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  94 individuals found for query Quackenbosch
Abraham QuackenboschBEF 25 FEB 1704/05 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New JerseyABT 1769 
Abraham QuackenboschMAR 1689/90  
Abraham QuackenboschBEF 19 SEP 1708 New York 
Abraham Quackenbosch1710  
Abraham QuackenboschBEF 19 NOV 1704 New York 
Adriaan Quackenbosch1704  
Adriaan Quackenbosch1675 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Adriaan Quackenbosch1707  
Alida Quackenbosch1759  
Alida Quackenbosch1747 5 MAR 1841 Schenectady Co, New York
Anna Barbara QuackenboschSEP 1723  
Annajte Quackenbosch1742  
Anne Elizabeth QuackenboschAFT 1757  
Annejte QuackenboschABT 1700  
Annetje Quackenbosch1650 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Anthony QuackenboschOCT 1717  
Bata Quackenbosch1704 Albany, New York Died young
Bata Quackenbosch1752  
Bata Quackenbosch1707  
Catarina Quackenbosch1700  
Catharina QuackenboschABT 1739 1746 
Claartje QuackenboschABT 1680  
Claas Quackenbosch1702  
Claas QuackenboschBEF 15 SEP 1689 New York 
Claesje QuackenboschBEF 9 DEC 1685 New York 
David QuackenboschBEF 21 JUN 1702 New York 
Deborah QuackenboschABT 1810 North Carolina 
Dievertje QuackenboschBEF 9 DEC 1685 New York 
Elizabeth Quackenbosch1741  
Elizabeth QuackenboschOCT 1719  
Geertruy QuackenboschBEF 17 JUL 1720 New York 
Geertruy Quackenbosch1741  
Geertruy Quackenbosch10 MAY 1684  
Geradus Quackenbosch1721  
Gideon QuackenboschDEC 1714  
Gosen QuackenboschOCT 1712  
Isaac Quackenbosch1713 Albany, New York 
Isaac QuackenboschAFT 1791 North Carolina 
Issac QuackenboschFEB 1692/93  
Jacob QuackenboschBEF 4 JUN 1693  
Jacob QuackenboschOCT 1715 Albany, New York 
Jacob QuackenboschNOV 1695  
Jacob Quackenbosch1748 29 DEC 1828 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Jan QuackenboschABT 1565 The NetherlandsBET 1594 AND 1656 The Netherlands
Jannetje Quackenbosch1663 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Jeremiah QuackenboschBEF 26 OCT 1713 Albany, New York 
Johannes Quackenbosch1750  
Johannes QuackenboschJAN 1701/02 Schenectady, New York 
Johannes Quackenbosch1699  
Johannes QuackenboschBEF 15 MAR 1717/18 New York 
Johannes Quackenbosch1642 Oegstgeest, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands1720 Canastogione, Albany, New York
Johannes Quackenbosch1672 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Johannes Adryanse QuackenboschOCT 1710  
John QuackenboschAFT 1757  
Jonathan QuackenboschABT 1799 North Carolina 
Lena Quackenbosch1754  
Machtel Quackenbosch1751 1752 
Machtel Quackenbosch1745 BEF 1751 
Machtel Quackenbosch1687  
Machtel Quackenbosch1755  
Magdalena Quackenbosch1660 The NetherlandsBEF 1696 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Magdalena QuackenboschBEF 3 DEC 1705 New York 
Marrijte QuackenboschABT 1678  
Marritje Quackenbosch1640 Oegstgeest, Zuid Holland, The NetherlandsDEC 1683 Constables Island, Albany Co, New York
Marritje Quackenbosch1696  
Marritje Quackenbosch13 SEP 1691 Albany, Albany Co, New YorkDEC 1728 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Matcheld Quackenbosch1718 Schenectady, New York 
Matilda Quackenbosch1761  
Nathaniel QuackenboschABT 1801 North Carolina 
Nelletje Petronella Quackenbosch1650 The Netherlands17 OCT 1738 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Nicholas Quackenbosch1750 Montgomery Co, New York 
Peter QuackenboschAFT 1757 New Jersey 
Peter QuackenboschABT 1540  
Peter Quackenbosch6 NOV 1734 Virginia 
Pieter QuackenboschABT 1673 Albany Co, New YorkJUL 1748 
Pieter Quackenbosch1614 Oegstgeest, Zuid Holland, The NetherlandsBET 1662 AND 1743 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Pieter Quackenbosch1710 New York 
Pieter QuackenboschBEF 18 MAR 1687/88 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Pieter Quackenbosch1590 The Netherlands1651 The Netherlands
Rachel QuackenboschBEF 4 JUN 1738  
Rachel QuackenboschAFT 1757  
Rachel QuackenboschBEF 22 JAN 1715/16 New York 
Rebecca Quackenbosch1759  
Reynier Quackenbosch1652 Oegstgeest, Zuid Holland, The NetherlandsBEF 1711 New York
Rhoda Quackenbosch22 SEP 1809 North Carolina 
Rhoda QuackenboschAFT 1757  
Sarah QuackenboschAFT 1757  
Susanna Quackenbosch1756  
Sybrant Quackenbosch14 JUN 1702  
Thomas Quackenbosch10 APR 1797 North Carolina 
Unk Quackenbosch1784 North Carolina 
William QuackenboschABT 1802 North Carolina 
William QuackenboschABT 1732 20 OCT 1817 Charleston, New York
Wouter Quackenbosch1644 The Netherlands8 NOV 1736 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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