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  24 individuals found for query Schepmoes
Abraham SchepmoesNOV 1643 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Aeltje SchepmoesBEF 3 SEP 1645 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Anna Schepmoes3 SEP 1704 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Annetje SchepmoesBEF 16 FEB 1641/42 New Amsterdam (New York)18 MAR 1702/03 New York, New York
Arianntje Schepmoes12 NOV 1706 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Dirck SchepmoesBEF 2 SEP 1648 New Amsterdam (New York)20 SEP 1725 
Dirck Jansen SchepmoesFEB 1647/48 New York 
Flores Schepmoes1550 The Netherlands 
Jan Schepmoes1605 Delft, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands1656 New York
Jan Schepmoes1644 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Jan Pieterse SchepmoesABT 1580 JUN 1608 Delft, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
Jobje SchepmoesBEF 6 JAN 1646/47 New Amsterdam (New York) Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Johannes Schepmoes7 APR 1672 Kingston, Long Isand, New York 
Lea Schepmoes4 SEP 1681  
Maria Schepmoes1 MAY 1698  
Rachel Schepmoes31 MAR 1678  
Rebecca Schepmoes6 NOV 1687  
Sara SchepmoesBEF 12 APR 1654 New Amsterdam (New York)ABT 1695 
Sarah Schepmoes1670 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Simon Schepmoes1580 The Netherlands1634 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tryntje Schepmoes1652 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Ursela Schepmoes1650 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Willem Schepmoes9 JUN 1684 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York 
Willem SchepmoesABT 1605 Delft, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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