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  259 individuals found for query Quick
Aaron Quick21 MAR 1778 Burllington Co, New Jersey21 MAR 1830 St Clair Co, Illinois
Aaron Preston Quick10 SEP 1810 Kentucky2 JUN 1892 Stone Co, Missouri
Abigail Quick25 JUL 1718 New York, New York 
Abraham Quick27 MAR 1803 South Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Abraham QuickABT 26 OCT 1682  
Abraham QuickABT 1830  
Abraham Quick6 SEP 1800 25 MAY 1883 
Abraham Quick17 AUG 1766 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey27 JUN 1819 South Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Abraham Quick9 APR 1710  
Abraham Quick14 MAR 1774 Somerset Co, New Jersey29 DEC 1866 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Abraham Quick1 JAN 1731/32 Somerset Co, New Jersey25 MAY 1805 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Abraham P Quick11 JAN 1784 Somerset Co, New Jersey1 MAR 1869 New Jersey
Adrian Quick23 DEC 1711 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 
Aleta Rose Quick5 JUL 1841 New Jersey8 JAN 1894 New Jersey
Aletta Quick9 OCT 1801 Somerset Co, New Jersey27 APR 1887 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Aletta QuickABT 1835  
Alexander Quick1772 Washington Co, MarylandJUN 1845 Montgomery Co, Missouri
Alletta Ann Quick11 JUN 1823  
Andrew Van Dyke Quick27 SEP 1816 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Ann Quick1 JAN 1806 South Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey2 APR 1890 South Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Ann Quick1768 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Ann Elizabeth Quick1842  
Ann Lacy Quick13 OCT 1819 Belleville, St Clair Co, Illinois21 NOV 1868 Belleville, St Clair Co, Illinois
Anne Quick6 OCT 1807 New Jersey 
Anthony Thuenis Quick18 APR 1675 Kingston, Ulster Co. New YorkABT 1766 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Antje Quick1778 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Antje Quick25 AUG 1674 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Arthur Craig QuickABT 1865  
Belitje Quick1657 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Benjamin Quick5 JUN 1717 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 
Camelia Quick17 SEP 1799  
Catherine Quick7 JAN 1793 South Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Quick9 MAY 1795 New Jersey 
Catherine Quick25 MAY 1830  
Catherine Quick10 APR 1832  
Catherine Quick3 JUN 1787 New Jersey 
Catherine Ann QuickABT 1810  
Charles G Quick1800 1886 
Charlotte Louise QuickAFT 1846 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Christopher Quick14 AUG 1798 South Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey9 JAN 1842 Lodi, New YOrk
Christopher Van Arsdalen QuickABT 1824  
Corneila Jane Quick29 MAY 1813 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Cornelia Quick26 DEC 1766 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Cornelia QuickABT 1765 ABT 1800 
Cornelia Quick5 JUL 1780 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius Quick1721 New Jersey1792 Washington Co, Pennsylvania
Cornelius QuickABT 1773  
Cornelius Quick1725 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Cornelius QuickAFT 1685 New York, New York 
Cornelius Quick29 APR 1705  
Cornelius Quick1659 Albany, Albany Co, New York New York, New York
Cornelius QuickABT 1718 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey1790 
Cornelius Quick10 SEP 1800 New Jersey1866 Croytown, Pennsylvania
Cornelius QuickABT 1746 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
David M Quick1825 1908 
David R QuickABT 1835  
Dennis Hagaman Quick31 JAN 1804 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Dirck Quick1714 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Dirck Quick26 JUL 1648 New Amsterdam (New York)1702 
Elizabeth QuickABT 1748  
Elizabeth Quick30 OCT 1786  
Elizabeth Quick1733  
Elizabeth Quick1722 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Elizabeth Ann Quick1806  
Ella Louise Quick1854 1929 
Ellen Quick1807  
Elshe Quick6 NOV 1787 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Elshe Quick1785 Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF NOV 1787 
Emma Josephine Quick29 JUN 1877 Stone Co, Missouri20 FEB 1944 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Eysak Quick1770 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Frances Quick31 JUL 1798  
Francis QuickBEF 24 NOV 1695 New York, New YorkFEB 1777 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Garret Quick17 DEC 1793 New Jersey 
Garret Quick15 FEB 1774  
Garret Joachim Quick2 FEB 1761 Somerset Co, New Jersey22 JUL 1821 
Garret S QuickABT 1795  
Garret S Quick1856 1910 
Garret Snedeker Quick15 DEC 1796 New Jersey6 AUG 1879 
Geertje Quick12 NOV 1645 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Geertje Quick1741 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
George Quick1837  
Gerardus QuickABT 1733 Accord, Ulster Co, New York 
Gerritje Quick1660 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Gertrude Quick1776  
Gertrude Quick28 JUL 1776 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Gertrude Quick22 AUG 1808 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Gertrude Quick1824  
Gertrude Quick15 OCT 1745 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Gertrude Quick7 OCT 1826  
Gideon Quick17 FEB 1793  
Gilbert Quick1815 Kentucky1883 
Grietje Quick25 AUG 1695 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 
Grietje Quick8 FEB 1690/91  
