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  244 individuals found for query Rogers
Abigail Rogers7 SEP 1746 South Hampton, Suffolk Co, New York11 SEP 1794 Roxbury, Morris Co, New Jersey
Almira Jane Rogers17 OCT 1870 Greene Co, Indiana27 JUL 1947 Terra Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana
Amy Isabella Rogers27 MAR 1882 Arkansas 
Ananias RogersABT 1710  
Ann RogersABT 1615 Kent, England Plymouth Co, Massachusetts
Ann Rogers11 JUN 1853 Lawrence Co, Missouri 
Arnold Rogers27 SEP 1809  
Arthur Butler RogersABT 1870  
Bailey Rogers6 JUN 1850  
Benjamin Rogers27 OCT 1759 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Caledonia Rogers1857 Mississippi1882 Polk Co, Missouri
Caroline RogersABT 1820 1905 
Catherine RogersABT 1775  
Caty RogersABT 1780  
Clement Vann Rogers1839 1911 
Cornelius Rogers14 NOV 1750  
Cynthia Rogers30 APR 1809 Tennessee8 APR 1847 Henry Co, Iowa
Cynthia Rogers1836 1920 
Daniel RogersABT 1705 Surry Co, Virginia 
David Rogers1 MAR 1725/26 New Kent Co, Virginia16 NOV 1769 Buckingham, Virginia
David Monroe Rogers29 DEC 1885 Logan Co, Arkansas 
Denver Rogers5 JAN 1890 Logan Co, Arkansas 
Drucilla Emma Rogers7 AUG 1881 Missouri22 MAY 1882 Lawrence Co, Missouri
Edmund J RogersABT 1800  
Edward RogersABT 1580 Langharne, Carmathen, Wales 
Effie Mae Rogers6 NOV 1873 Texas 
Eleanor Rogers1735 1809 
Eleazer Rogers30 NOV 1673 Massachusetts 
Eleazer Rogers19 MAY 1685 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Elijah Rogers27 APR 1811  
Elijah Rogers1795  
Elijah William Rogers1 AUG 1875 Jasonville, Greene Co, Indiana 
Elizabeth Rogers11 MAY 1823 Tennessee 
Elizabeth Rogers23 OCT 1682 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Elizabeth Rogers29 SEP 1639 MassachusettsABT 2 JAN 1677/78 
Elizabeth Rogers1692 Surry Co, Virginia20 NOV 1750 Virginia
Elizabeth RogersBEF 28 DEC 1600 Watford, Northampton, England 
Elizabeth RogersABT 1600  
Elizabeth RogersABT 1775 Lee Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth Rogers10 JUL 1725 Allentown, New Jersey2 NOV 1807 
Elizabeth Rogers8 OCT 1666 MassachusettsBEF 1704 
Elizabeth Rogers2 AUG 1834  
Elizabeth Rogers16 FEB 1800  
Elizabeth Rogers1609 1685 
Elizabeth Rogers1796  
Elizabeth Rogers10 FEB 1766 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Ellen Rogers1652 1710 
Emma Etta Rogers1 AUG 1872 Greene Co, Indiana 
Enoch Rogers8 MAR 1819  
Esther Ann Rogers20 SEP 1813 Madison Co, Kentucky16 MAR 1907 Johnson Co, Indiana
Estus Edgar Rogers14 OCT 1881 Jasonville, Greene Co, Indiana 
Fannie Rogers7 SEP 1879 Missouri26 DEC 1907 Lawrence Co, Missouri
Fay Russel Rogers9 JUL 1896 TennesseeNOV 1974 Austin, Texas
Ferdinand Rogers1863 New York1885 New York
Finis Rogers22 FEB 1823 Cerulean, Trigg Co, Kentucky21 FEB 1917 Christian Co, Kentucky
Francis E Rogers1 OCT 1841 Indiana10 MAR 1907 Christian Co, Missouri
Gabriel Rogers25 MAR 1748  
George RogersABT 1738 Surry Co, Virginia 
George Julian Rogers10 JUL 1812  
George Richard Rogers1848 Caldwell Co, Kentucky 
George Washington RogersABT 1890 1957 
Gertrude Rogers1876 Texas 
Gertrude Mae Rogers10 OCT 1879 Jasonville, Greene Co, Indiana 
