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  192 individuals found for query Ross
Adelia Gay Ross13 JUL 1874 Heath Creek, Pettis Co, Missouri6 APR 1912 Cooper Co, Missouri
Aeneas Ross17 SEP 1716 1782 
Akin Nuel Ross18 AUG 1808  
Allen RossABT 1795 Greene Co, Tennessee1884 Greene Co, Tennessee
Amanda Ross4 JAN 1826 30 NOV 1898 
Andrew Ross4 JAN 1806 Ireland18 SEP 1891 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Andrew Jackson Ross17 APR 1845 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Angus Ross29 OCT 1767 ScotlandABT 1860 Missouri
Anna Ross1803 17 JAN 1890 
Anna Elizabeth Ross1671 1716 
Archibald Ross1765 County Antrin, IrelandSEP 1850 Salt Creek, Holmes Co, Ohio
Archibald Findley Ross1858 1941 
Asa Ross13 OCT 1809 Whitley Co, Kentucky 
Benjamin RossABT 1810  
Calvin R Ross1844 Missouri 
Caroline Evola Ross1817  
Catherine Ross1796 Greensville District, South Caorlina 
Catherine E Ross1846 Missouri 
Catherine Hardwick RossABT 1720 Westmoreland, Fayette Co, Pennyslvania 
Charley H Ross1885 Missouri26 OCT 1967 New Hampton, Harrison Co, Missouri
Clarissa Ross16 JAN 1801 Greensville District, South Caorlina 
Daniel RossABT 1770  
Daniel RossABT 1718 1777 
Daniel RossABT 1696  Elizabethtown, Union Co, New Jersey
Daniel RossABT 1835  
Daniel T Ross1790 Greensville District, South Caorlina 
David Ross1721 9 SEP 1795 Westfield, Union Co, New Jersey
David RossABT 1780  
David Ross1848 Missouri 
David Ross28 MAY 1746  
David Hawes Ross7 JUN 1811 Whitley Co, Kentucky Henry Co, Missouri
David Marion Ross13 DEC 1834 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Dulcina Ross1806 New Jersey1880 New Jersey
Electra Ross1 JUL 1794  
Elia Mae Harper Ross13 JUL 1874 Heath Creek, Pettis Co, Missouri 
Elias Ross1835 MissouriJUN 1914 Fannin Co, Texas
Eliza Ross1840 1907 
Elizabeth Ross1780 South Carolina1864 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Elizabeth Ross1792  
Elizabeth Ross1782  
Elizabeth Ross29 JAN 1763  
Elizabeth RossAFT 1742  
Elizabeth Ross14 NOV 1759 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania 
Emily Bell RossABT 1862 Heath Creek, Pettis Co, Missouri 
Ezekiel Ross7 SEP 1756  
Ezekiel Felden Ross12 FEB 1877 Heath Creek, Pettis Co, Missouri 
Francis Ross1791  
Frank Edward Ross21 MAR 1866 Washington Co, Missouri5 JUN 1934 Washington Co, Missouri
George RossABT 1863 Heath Creek, Pettis Co, Missouri 
George RossMAY 1730 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania 
George Aeneas RossABT 1735  
George G Ross10 DEC 1827 Greene Co, Tennessee 
George Washington Ross27 JUL 1837 Heath Creek, Pettis Co, Missouri3 AUG 1914 Heath Creek, Pettis Co, Missouri
Gertrude RossABT 1736  
Grace Grizzy RossABT 1783  
Guy Ross4 JAN 1802 Tennessee 
Hannah Ross9 DEC 1771 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania 
Hannah Ross24 SEP 1743  
Hannibal Ross14 JAN 1801 Tennessee 
Harvery RossABT 1770  
Helen Annette Ross19 OCT 1816 Whitley Co, Kentucky 
Hiram Ross16 NOV 1795 Tennessee 
Hugh Ross1819 1902 
Isabella Ross10 JUN 1762 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania 
J RossABT 1875  
James Ross1760  
James Ross1703 North Carolina1782 North Carolina
James Ross1760 1843 Greensville District, South Caorlina
James Ross6 SEP 1837 Greene Co, Tennessee28 JAN 1914 
