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  159 individuals found for query Sanders
Abednego Sanders1836 28 JAN 1863 
Abednego SandersABT 1785 Guilford Co, North Carolina7 MAY 1835 Delaware Co, New Burlington (Muncie) Co, Indiana
Abraham Francis Sanders31 MAR 1854 Huntsville, Madison Co, Arkansas3 OCT 1911 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri
Abram F Sanders6 OCT 1884 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri3 OCT 1911 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri
Absalom Sanders1 NOV 1776 Morris, Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Albert B Sanders1876 1909 
Amanda Malvira Sanders14 OCT 1837 Garrard Co, Kentucky 
Amy Ann Ella Sanders1861  
Anna SandersABT 1672 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Anna Bell Sanders30 AUG 1865 Cornishville, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Annie SandersABT 1862  
Arthur Sterlen Sanders21 MAR 1881 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Asa SandersABT 1772 Mendham, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Azariah Sanders1780 North Carolina1816 Missouri
Barent SandersMAY 1678 Albany, Albany Co, New YorkNOV 1757 
Beniah SandersABT 1766 Mendham, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Bessie SandersBET 1882 AND 1889 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri 
Catherine Sanders29 JAN 1805 3 APR 1847 
Catherine Sanders22 JUL 1802 Birchfield, Wise Co, Virginia25 NOV 1873 New Centerville, Somerset Co, Pennsylvania
Charley Sanders1891 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Cyrus Sanders17 NOV 1771 Mendham, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Cyrus SandersABT 1823 Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Daniel Sanders1783 Morris, Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Daniel Sanders15 JUL 1816 Garrard Co, Kentucky15 MAR 1906 Burgin, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Daniel SandersABT 1760 New Jersey 
David Thompson Sanders29 APR 1841 Garrard Co, Kentucky 
Dora Alice Sanders1872 Missouri1950 
Dorthea Sanders1900 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Earl H SandersABT 1900  
Edna Sanders28 OCT 1886 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Egbert SandersABT 1630  
Elijah M Sanders1868 Missouri1887 
Elizabeth SandersABT 1675 Little Compton, Newport Co, Rhode Island 
Elizabeth Sanders1804  
Elizabeth SandersABT 1662 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Elizabeth Minerva Sanders1847 1915 
Elizabeth Randes SandersABT 1525  
Elsie Sanders13 JUL 1684 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Elsie Sanders4 APR 1752 12 FEB 1797 
Emilia SandersABT 1680 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Ephraim SandersABT 1730 Mendham, Morris Co, New JerseyBEF SEP 1795 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Ephriam SandersABT 1769 Mendham, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Ethel Sanders24 AUG 1882 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Flora Ellen Sanders1872 Missouri1939 
Florence Adell SandersABT 1875  
Floyd Roscoe SandersABT 1885  
Francis Sanders1815 13 MAR 1875 
Frank J Sanders1886 Illinois1968 Missouri
George SandersABT 1780  
George R SandersABT 1847 Missouri 
Gracie Jewel SandersABT 1900  
Granville W Sanders1 JUN 1856 Cornishville, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Hanah Sanders8 MAY 1674 Watertown, Middlesex Co, Masssachusetts 
Harvey Magee Sanders22 MAR 1870 Cornishville, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Hattie Gladys Sanders23 AUG 1898 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri12 APR 1987 Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri
Helena SandersABT 1682 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Henry Sanders1 APR 1819 Robertson Co, Tennessee29 DEC 1862 Ilinios
Hugh Sanders1896 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Isaac Sanders22 APR 1785 Virginia 
Jacob SandersBEF 1756 Germany 
Jacob Sanders1777 Pennsylvania8 SEP 1849 Williamson Co, Illinois
Jacob Warren SandersNOV 1888 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri 
Jacob Warren Sanders28 SEP 1857 Carbondale, Jackson Co Illinios12 JAN 1889 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Jamers Merton Sanders6 AUG 1879 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
James Sanders1818 1905 
James Johnson Sanders27 DEC 1786 North Carolina28 SEP 1863 Garrard Co, Kentucky
James M Sanders1 APR 1854 Cornishville, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Jane Sanders1807 1877 Floyd Co, Kentucky
Jane Sanders1647 Somerset Co, Maryland 
Jasper Hamilton Sanders19 OCT 1885 Lincoln, Nebraska14 APR 1954 Madison Township, Jasper Co, Missouri
Jeduthan SandersABT 1779 Morris, Washington Co, Pennsylvania1857 Clark Co, Indiana
Jesse Moore Sanders1860 1932 
