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  153 individuals found for query Roberts
Abiah Roberts1669 Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Abraham Roberts8 OCT 1800  
Abraham Roberts14 JAN 1728/29 Milford Township, Bucks Co, PennsylvaniaFEB 1815 Milford Township, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
Albert G Roberts1835  
Alice RobertsFEB 1722/23 Milford Township, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Amey RobertsBET 1812 AND 1826 Tennessee 
Amy Roberts18 JUL 1877 Christian Co, Missouri6 JUL 1948 Finley, Christian Co, Missouri
Andrew RobertsABT 1635 Maryland22 MAY 1682 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland
Andrew Roberts1815 Orange Co, Indiana 
Ann RobertsABT 1631  
Ann RobertsJUN 1718 Milford Township, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Ann T RobertsABT 1740  
Bainbridge Roberts2 JAN 1833 Breckingridge Co, Kentkucky1919 McDonough Co, Illinois
Caswell Roberts12 DEC 1817 Tennessee2 DEC 1891 Christian Co, Missouri
Catherine Roberts24 DEC 1754 2 APR 1836 Harrison Co, West Virginia
Catherine Roberts3 MAR 1805 Greene Co, Pennsylvania 
Celia RobertsABT 1720 1822 Granville Co, South Carolina
Corda Roberts7 SEP 1892 Hancock Co, Tennesse3 JAN 1963 Keokuk, Lee Co, Iowa
Delia Roberts1814 1876 
Edmund Roberts1837  
Edward Roberts1687 1768 
Elizabeth RobertsABT 1637  
Elizabeth Roberts1768 Virginia1858 McMinn Co, Tennesee
Elizabeth Roberts17 JAN 1870 Hancock Co, Tennessee10 FEB 1914 Blackwater, Virginia
Elizabeth RobertsABT 1785  
Elizabeth Jane RobertsABT 1860  
Emily RobertsABT 1845  
Florence Roberts30 OCT 1853 12 JUN 1900 
Florence Perry Roberts1 MAR 1889 Omen, Smith Co, Texas24 NOV 1961 Overton, Rush Co, Texas
Francis RobertsABT 1775  
Harvey Claude Roberts1882 Illinois1967 
Henry Roberts1662 Maryland 
Herbert Erwin Roberts23 SEP 1893 Westford, Otsego Co, New York5 MAR 1960 Coblekill, Schoharie Co, New York
Hester Roberts1626 Dover, Strafford Co, New Hampshire1687 Picataqua, New Hampshire
Hugh Roberts1629 Gloucester, Essex Co, Massachusetts1671 Newark, Essex Co, Massachusetts
Isaiah Roberts1 SEP 1763 Milford Township, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania17 APR 1850 Highland Co, Ohio
Isaiah Roberts16 FEB 1805  
Jacob Roberts1788 Washington Co, Tennessee21 JUL 1876 Christian Co, Missouri
James Roberts1769 Mecklenburg Co, Virginia24 MAR 1843 Orange Co, Indiana
James Roberts1805  
James RobertsABT 1800  
James Edgar Roberts10 AUG 1859 Texas24 MAY 1946 Smith Co, Texas
James P Roberts6 DEC 1794  
Jamima Elizabeth Roberts28 APR 1845 New Marion, Ripley Co, Indiana 
Jane Roberts1760 Wilks Co, North Carolina1852 Gasconade, Gasconade Co, Missouri
Jane Roberts1718 North Carolina 
Jane RobertsABT 1627  
Jerusha Ann Roberts1866 Illinois1892 
Jesse Roberts1790 AUG 1828 Orange Co, Indiana
Jesse Bland Roberts1821 Indiana 
Jesse Wesley RobertsABT 1850  
Jessie Matthew Roberts25 SEP 1871  
John Roberts1687 Maryland1735 Maryland
John RobertsABT 1745  
John Roberts1661 Maryland1713 Virginia
John RobertsMAR 1848 Washington Co, Kentucky19 SEP 1920 Mercer Co, Kentucky
John RobertsABT 1755 JUN 1836 Cole, Missouri
John RobertsABT 1629  
John Roberts1599 Hafodybwch, Denbighshire, Wales29 JAN 1630/31 
John Roberts1768 1858 
John Roberts1740 Craven, North Carolina 
John RobertsJUN 1716 Milford Township, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
John L RobertsABT 1890  
John Shade Roberts1864  
John W RobertsABT 1899 Texas 
Joseph Roberts1859  
Joseph Vinson Roberts22 SEP 1830 Bedford, Orange Co, Indiana21 MAR 1899 Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, Minnesota
Judah Roberts1 JUN 1807  
Katharine RobertsABT 1665 Maryland 
Kenvin Roberts  
Laura A Roberts1872 Illinois1921 
Lizzie A RobertsDEC 1867 Missouri 
Louis Roberts19 SEP 1874 Christian Co, Missouri 
Lucy Roberts1774 Woodstock, Windsor Co, Vermont1847 Shebly, Macomb Co, Michigan
Malinda Jane Roberts22 AUG 1855 Morgan Co, Illinios13 FEB 1933 Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, Minnesota
