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  25 individuals found for query Rutgers
Anthony RutgersABT 1790  
Anthony RutgersAFT 1706  
Anthony RutgersAFT 1688  
Catharina RutgersAFT 1706  
Catherine RutgersABT 1735  
Catherine Bayard RutgersABT 1825  
Elizabeth RutgersAFT 1688  
Elsie RutgersAFT 1670  
Elsje RutgersAFT 1706  
Engleltje RutgersABT 10 APR 1650 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Eva RutgersAFT 1706  
Gerard RutgersABT 1775  
Grietje RutgersABT 1646 Espous (Kingston), Ulster Co, New York New York
Harman RutgersAFT 1706  
Harmanus RutgersABT 1685  
Harmen RutgersAFT 1648 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Hendrick Rutgers24 FEB 1711/12  
Johannes RutgersAFT 1706  
Margariet Rutgers16 SEP 1647 Beverwyck, Albany, New York29 OCT 1733 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Maria RutgersABT 1650 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Maria RutgersAFT 1706  
Sarah RutgersABT 1650  
Sonnetje Rutgers1576 Utrecht, The Netherlands 
Teunis Rutgers3 FEB 1722/23 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Wyntje RutgersABT 1651 New Amsterdam (New York) 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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