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  72 individuals found for query Ryker
Abraham Ryker1619 The Netherlands 
Abraham Smock Ryker23 OCT 1804 Shelby Co, Kentucky27 OCT 1884 
Charity Ryker1778  
Christian RykerABT 1838 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Debora Ryker23 JAN 1777  
Deborah Ryker24 DEC 1793 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Erskine Ryker28 JAN 1815 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Geertje Ryker6 AUG 1771  
Geraldus Ryker4 NOV 1767 Closter, Bergen Co, New Jersey7 JAN 1839 Madison, Jefferson Co, Indiana
Geraldus Jared Ryker28 JAN 1791 Shelby Co, Kentucky23 APR 1865 Jefferson Co, Indiana
Hendrick Ryker1738  
Henrick Ryker1646  
Isaac Ryker1714  
Jacob Ryker1750  
Jacob Ryker1717  
Jacob Ryker1763 Tappan, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jacob G Ryker29 JUN 1795 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Jacob Smock Ryker13 SEP 1796 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
James Ryker23 FEB 1837 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
James E Ryker8 JUL 1872 Bargersville, Johnson Co, Indiana 
James Smith Ryker11 JAN 1837 Madison, Jefferson Co, Indiana1890 Cass Co, Indiana
Jared H Ryker20 JUL 1811 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Jared H Ryker23 AUG 1830 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Jesse RykerABT 1834 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Johannes Ryker1701  
John Ryker18 JAN 1764 Closter, Bergen Co, New Jersey22 NOV 1848 Jefferson Co, Indiana
John Ryker3 SEP 1802 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
John Geradus Ryker9 AUG 1793 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
John Samuel Ryker17 FEB 1867 Bargersville, Johnson Co, Indiana 
John T Ryker9 MAY 1826 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
John William Ryker16 MAY 1840 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Katherine Ryker3 OCT 1807 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Katherine S Ryker14 JAN 1828 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Leah Ryker28 NOV 1765 Closter, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Leah Ryker29 JUL 1799 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Leah Ryker8 FEB 1818 Jefferson Co, IndianaOCT 1852 
Louella Sarah Ryker26 JUN 1876 Bargersville, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Lucinda Ryker3 JAN 1824 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Maherza Ryker26 APR 1828 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Malinda Ryker30 MAY 1801 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Margrietje RykerABT 1759  
Mary E Ryker8 SEP 1821 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Mary Eveline Ryker11 JAN 1860 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Mary Seyborn Ryker6 JUN 1809 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Neeltje Ryker1708  
Permelia W Ryker21 FEB 1816 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Peter Ryker1676  
Peter Ryker1780  
Peter Van Cleave Ryker10 MAY 1816 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Rachel Ryker20 DEC 1818 Jefferson Co, Indiana27 FEB 1907 Geneva, Fillmore Co, Nebraska
Rachel Ryker12 DEC 1802 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Rachel Ryker29 JUN 1786 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Rachel Ryker19 JUN 1773 28 OCT 1861 Jefferson Co, Indiana
Rachel B Ryker7 DEC 1820 Indiana2 NOV 1891 Lawrence Co, Missouri
Robert Ryker31 DEC 1863 Bargersville, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Ruth Ryker22 SEP 1788 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Samuel Ryker9 APR 1792 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Samuel Ryker4 NOV 1769  
Samuel J Ryker16 JUN 1797 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Samuel S Ryker20 JAN 1799 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Samuel T Ryker19 MAR 1834 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Sarah Ryker22 JUL 1795 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Sarah Ann Ryker5 NOV 1830 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Susan M Ryker31 OCT 1825 Jennings Co, Indiana 
Thomas Searles Ryker22 OCT 1832 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Tiberias Cavello Ryker2 APR 1842 Cannan, Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Unk Ryker1 JUL 1814 Jefferson Co, Indiana 
Unk Ryker13 MAR 1875 Bargersville, Johnson Co, Indiana 
William RykerAFT 1784 Kentucky 
William Cavallo Ryker25 MAR 1862 Bargersville, Johnson Co, Indiana 
William Crawford Ryker6 JUN 1809 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
William Henry Ryker5 APR 1840 Jefferson Co, Indiana 

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