Joane Sanders16 JAN 1640/41 Virginia1725 Isle of Wright, Virginia
Johannes Sanders12 JUL 1714  
John SandersABT 1725  
John Sanders1683 Henrico Co, Virginia 
John SandersABT 1760  
John SandersABT 1852 Illinios 
John SandersABT 1785 Morris, Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
John A Sanders1878 Missouri1959 
John D Sanders1801 Virginia1875 Tennessee
John Richard Sanders6 MAY 1845 Green City, Hickory Co, Missouri10 JAN 1920 Christian Co, Missouri
John W Sanders1859  
Joseph SandersABT 1700  
Joseph Henry SandersABT 1852 Greene Co, Indiana 
Joseph Oliver Sanders25 APR 1870 Newton Co, Missouri24 JAN 1933 Tulsa, Oklahoma
Josephine SandersABT 1850 Ilinios 
Judith SandersABT 1700 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Julia Marietta Sanders15 MAR 1845 Kentucky25 OCT 1899 Henrietta, Clay Co, Texas
Lafayette SandersABT 1847 Ilinios 
Larinda J Sanders1865 Missouri 
Levi M Sanders1809 Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Louisa D Sanders1875 Missouri1959 
Louisana Sanders1802 1855 
Louise SandersBET 1882 AND 1889 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri 
Ludwell C Woolford Sanders27 MAR 1863 Cornishville, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mahala Sanders1802 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mandes Sanders9 SEP 1888 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Margaret Sanders1852 Missouri1874 
Margaret Sanders1800 Virginia1854 
Margaret Elizabeth Sanders1 JUN 1861 Bloomfield, Cooke Co, TexasABT 1918 Rocky, Oklahoma
Margaret Jane Sanders31 AUG 1824 Wiliiamsport, Maury Co, Tennessee 
Maria Sanders21 MAY 1740  
Maria SandersABT 1669 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Mark Sanders1892  
Marshal W Sanders1870 Missouri1961 
Martha Ann Sanders  
Martha V SandersABT 1853 Ilinios 
Mary SandersABT 1715  
Mary SandersABT 1760  
Mary SandersAFT 1798 Virginia 
Mary SandersABT 1765 Mendham, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Mary Ellen Sanders6 JAN 1844 Missouri18 APR 1935 Christian Co, Missouri
Mary Holman Sanders1821 1907 
Mary Jane Sanders6 MAY 1826 Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Mary Lusa Sanders2 FEB 1861 Cornishville, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mathias SandersJAN 1813 Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Nancy Sanders1800 Virginia1842 Williamson Co, Illinois
Nancy Charlotte Sanders26 OCT 1870  
Nellis Sanders1771 1797 
Newton Clayborn Sanders9 JAN 1852 Van Buren, Davis Co, Iowa28 DEC 1936 Carthage, Jasper Co, Missouri
Ora Priscilla Sanders27 OCT 1896 Tennessee27 FEB 1935 Hardeman Co, Tennessee
Paul Sanders1898 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Permelia Sanders1815 Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Rachel Sanders25 OCT 1802 Washington Co, Pennsylvania27 NOV 1852 Clark Co, Indiana
Rachel SandersAFT 1798 Virginia 
Rachel V SandersABT 1852 Missouri 
Rebecca Sanders1800  
Reuben Sanders10 APR 1786 Morris, Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Richard Munroe Sanders6 JAN 1864 Cornishville, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Robert SandersNOV 1641  
Robert Martin Sanders29 MAR 1884 Mulberry, Johnson Co, Arkansas24 AUG 1963 Inglewood, Los Angeles Co, California
Rosa Marie Sanders1885 Missouri1970 
Rufus SandersABT 1826 Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Sarah SandersABT 1762 New Jersey 
Sarah SandersABT 1770 North CarolinaABT 1831 Troy, Lincoln Co, Missouri
Sarah SandersABT 1666 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Sarah Sanders1803 Hardin Co, Kentucky1834 Parke Co, Inidana
Sarah Jane Sanders26 NOV 1856 Ilinios6 APR 1919 Barry Co, Missouri
Sarah Jane Sanders1 MAY 1842 Missouri17 JUL 1905 Missouri
Simeon Sanders1759 New Jersey 
Stella Irene Sanders30 DEC 1886 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri25 JAN 1977 Missouri
Stephen SandersABT 1750 New Jersey8 APR 1832 Morris, Washington Co, Pennsylvania
Stephen Sanders2 MAY 1791 Morris, Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Susan SandersABT 1841 Missouri 
Thomas SandersABT 1610  
Thomas SandersABT 1664 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Thomas Jefferson Sanders1801 Virginia1865 Pike Co, Kentucky
Viola SandersJUN 1900  
Virginia Bradley Sanders8 MAR 1843 Garrard Co, Kentucky 
William SandersABT 1800  
William Sanders1816 Hardin Co, Kentucky28 DEC 1891 Porter, Christian Co, Missouri
William Eldridge Sanders1864 1939 
William Evens Sanders17 APR 1849 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
William F Sanders30 OCT 1839 Garrard Co, Kentucky 
William H SandersABT 1844 Illinios 
William Louis Sanders17 NOV 1863 Newton Co, Missouri 
William M Sanders18 OCT 1841 1 MAY 1899 Newton Co, Missouri
Zibra SandersABT 1759 New Jersey 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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