James RossABT 1802  
James RossAFT 1770  
James Ross25 MAY 1735 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania1780 Canonsburg, Pennsyvlania
James Ross6 FEB 1758 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania 
James Archibald Ross23 JUL 1794 Huntingdon, Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania5 AUG 1846 Gentry Co, Missouri
Jane Ross1778 Caldwell Co, Kentucky1860 
Jane Ross20 JUL 1780 25 JAN 1865 
Jane Ross1824 IrelandAFT 1880 
Jemima Ross16 APR 1753  
Jesse Ross1814 Greene Co, Tennessee 
John RossOCT 1891 Missouri 
John RossABT 1770  
John RossAFT 1745 JAN 1776 Rev War - died in ammo storehouse explosion
John Ross12 AUG 1761 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania 
John RossJUN 1728 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania1802 Oxford, Chester Co, Pennsylvania
John Ross1837 Missouri 
John Ross1702 Carrickfergus, Ireland1756 Oxford, Chester Co, Pennsylvania
John Ross1775  
John Ross1772 1802 
John Ross20 APR 1792 Tennessee 
John A Ross1775  
John B Ross19 MAR 1838 Washington Co, Missouri1 DEC 1909 Washington Co, Missouri
John H Ross11 DEC 1870 Fannin Co, Texas 
John M Ross1862 Washington Co, Missouri 
John T Ross1783  New Jersey
Joseph Ross1750 Westfield, New Jersey1838 Cincinnati, Miami Co, Ohio
Joseph RossABT 1805  
Jospehn Ross24 FEB 1776 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania 
Kennett J Ross20 JAN 1876 Washington Co, Missouri17 NOV 1913 Union Township, Washington Co, Missouri
Keziah Ross13 SEP 1758  
Laura Ross1868 Washington Co, Missouri 
Lawrence J Ross4 JAN 1872 Washington Co, Missouri6 SEP 1889 Washington Co, Missouri
Levi Ross1792 1863 
Lorin Wallace Ross1871 1965 
Lulu RossJAN 1888 Missouri 
Malinda Ross8 DEC 1812 Whitley Co, Kentucky 
Mannoah Ross7 MAY 1806 Whitley Co, Kentucky 
Margaret Ross1595 Ross, ScotlandBEF 1690 Charles City Co, Virginia
Margaret RossJUL 1740 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania 
Margaret Ross23 MAR 1769 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania 
Margaret Ann Ross1840 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Maria Lewis Ross4 JAN 1841 11 SEP 1904 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Martha Ann RossABT 1866 Heath Creek, Pettis Co, Missouri 
Martha Jane Ross13 APR 1842 Greene Co, Tennessee24 FEB 1912 Tennessee
Martha Jane Ross16 FEB 1842 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Mary Ross10 OCT 1789 Greensville District, South Caorlina 
Mary RossABT 1670  
Mary RossAFT 1742  
Mary RossAFT 1770  
Mary Ross1771 22 MAY 1832 Canborough Township, Haldimand Co, Ontario, Canada
Mary Ross1796  
Mary Elizabeth RossJAN 1846 North Carolina1903 Christian Co, Missouri
Mary Elizabeth Ross20 APR 1848 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Mary Elizabeth Ross1848 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Mary Elizabeth Ross17 AUG 1847 New Jersey1 APR 1928 Brighton, Adams Co, Colorado
Mary Elizabeth Ross1794  
Mary Emaline Ross24 NOV 1852 Missouri26 DEC 1935 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Mary J Ross1842 Missouri 
Matilda Ross14 AUG 1804 Whitley Co, Kentucky 
Maude RossFEB 1886 Missouri 
Melvina Ellen Ross30 APR 1834 Ohio14 MAR 1913 Champaign Co, Ohio
Miles Anthony RossABT 1864 Heath Creek, Pettis Co, Missouri 