Giles Rogers1643 Edinburgh, Scotland1730 Dunkirk, King and Queen Co, Virgina
Goldie Frances Rogers19 NOV 1885 Jasonville, Greene Co, Indiana 
Hannah Rogers5 JAN 1754  
Hannah Rogers8 AUG 1652 Massachusetts 
Hannah Rogers20 MAR 1668/69 Massachusetts 
Hannah RogersABT 1715  
Hannah Rogers5 AUG 1689 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Harris RogersABT 1790  
Henry Rogers1757  
Henry Rogers1715 Viriginia24 JUL 1773 Spotsylvania Co, Virginia
Henry Rogers1689 ViriginiaNOV 1747 Spotsylvania Co, Virginia
Henry RogersABT 1755  
Henry Rogers29 JAN 1792  
Henry Clinton Rogers10 APR 1826 Hardin Co, Kentucky 
Hyrum Abiff Rogers2 APR 1870 Texas 
Irene RogersABT 1685  
Irene Olive Rogers15 DEC 1880 Jasonville, Greene Co, Indiana 
Isaac Rogers25 FEB 1727/28 Allentown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey4 APR 1777 Morristown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
James Rogers12 DEC 1729  
James Rogers18 OCT 1648 Massachusetts 
James Rogers17 APR 1851 Lawrence Co, Missouri26 OCT 1917 Lawrence Co, Missouri
James Rogers1813  
James Bennett Rogers15 JAN 1808 Rutherford Co, Tennessee 
James Henry Rogers22 JUN 1884 Logan Co, Arkansas 
James Marion Rogers16 JAN 1844 Johnson Co, Arkansas14 MAR 1896 Kanima, Haskell Co, Arkansas
James Matthew Rogers1821  
Jane RogersABT 1700  
Jane Rogers4 JUL 1843 Caldwell Co, Kentucky 
Jane Rogers1791  
Jane Rogers1785 1814 
Jesse RogersABT 1780  
Jobe Arthur Rogers1825 1903 
John Rogers1 MAR 1640/41 Duxbury, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts 
John Rogers3 APR 1642 Duxbury, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts27 APR 1713 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts
John Rogers1608 London, England 
John Rogers4 NOV 1672 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
John Rogers18 JUN 1825  
John Rogers16 APR 1611 Edinburgh, Scotland1680 Dunkirk, King and Queen Co, Virgina
John RogersBEF 6 APR 1606 Watford, Northampton, England11 FEB 1660/61 Weymouth, Massachusetts
John Rogers21 FEB 1821 Christian Co, Kentucky8 OCT 1878 Warren, Camden Co, Missouri
John RogersABT 1725 Spotsylvania Co, Virginia1794 Faquier Co, Virginia
John I Rogers1617 Laugharne, Carmathen, Wales 
John James Rogers8 MAY 1783 Virginia4 FEB 1829 Caldwell Co, Kentucky
John Newton Rogers28 AUG 1831 22 MAY 1887 New York
John Ramsey Rogers14 OCT 1798  
John T Rogers23 MAR 1847 Caldwell Co, Kentucky 
John Vestal Rogers27 JUL 1879 Jasonville, Greene Co, Indiana 
Jonah Rogers1665  
Joseph Rogers22 FEB 1678/79 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Joseph Rogers1 FEB 1666/67 Massachusetts 
Joseph Rogers19 JUL 1635 Massachusetts 
Joseph RogersBEF 23 JAN 1601/02 Watford, Northampton, EnglandABT 1677 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts
Judah Rogers23 NOV 1677 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Julia Rogers28 AUG 1888  
Julia Ann Rogers31 JAN 1874 Arkansas9 JUN 1918 Lawrence Co, Missouri
Julia Ann Rogers1 JAN 1862 Benton Co, Arkansas21 DEC 1948 
Kate Rogers20 MAY 1883 Arkansas 
L C RogersABT 1860  
Lavenia Rogers1801  
Lavina Ann Rogers1680 Charles City, Goochland Co, Virginia 
