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  77 individuals found for query Provoost
Agniejte ProvoostBEF 27 FEB 1690/91 New York 
Albertus ProvoostBEF 12 NOV 1682 New York 
Angenietje Provoost1697 New York 
Annatje ProvoostABT 1635 1673 
Barbara Provoost15 AUG 1647 Hartford, Connecticut Died young
Barbara Provoost30 NOV 1653 New York1679 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Barber ProvoostBEF 24 APR 1681 New York 
Benjamin ProvoostBEF 17 JUN 1646 Fort Good Hope (along the Connecticut River) New York
Catarina ProvoostBEF 12 JAN 1686/87 New York 
Catherine ProvoostBEF 8 OCT 1704  
Catherine Provoost1720 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Catherine Provoost28 APR 1753  
Catherine Provoost25 SEP 1676 New York 
Catherine ProvoostABT 1775  
Christianna ProvoostABT 1735  
Christina Provoost26 SEP 1756  
Cornelia ProvoostBEF 20 OCT 1711  
Cornelia ProvoostBEF 20 JUN 1692 New York 
Cornelia ProvoostBEF 6 SEP 1696 New York 
David ProvoostABT 1750  
David ProvoostBEF 13 NOV 1687 New York 
David Provoost9 OCT 1691 19 OCT 1781 
David ProvoostBEF 14 MAY 1699 New York 
David ProvoostBEF 8 NOV 1702  
David Provoost10 AUG 1608 Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands12 MAY 1657 New Amsterdam (New York, New York)
David Provoost10 SEP 1779  
David Provoost20 NOV 1642 Hartford, ConnecticutAUG 1720 New York, New York
David ProvoostBEF 6 OCT 1671 New York, New York 
David Provoost7 SEP 1718 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
David ProvoostABT 1655  
David Provoost10 APR 1750  
David Provoost16 JAN 1669/70 New YorkBEF 27 JAN 1724/25 
David Jonathon Provoost1689 New York, New York15 SEP 1760 
Elias ProvoostBEF 1 NOV 1684 New York 
Elias Provoost1646 Hartford, Connecticut 
Elias ProvoostABT 1600  
Elisa Ann ProvoostABT 1805  
Elizabeth Provoost31 AUG 1748  
Elizabeth Provoost25 SEP 1758  
Elsje ProvoostBEF 8 APR 1694 New York 
Elsje ProvoostBEF 15 JUN 1677 New York 
Emma B Provoost1 NOV 1839  
Gillis Provoost1656 New Amsterdam (New York, New York) 
Janneken Provoost1668 New York 
Johannah Provoost1760  
Johannes ProvoostABT 1635  
Johannes Provoost30 JAN 1766  
Johannes Provoost1725 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
John Provoost3 SEP 1806 27 APR 1864 
John Provoost28 AUG 1734 New Jersey6 AUG 1781 Green Point, Long Island, New York
Jonathan Provoost1651 New York 
Jonathan Provoost1 JAN 1768 21 JUL 1854 
Jonathan Provoost1715 Bushwick, Long Island, New York Probably young
Jonathan Provoost1722 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Lysbeth Provoost1680 New York Probably died young
Lysbeth Provoost1694 New York 
Margaret ProvoostABT 1675  
Margaret Provoost1683 New York 
Margaretta ProvoostFEB 1640/41 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1688 Long Island, New York
Margaretta ProvoostBEF 16 SEP 1673 New York, New York1767 Deerpark, Orange Co, New York
Maria Provoost2 APR 1682 New York 
Maria Provoost1692 New York 
Maria Provoost1724 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Maria ProvoostBEF 21 JUL 1706 BEF 1754 
Maria ProvoostBEF 24 MAR 1688/89 New York 
Mary Achland Provoost7 JAN 1802 12 MAR 1882 New Jersey
Paulus Provoost4 APR 1755  
Paulus Provoost20 JUL 1763  
Peter Praa Provoost1715 Bushwick, Long Island, New York3 SEP 1785 Bushwick, Long Island, New York
Pieter Provoost15 SEP 1760  
Samuel ProvoostBEF 11 JUL 1686 New York 
Samuel Provoost1658 Hartford, Connecticut 
Wilhemus Provoost12 JAN 1571/72 Antwerp, Belguim Amsterdam, Noord Holland, The Netherlands
Willem ProvoostBEF 19 JAN 1678/79 New York 
William Provoost1639 New Amsterdam (New York, New York)1698 
William ProvoostBEF 8 OCT 1679 New York 
Wyntje ProvoostBEF 27 APR 1701  

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