Minerva Jane Ross10 MAY 1865 Heath Creek, Pettis Co, Missouri17 JAN 1948 Green Ridge, Johnson Co, Missouri
Minnie RossNOV 1881 Missouri 
Moses RossABT 1725  
Moses Ross20 FEB 1764 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania 
Nancy RossABT 1795  
Nancy RossAFT 1770  
Nancy RossABT 1765  
Nancy Ross1790 North CarolinaAUG 1860 Carroll Co, Tennessee
Nancy RossABT 1790  
Nancy A Ross12 OCT 1796 Greensville District, South Caorlina17 JUN 1872 Carroll Co, Tennessee
Nancy A Ross1833 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Nancy C Ross1855 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Nancy D Ross23 MAR 1813 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, New JerseyJAN 1878 Havana, Illinios
Nathaniel Green Ross1795 1882 
Otto August Ross25 DEC 1890 Lenda, Proven, Pommern, Germany3 DEC 1923 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Phebe Ross13 SEP 1758  
Phebe Ross1809 1867 
Porter RossJUN 1850 Missouri 
Randall Reynolds Ross2 APR 1755 Dublin, County Derry, Ireland11 FEB 1847 Pennsylvania
Rebecca RossABT 1760 North Carolina 
Rebecca Ross3 MAY 1755  
Rebecca T Ross1800 Tennesse 
Robert Ross1749 15 JAN 1822 Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Robert Ross1800  
Robert Ross18 MAY 1799 Tennessee 
Robert Ross3 FEB 1805 Christian Co, Kentucky11 JUN 1849 Pettis Co, Missouri
Rollie RossFEB 1884 Missouri 
Rollie Roscoe Ross17 JUL 1884 Old Mines, Washington Co, Missouri22 NOV 1931 Jasper Co, Missouri
Sabra Ross1 NOV 1797 Tennessee 
Samuel Ross28 DEC 1793 Tennessee 
Samuel Ross23 APR 1766 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania 
Samuel A Ross1 SEP 1787 1 SEP 1835 Quincy, Ohio
Samuel C Ross1842 1895 
Sarah RossDEC 1733 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania 
Sarah Ross24 JUL 1749 Westfield, Union Co, New Jersey15 MAY 1835 Reilly, Butler Co, Ohio
Sarah RossABT 1810  
Sarah C RossABT 1825  
Sarah Catherine Ross1841 Arkansas 
Sarah E Ross1836  
Sarah Eliza Ross1848 1916 
Silas Meredith Ross1810 Hopkins Co, KentuckyABT 1845 Liberty, Washington Co, Missouri
Silvey Ross4 MAY 1814 Whitley Co, Kentucky 
Spicey E Ross30 SEP 1840 Estill Co, Kentucky25 MAR 1921 Russell, Camden Co, Missouri
Sukey RossABT 1760 Gates Co, North Carolina 
Thomas Ross1839 Missouri 
Thomas RossMAR 1737/38 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania 
Thomas Ross1 DEC 1774 Chester Co, Pennsyvlania 
Unk RossABT 1890  
Unk Ross  
Vincent Elliot Ross1853 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Virginia Miller Ross Virginia 
William Ross21 SEP 1816 Greene Co, Tennessee31 JUL 1893 Cross Anchor, Greene Co, Tennessee
William Ross25 AUG 1777 South Carolina8 JUL 1845 Versailles, Morgan Co, Illinios
William Ross1737 Ulster, Fermanough, Ireland1 APR 1834 Greene Co, Tennesse
William Ross1791 Greensville District, South Caorlina 
William Ross11 AUG 1790 11 SEP 1865 
William Burroughs Ross1843 19 OCT 1864 Civil War - Battle of Cedar Creek, Virginia
William John Ross29 JAN 1833 Pettis Co, Missouri 
William L Ross15 OCT 1859 Washington Co, Missouri24 FEB 1962 Washington Co, Missouri
William Virgil RossABT 1900  
William W Ross1845 Greene Co, Tennessee 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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