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  18 individuals found for query Reade
Catherine Livingston Reade27 JAN 1777 Rhinebeck, New York 
Edmond ReadeABT NOV 1595 North Benfleet, Essex, EngalndBEF 1604 North Benfleet, Essex, Engalnd
Edmond Reade1604 North Benfleet, Essex, Engalnd 
Edmund Reade23 MAY 1563 Wickford, Essex Co, England1 DEC 1623 Wickford, Essex, England
Elizabeth Reade1606 Aynho, Northamptonshire, England17 JUN 1689 Aynho, Northamptonshire, England
Elizabeth Reade1615 North Benfleet, Essex Co, England1676 
France Reade1707 Prince George, Virginia1778 Pittsylvania, Virginia
John ReadeABT 1750  
Margaret Reade11 JUL 1598 North Benfleet, Essex Co, England24 SEP 1672 Ipswich, Essex Co, Massachusetts
Martha ReadeAFT 1592 North Benfleet, Essex, Engalnd1662 Ipswich, Essex Co, Massachusetts
Mary Reade18 JUN 1597 North Benfleet, Essex, Engalnd 
Mary Carlotta Reade5 MAY 1831  
Mildread ReadeABT 1645 BET 1693 AND 1694 Warner Hall, Gloucester Co, VA
Samuel Reade23 JUL 1609 North Benfleet, Essex, Engalnd 
Thomas ReadeABT AUG 1612 North Benfleet, Essex, Engalnd 
Thomas Reade2 JAN 1604/05 North Benfleet, Essex Co, EnglandBEF AUG 1612 North Benfleet, Essex, Engalnd
William ReadeBEF 11 MAR 1539/40 Wickford, Essex, EnglandJUL 1603 Wickford, Essex, England
William Reade28 OCT 1599 North Benfleet, Essex, Engalnd 

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