Lavinia Rogers1781 North Carolina 
Letishia Rogers2 JAN 1786 Virginia18 SEP 1832 
Letta Rogers3 MAR 1816  
Louraney Rogers19 AUG 1815  
Lucinda Rogers21 NOV 1803  
Lucinda Rogers17 MAY 1892 Lawrence Co, Missouri4 FEB 1894 Lawrence Co, Missouri
Lucinda C Rogers10 APR 1855 Lawrence Co, Missouri 
Lurena Rogers12 JAN 1860 Lawrence Co, Missouri 
Margaret RogersBEF 20 MAY 1613 Watford, Northampton, England 
Margaret Rogers1730 Virginia1774 North Carolina
Margaret Herd RogersABT 1785 Garrard Co, Kentucky 
Margaret Lavinia Rogers5 MAY 1836  
Martha Rogers1845 Missouri 
Martha Rogers15 DEC 1827 Tennessee 
Martha Rogers1718 England 
Martha Elizabeth Rogers17 JUL 1860 Des Moines, Polk Co, Iowa22 APR 1907 Cherokee Co, Kansas
Mary Rogers10 SEP 1672 Ipswich, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Mary RogersABT 1740  
Mary Rogers22 SEP 1644 Massachusetts 
Mary RogersABT 1691  
Mary RogersABT 1780  
Mary Rogers2 FEB 1801  
Mary Rogers22 OCT 1755  
Mary Rogers8 APR 1769  
Mary Rogers27 SEP 1736  
Mary Ann Briggs Rogers11 JAN 1829 Covington Co, Alabama11 AUG 1876 Newton Co, Missouri
Mary Elizabeth RogersABT 1770  
Mary Ellen Rogers7 AUG 1858 Lawrence Co, Missouri 
Mary M Rogers24 MAY 1887 Missouri7 JUL 1888 Lawrence Co, Missouri
Maude Ethel Rogers1869 1925 
May Rogers1873 1909 
May Emahala Rogers16 JUL 1887 Logan Co, Arkansas 
Mehetabel Rogers30 JAN 1724/25  
Mehitable Rogers13 MAR 1685/86 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Mellicent Rogers5 JUN 1732  
Michael RogersABT 1640 Isle of Wright, Virginia 
Mildred Rogers1733 1788 
Nancy Rogers11 MAR 1787  
Nancy Rogers6 JUN 1784 Tennessee26 SEP 1839 Monroe Co, Tennessee
Nancy Rogers26 JAN 1807  
Nancy Rogers1809 Rutherford Co, Tennessee 
Nancy Rogers1787 Viriginia17 APR 1864 Hamilton Co, Indiana
Nancy Ann RogersMAR 1843 Alabama30 MAR 1923 Dyer Co, Tennessee
Nancy Arabelle Rogers9 NOV 1883 Jasonville, Greene Co, Indiana 
Nancy Isabella Rogers1841 Cumberland Co, Kentucky 
Nannie RogersABT 1885  
Nathaniel RogersABT 1780  
Nathaniel Rogers18 JAN 1674/75 MassachusettsBEF 1704 
Nathaniel Rogers3 OCT 1693 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Noah Rogers1652  
Obadiah Rogers1699 Southampton, Suffolk Co, Long Island, New York31 OCT 1783 Southampton, Suffolk Co, Long Island, New York
Obadiah Rogers10 FEB 1744/45  
Obadiah Rogers24 SEP 1633 Southampton, Suffolk Co, Long Island, New York23 JUL 1692 Southampton, Suffolk Co, Long Island, New York
Obadiah Rogers1655 Southampton, Suffolk Co, Long Island, New York5 MAY 1729 Southampton, Suffolk Co, Long Island, New York
Patience Rogers1678  
Perlina Elizabeth Rogers27 MAR 1876 Missouri17 NOV 1876 Missouri
Phebe Rogers1 FEB 1738/39  
Priscilla Rogers1700 Surrey Co, Virginia 
Ray Vandiver Rogers5 SEP 1897 Macon, Bibb Co, Ga 
Rena Jane Rogers10 MAR 1878 Missouri25 NOV 1878 Missouri
Rex Woodson Rogers28 OCT 1900 Birmingham, Ala 
Rhoda Rogers28 MAY 1713 Marshfield, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts 
Rhoda RogersABT 1745  
Richard RogersBEF 12 MAR 1598/99 Watford, Northampton, EnglandBEF 4 APR 1600 Watford, Northampton, England