Grietje Quick25 AUG 1674 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 
Harriet Quick22 OCT 1835 Montgomery Co, Missouri19 FEB 1911 Marionville, Lawrence Co, Missouri
Helegonde Quick25 NOV 1640 Naarden, The Netherlands15 MAR 1705/06 
Helena QuickABT 1723 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Helena QuickAFT 1685 New York, New York 
Helletje Quick21 JUL 1688 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 
Hendrick Quick1770 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Hendrick Quick1731 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Henry Quick1764 Pleasant Valley, Holmdel, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Henry QuickABT 1770  
Henry G Quick5 DEC 1785 New Jersey 
Horace P Quick1837  
Isaac Quick2 FEB 1759 New Jersey6 NOV 1820 St Clair Co, Illinois
Jacob Quick1630 Naarden, Nord Holland, The Netherlands1689 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Jacob QuickABT 1800  
Jacob Quick1826  
Jacob QuickABT 1740 Germany 
Jacob Quick1714 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Jacob Quick21 MAY 1772 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jacob J Quick14 FEB 1800 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey10 JAN 1875 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jacobus Quick11 DEC 1692  
Jacobus Quick16 MAY 1725 Accord, Ulster Co, New York1806 Accord, Ulster Co, New York
Jacobus QuickABT 1683  
Jacobus Quick1716 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Jacobus Quick11 SEP 1698 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York2 JAN 1778 Bergen, Sussex Co, New Jersey
Jacobus Quick30 JUN 1742 Somerset Co, New Jersey1 JUN 1832 Flagtown, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jacobus QuickABT 1700  
James Quick1787  
James Quick9 SEP 1709 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 
James Quick4 JAN 1773 Somerset Co, New Jersey1 SEP 1820 
James Quick24 MAR 1804 New Jersey 
James J Quick1 AUG 1830 New Jersey28 MAY 1910 New Jersey
James J Quick31 JAN 1798  
James J Quick29 JUN 1763 Somerset Co, New Jersey31 JUL 1844 New Jersey
Jan Quick13 JUN 1697  
Jane Quick20 NOV 1804 23 JAN 1892 
Jane Quick1827  
Janneke Quick18 OCT 1702  
Jemima Quick1757 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jemina Quick1753 New JerseyJUL 1840 Nelson Co, Kentucky
Joachim Quick23 JUL 1734 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey6 APR 1816 
Joachim Quick17 NOV 1784 New Jersey 
Joachim Quick8 DEC 1789 South Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Johanna Quick3 JAN 1718/19 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Johannes Quick9 SEP 1683 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 
Johannes Quick1780 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Johannes Quick28 MAY 1691 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 
Johannes Quick27 APR 1707 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 
Johannes QuickBEF 26 JAN 1700/01 New York, New York23 NOV 1771 New York
John QuickABT 1778  
John Quick2 JUN 1856  
John Quick4 MAR 1771 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John QuickABT 1755  
John Quick1733 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey 
John J Quick7 SEP 1810 Somerset Co, New Jersey19 JUN 1886 Lake City, Michigan
John M Quick10 MAR 1775 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John Martines Van Harlingen Quick29 SEP 1806 11 APR 1861 
John Phillips Quick14 MAY 1768 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey29 DEC 1845 
John Rooks QuickABT 1830 ABT 1902 
John Stryker Quick8 OCT 1788 Somerset Co, New Jersey5 MAR 1865 Liberty Corner, Somerset Co, New Jersey
John Van Harlingen Quick27 DEC 1836 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John Vanderveer Quick3 APR 1821 2 JAN 1908 
Joseph Hagaman Quick29 MAY 1813 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Joseph Hageman Quick10 JUL 1799 New Jersey 
Joseph Preston Quick16 OCT 1850 Missouri31 JAN 1924 Stone Co, Missouri
Jurian Quick20 APR 1679 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 
Lenah QuickABT 1720 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Lettia Quick1797 West Amwell Township, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey12 MAY 1869 Mercer Co, New Jersey
Lucretia Quick22 MAR 1791 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Lydia Quick25 DEC 1799 South Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Magdalen Quick8 JAN 1802 South Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Magdalen Brokaw Quick1 JAN 1812  
Magdalena Quick1730 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey 
Margaret Quick1718 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Margaret Quick18 APR 1802  
Margaret Quick1817  
Margaret Quick27 SEP 1774 Somerset Co, New Jersey12 MAR 1816 
Margretie Quick31 MAY 1776 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Margriet Quick31 MAR 1700 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 
Maria Quick1 FEB 1769 Somerset Co, New Jersey15 JAN 1847 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Maria QuickABT 1730 Six Mile Run (Franklin Park), Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Maria Quick1814  
Maria Quick1725 New York, New York1 OCT 1761 New York, New York
Maria Quick1773 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Maria Quick7 DEC 1796 South Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Maria Quick17 JAN 1777 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Maria Quick13 APR 1820  
