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  31 individuals found for query Pruyn
Alida Pruyn11 DEC 1773  
Alida Pruyn17 NOV 1706  
Anna PruynABT 1683  
Anna Frans PruynABT 1675 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Arent Pruyn24 MAY 1688  
Barentje Pruyn11 APR 1686  
Casparus Francis Pruyn10 MAY 1734 7 OCT 1817 
Christina Pruyn1674  
Christina Pruyn1715  
David Pruyn24 AUG 1771  
Elizabeth PruynABT 1725 Albany, New York21 MAR 1812 Auriesville, Mongomery, New York
Francis Pruyn15 MAR 1704/05 Albany, Albany Co, New York27 AUG 1767 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Francis Pruyn19 JUL 1769  
Francis Pruyn16 JAN 1726/27  
Frans Pruyn23 SEP 1683  
Frans PruynABT 1650 6 MAR 1711/12 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Helena PruynABT 1680  
Hendrick PruynABT 1684  
Jacob Pruyn10 FEB 1711/12  
Jacob PruynABT 1650  
Jacob Pruyn22 JUL 1744  
Johannes Pruyn14 JUL 1723  
Johannes Pruyn23 DEC 1739  
Johannes PruynABT 1637 The Netherlands 
Madeline Pruyn8 JAN 1675/76  
Maria Pruyn17 APR 1764  
Maria PruynABT 1673  
Marritje Pruyn20 SEP 1713  
Samuel Pruyn2 DEC 1677 Albany, Albany Co, New YorkJAN 1753 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Samuel Pruyn15 SEP 1728  
Willem Pruyn11 MAR 1776  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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