Margaret RobertsABT 1560 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England 
Margaret Roberts1610 ABT 1665 Rappahannock, Virginia
Maria Roberts1620  
Martha Roberts16 OCT 1715 Milford Township, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania26 JAN 1768 Milford Township, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
Martha A Roberts1825 Indiana 
Mary RobertsABT 1790  
Mary Roberts1801 1893 
Mary Roberts1765 1839 
Mary RobertsABT 1665 Maryland 
Mary Roberts1796 1873 
Mary Roberts23 SEP 1798  
Mary RobertsABT 1535 Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England20 APR 1611 Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Roberts8 AUG 1796  
Mary Roberts1700 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Mary Roberts1672 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland1750 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland
Mary D Roberts1787 1870 
Mattie RobertsABT 1875  
Maymie Lee Roberts17 MAR 1898 Van Buren Co, Tennesse23 AUG 1962 Van Buren Co, Tennesse
Michael RobertsABT 1840  
Miranda Roberts2 DEC 1834 Switzerland Co, Indiana24 APR 1917 Holton, Indiana
Miranda Roberts1816 Indiana 
Nancy Roberts1807  
Nancy Roberts16 NOV 1802  
Nancy Alice Roberts4 JUN 1857 Highland Co, Ohio1947 Morris Co, Kansas
Nancy Anne Roberts1808 New Jersey 
Naomi Roberts1852 1939 
Olie RobertsABT 1880  Howell Co, Missouri
Oliver Roberts2 MAY 1852 Missouri 
Oliver J Roberts1876 Illinois1901 
Permelia Roberts13 MAY 1847  
Priscilla Roberts1650 Essex Co, Massachusetts1700 Elizabethtown, Essex Co, New Jersey
Prudence Roberts1840  
Prudence Roberts1789  
Prudy Alice Roberts22 DEC 1874 Cornishville, Mercer Co, Kentucky29 APR 1904 
R C RobertsABT 1870  
Rachel RobertsFEB 1725/26 Milford Township, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Rachel Roberts1844  
Rachel RobertsABT 1770  
Rachel Roberts1656 Essex Co, Massachusetts1682 Westerly, Washington Co, Rhode Island
Ransom RobertsABT 1845  
Rhoda Roberts1765 Neuse River, Johnston Co, North Carolina 
Richard RobertsDEC 1722 Milford Township, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Richard Roberts1695 Calvert Co, Maryland 
Rosa D Roberts1856 1939 Omen, Smith Co, Texas
Ruth H RobertsJUL 1899  
Sally Belle Roberts1871 Kentucky 
Samuel Robert Roberts5 JAN 1811 Kentucky20 AUG 1898 Buchanan, Missouri
Sarah RobertsABT 1639  
Sarah Roberts22 AUG 1769  
Sarah Roberts1785 Washington Co, Tennessee 
Saral Elin Roberts1650 Berks Co, Pennsylvania10 AUG 1737 Chester Co, Pennsylvania
Shadrach Roberts1794  
Shadrack RobertsABT 1745  
Sterling Ernest Roberts1879 Illinois1963 
Styne RobertsABT 1560  
Susan Meribah RobertsABT 1865  
Thomas Roberts1600 Woolaston, Gloucester, England1674 Dover, Strafford Co, New Hampshire
Thomas RobertsABT 1685 Wales5 JUN 1767 Richlandtown, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
Thomas RobertsABT 1633  
Thomas RobertsJUN 1720 Milford Township, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania30 MAY 1786 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
Thomas Benton Roberts4 JAN 1842 Missouri 
Thomas H RobertsSEP 1895  
Unk RobertsABT 1875  
Unk RobertsABT 1740  
unk Roberts1811 Cumberland, Kentucky 
Vinson RobertsABT 1719 ? ScotlandABT 1800 North Carolina
Vinson RobertsABT 1745  
Virgil Roberts1 MAR 1828 Orange Co, Indiana 
William Roberts15 FEB 1822 Knoxville, Hamilton Co, Tennessee23 FEB 1912 Sparta, Christian Co, Missouri
William Roberts1812 KentuckyBEF DEC 1853 
William RobertsABT 1714 Balitmore, Maryland Rowan Co, North Carolina
William RobertsABT 1735  
William Roberts25 SEP 1762 Neuse River, Johnston Co, North CarolinaOCT 1846 Big Piney River, Texas Co, Missouri
William Roberts1800 Washington Co, Tennessee 
William RobertsABT 1731 Milford Township, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
William H Roberts1721 Craven, North Carolina 
William S RobertsABT 1805  
William Shade Roberts1833 Alabama1911 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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