Mariah Voorhess Quick18 JUN 1818 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Marritje Quick23 MAR 1641/42 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Martha Quick12 AUG 1791 South Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey9 OCT 1852 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Martha Ellen Quick23 APR 1857 Doniphan Co, Kansas17 MAR 1926 Stone Co, Missouri
Mary Quick1780 Rowan Co, North Carolina1840 Bartholomew Co, Indiana
Mary Quick1751 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Mary QuickBEF 4 MAY 1765 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Mary QuickABT 1800  
Mary Quick1726 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Mary Amelia Quick29 MAY 1850 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Mary Ellen Quick1833 1910 
Mary Stryker Quick23 AUG 1809 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Mesery Quick20 JAN 1722/23 Ulster Co, New York 
Neeljte Quick15 JAN 1747/48 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Neeljte Quick1711  
Neeltje Quick16 JAN 1736/37 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF JAN 1747/48 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Neeltje Quick17 MAR 1694/95  
Neeltje Quick1723 Middlebush, Somerset Co, New Jersey New Jersey
Nelly QuickABT 1749  
Peter Quick6 SEP 1821 Somerset Co, New Jersey9 NOV 1883 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Peter Quick31 MAR 1765 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter Quick15 SEP 1788 New Jersey 
Peter Quick25 APR 1780  
Peter Covert Quick1855 1914 
Peter Ditmars Quick23 FEB 1805 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter I Quick29 NOV 1843 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter J Quick9 SEP 1758 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter James Quick6 MAR 1806 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter P Quick6 SEP 1750 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey13 MAR 1818 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Peter P Quick29 JUL 1773 Somerset Co, New Jersey23 FEB 1821 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Peter Prall QuickABT 1795  
Peter Stryker Quick23 JUN 1802 Somerset Co, New Jersey5 AUG 1865 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Petrus Quick28 JAN 1727/28 Accord, Ulster Co, New York19 AUG 1806 
Petrus Quick2 NOV 1707 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey1768 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Petrus QuickBEF 6 JAN 1703/04 New York, New York 
Petrus QuickABT 1740  
Petrus Quick21 JUN 1782 Somerset Co, New Jersey19 JAN 1833 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Pheobe Quick15 JAN 1793  
Phoebe Quick21 DEC 1831 8 JUN 1913 Crawford Co, Pennsylvania
Rachel Quick4 JUL 1697 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 
Ralph QuickABT 1775  
Rebecca QuickAFT 1685 New York, New York 
Rebecca Quick31 DEC 1732 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York1780 
Reuben Quick1841  
Roelof Voorhees Quick1811  
Rynear Quick17 FEB 1765 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Rynier V N Quick28 OCT 1834 New Jersey27 SEP 1927 New Jersey
Saertje QuickABT 1686 New York, New York 
Sallie Quick  
Samuel Quick2 JUL 1738  
Sarah QuickABT 1723 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Quick16 JUL 1755 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Quick1806 1858 
Sarah Quick1751 New Jersey Turkey Hill, St Clair Co, Illinois
Sarah QuickABT 1728 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Quick13 AUG 1796 New Jersey10 MAY 1851 Canton, Fulton Co, Illinois
Susan Tunison Quick15 DEC 1840 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Susanna Quick14 SEP 1772 Rowan Co, North Carolina4 APR 1858 Estill Co, Kentucky
Teunis QuickBEF 11 FEB 1699/00  New Jersey
Teunis QuickABT 1716 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Teunis Quick1731 West Amwell Township, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey16 APR 1811 Ringoes, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Teunis QuickABT 1755 3 JUN 1809 Estill Co, Kentucky
Thennis Thomasen Quick1557 Devon Co, England 
Theunis QuickBEF 21 AUG 1698 New York, New YorkFEB 1774 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Theunis Quick1663 Albany, Albany Co, New York1739 New York, New York
Theunis QuickABT 1600 Naarden, The Netherlands19 APR 1666 New York
Thomas Quick1583 The Netherlands 
Thomas Quick24 APR 1644 New Amsterdam (New York)11 OCT 1698 Minisink, Sullivan Co, New York
Thomas Quick22 SEP 1705 New York17 FEB 1756 Milford, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Thomas Quick23 DEC 1711 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 
Tunis Quick15 MAR 1762 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Tunis Quick27 NOV 1763 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey13 FEB 1839 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Tunis Quick24 JUL 1732 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Unk Quick25 DEC 1779 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Vanderveer QuickABT 1850  
Vroutje Flora Quick8 NOV 1739 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey1 APR 1829 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Wentje Quick29 SEP 1692 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 
Weyntje QuickABT 23 JUL 1628 Naarden, Nord Holland, The Netherlands 
Wyntje Quick28 MAR 1686 Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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