Robert Rogers28 SEP 1821 Lawrence Co, Indiana 
Robert RogersABT 1785  
Robert Rogers2 JUN 1811  
Robert Rogers5 JUL 1815 4 JUL 1842 Oklahoma Territory
Robert Rogers12 FEB 1798  
Robert Rogers10 MAY 1760 Faquier Co, Virginia13 FEB 1837 Muddy Fork, Trigg Co, Kentucky
Robert Hale Rogers9 MAR 1792 At sea 
Robert Wesley Rogers30 MAR 1850 Greene Co, Indiana4 JUN 1907 Greene Co, Indiana
Rosa Rogers24 DEC 1889 Lawrence Co, Missouri6 JUL 1970 California
Ruth Rogers8 SEP 1734  
Sally Rogers1793  
Sally Clementine Rogers1863 1943 
Samuel Rogers1 NOV 1671 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Samuel RogersABT 1692 Ireland 
Samuel RogersABT 1680  
Samuel Rogers12 FEB 1726/27 Allentown, New Jersey 
Sarah Rogers6 AUG 1633 Massachusetts 
Sarah Rogers20 JAN 1845 Caldwell Co, Kentucky 
Sarah RogersABT 1660  
Sarah Rogers1708 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, New Jersey10 APR 1785 Passaic Valley, New Jersey
Silas Rogers8 JUN 1747  
Stephen Rogers1802  
Stephen Rogers6 MAY 1722 Southampton, Suffolk Co, Long Island, New York 
Stephen Rogers1758 Culpepper Co, Virginia30 NOV 1846 Switzerland Co, Indiana
Susan Edwin Rogers18 MAR 1867 Texas 
Susan Emily RogersABT 1854  
Susannah Rogers1781 Viriginia 
Sylvia Ahlean Rogers12 OCT 1900 David City, Nebraska22 SEP 1989 Ottawa Co, Kansas
Thomas Rogers1589 Stratford, Warwick, England12 NOV 1638 Duxbury, Plymonth Co, Massachusetts
Thomas Rogers6 MAR 1669/70 Massachusetts15 MAR 1669/70 
Thomas Rogers1572 EnglandABT 1621 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Thomas Rogers29 MAR 1638 Massachusetts 
Thomas RogersBEF 24 MAR 1597/98 Watford, Northampton, EnglandBEF 27 MAY 1599 Watford, Northampton, England
Thomas Rogers6 MAY 1672 Massachusetts 
Thomas Jackson Rogers12 OCT 1823 Lawerence Co, Tennessee1878 Sadler, Grayson Co, Texas
Thomas Matthew Rogers1565 Stratford on Avon, Warwick, England7 AUG 1608 Stratford on Avon, Warwick, England
Thomas Robert Rogers11 APR 1817 Christian Co, KentuckyDEC 1862 Crawford Co, Arkansas
Turner Hunt Rogers1766 Buckingham, Virginia 
Unk RogersABT 1755  
Unk RogersABT 1860  
Unk RogersABT 1845 BEF 1870 
Unk RogersABT 1655  
Waco Rogers16 NOV 1891 Logan Co, Arkansas 
Wiliam Sherman Rogers16 SEP 1867 Matton, Illinios21 AUG 1944 Lincoln, Nebraska
Willam Rogers13 AUG 1818  
William RogersJUN 1657 Surrey Co, Virginia 
William RogersABT 1760 Montgomery Co, Virginia 
William RogersABT 1657 New Port Parish, Isle of Wright, Virginia10 MAY 1727 Albermarle Co, Virginia
William Rogers7 FEB 1611/12 Stratford, Warwick, England22 NOV 1669 Huntington, Suffolk Co, Long Island, New York
William Rogers1752  
William RogersABT 1680 Rogers Plantation, Surry Co, Virginia 
William B Rogers1781 Knox Co, Tennessee1 SEP 1872 Jefferson, Henry Co, Iowa
William Carroll Rogers1795 Mecklenburg Co, North Carolina21 JUL 1866 Columbia Co, Arkansas
William Penn Adair Rogers4 NOV 1879 Oolagah Indian Territory (Oklahoma)15 AUG 1935 Point Barrow, Alaska
William Thomas Rogers17 DEC 1822  
Zachariah RogersABT 1670  
Zephaniah Rogers25 JUN 1742  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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