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  29 individuals found for query Sammons
Aegje SammonsAFT 1706  
Caterina Sammons1684 Sapponican, Greenwich, New York 
Clarissa SammonsABT 1845  
Elizabeth SammonsAFT 1706  
Fredrick SammonsAFT 1706  
Gretje SammonsAFT 1677 Sapponican, Greenwich, New York 
Hardie P Sammons1868 1934 
Hardy Gilliam Sammons13 SEP 1828 Sussex Co, Virginia15 NOV 1908 Conway, Faulkner Co, Arkansas
Hardy Gilliam Sammons1762 1822 
Helena Sammons16 JAN 1730/31  
Hiram SammonsABT 1820  
Jacob SammonsBEF 11 JUN 1683 Sapponican, Greenwich, New YorkSapponican, Greenwich, New York 
Jacobus SammonsAFT 1706  
James Sammons1695 1765 
James Sammons1675 Virginia22 MAR 1728/29 Isle of Wright Co, Virginia
Jannejte SammonsAFT 1677 Sapponican, Greenwich, New York 
Joahnnes SammonsAFT 1706  
Johannes SammonsABT 1630 The Netherlands1711 Greenwich, Washington Co, New York
Liena SammonsAFT 1706  
Margrietje SammonsAFT 1706  
Matheus Sammons6 JUN 1733  
Nathaniel Sammons1805 1835 
Rachel Sammons11 JUL 1691 Sapponican, Greenwich, New York 
Rachel Sammons16 AUG 1730 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Rendeltje Sammons1738  
Samson Sammons7 DEC 1722  
Thomas SammonsAFT 1677 Sapponican, Greenwich, New York 
Thomas Sammons1733 1792 
Thomas SammonsAFT 1706  

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