansas17 JAN 1948 Tulsa, Tulsa Co, Oklahoma
Martin Post1711  
Martin Post1777 Ulster Co, New York 
Martin M Post10 APR 1824 Cherokee Co, Georgia3 NOV 1863 Civil War - Fayetteville, Washington Co, Arkansas
Mary Post1711  
Matcheld Post1650 1698 Albany, New York
Maude Adelaide Post17 NOV 1889 Woodall, Cherokee Co, Oklahoma9 APR 1972 Bartlesville, Washington Co, Oklahoma
Meinert PostABT 1745  
Peter PostABT 1588 Den Hague, Zuid Holland, Netherlands1637 Den Hague, Zuid Holland, Netherlands
Petrus PostABT 1745  
Rachel Post21 MAR 1715/16  
Ragel Post21 MAR 1716/17  
Ralph Post10 NOV 1756  
Rebecca PostABT 1785  
Richard Post4 FEB 1616/17 Maidenstone, Kent, England1689 Southampton, Long Island, New York
Sarah PostABT 1745  
Sarah Post23 MAR 1773 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Sarah PostABT 1720  
Sarah Post1639 1698 Southampton, Long Island, New York
Sarah PostABT 1666 9 OCT 1727 Amagansett, Suffolk Co, New York
Susanna Post22 SEP 1780 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey13 JUL 1836 Hopewell, New Jersey
Teunis Post1700 Long Island, New York 
Teunis Post1790  
Thomas Monroe Post24 FEB 1888 Gentry, Benton Co, Arkansas 
Unk Post5 MAR 1862 Washington Co, Arkansas5 MAR 1862 Washington Co, Arkansas
Willam R Post24 OCT 1858 Washington Co, Arkansas17 NOV 1940 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, California
Willem Post1775  
Willem Post7 MAR 1703/04  
Willem Post15 JUL 1652 Breucklen, Long Island, New YorkABT 1703 Newtown, Long Island, New York
Willem PostBEF 21 JUL 1680 Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkOCT 1724 Somerset Co, New Jersey
William Post19 FEB 1744/45 Somerset Co, New Jersey1822 Somerset Co, New Jersey
William Post1785 Ulster Co, New York 
William Post1680 New York, New York 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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