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  38 individuals found for query Salisbury
Abraham Salisbury17 DEC 1699  
Abram Salisbury5 DEC 1744  
Adin Salisbury1845  
Amy Ann Salisbury15 AUG 1820 Ohio 
Brunson Salisbury1855  
Celinday Salisbury26 AUG 1806  
David SalisburyAFT 1833  
Dinah Salisbury1840  
Dinah Myrtle Salisbury28 SEP 1865 Sparta, Morrow Co, Ohio 
Elizabeth Salisbury1616 England16 NOV 1654 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island
Elizabeth Salisbury3 AUG 1712  
Elzie B Salisbury13 FEB 1861 Sparta, Morrow Co, Ohio 
Ennis Salisbury18 DEC 1842  
Ennis Salisbury2 JAN 1811 New York 
Ephraim Salisbury9 APR 1780 Rhode Island24 DEC 1860 Delaware Co (Morrow Co), Ohio
Ephraim W SalisburyBET 1835 AND 1836 Delaware Co (Morrow Co), Ohio1905 King City, Gentry Co, Missouri
Ephriam Salisbury10 SEP 1814  
Francis Salisbury1677  
Ganzey Salisbury28 DEC 1809 New York 
Hannah Etta Salisbury23 JUN 1859 Sparta, Morrow Co, Ohio4 JUL 1908 King City, Gentry Co, Missouri
Ida Salisbury1869 1916 
Ira Salisbury26 SEP 1811 New York14 APR 1888 Ohio
Laurens Salisbury18 AUG 1706  
Laurentia SalisburyBEF 2 JUN 1695  
Mary Minerva Salisbury8 MAY 1872 Sparta, Morrow Co, OhioMAR 1922 
Minerva Salisbury1853  
Neeltje Salisbury23 NOV 1744 Catskill, New York 
Peter Salisbury25 APR 1703  
Rebecca Salisbury20 NOV 1822 Ohio 
Robert SalisburyABT 1873 Sparta, Morrow Co, Ohio 
Sarah Salisbury23 OCT 1817 Perry Co, Ohio 
Sarah Moira Salisbury4 NOV 1863 Sparta, Morrow Co, Ohio 
Slyvester Salisbury10 OCT 1697  
Sylvester SalisburyABT 1629 United Kingdom 
Thomas Salisbury1589 Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England 
William Salisbury25 DEC 1718 Kingston, Ulster Co, Long Island, New York 
William Salisbury30 JAN 1708/09 BEF DEC 1718 
William Salisbury19 MAR 1862 Sparta, Morrow Co, OhioAFT MAR 1922 Living in Pharr, Texas in 1922

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