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  45 individuals found for query Scholl
Abraham Scholl15 DEC 1765 Rowan Co, North Carolina24 DEC 1851 Griggsville, Pike Co, Illinois
Annetje Scholl16 JUL 1662 Long Island, New YorkBEF 21 APR 1699 New York
Charity SchollABT 1809  
Daniel Boone SchollABT 1799 Fayette, Clark Co, Kentucky 
David SchollBEF 13 AUG 1671 Long Island, New York New Jersey
Deborah SchollBEF 11 SEP 1728 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Dudley Scholl1790 Clark Co, Kentucky 
Edward Boone Scholl11 OCT 1801 Schollsville, Clark Co, Kentucky9 MAR 1862 Griggsville, Pike Co, Illinois
Elizabeth Scholl1766 Virginia10 JUN 1825 
Elsje Scholl1714 Readington, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Harmen SchollABT 1550 1604 The Hague, The Netherlands
Issac Scholl1756  
Jacob Scholl1751  
Jan SchollABT 1600  
Jesse Boone Scholl17 OCT 1791 Fayette, Clark Co, Kentucky 
Jesse Bryan Scholl30 NOV 1797 Clark Co, Kentucky6 FEB 1859 Westchester, Scoot Co, Illinois
Johannes SchollBEF 15 OCT 1666 Long Island, New York8 APR 1748 Great Egg Harbor, New Jersey
John Scholl1753  
John Scholl5 APR 1787 Boone's Station, KentuckyJUN 1868 Missouri
Joseph Scholl15 JUN 1800 Fayette, Clark Co, Kentucky10 MAY 1884 Callaway Co, Missouri
Joseph SchollABT 1789  
Joseph SchollABT 1756 Shenandoah Valley, Rockingham Co, Virginia1835 Clark Co, Kentucky
Leah SchollABT 1798 Fayette, Clark Co, Kentucky1877 
Louise SchollABT 1807  
Lydia Ann Scholl1789 Boone's Station, Kentucky 
Malinda Scholl25 AUG 1791 Schollsville, Clark Co, Kentucky13 NOV 1865 Pike Co, Illinois
Marcia SchollABT 1797 Fayette, Clark Co, Kentucky 
Marcus Scholl1793 Fayette, Clark Co, Kentucky 
Margaretta SchollBEF 24 SEP 1664 Long Island, New York 
Martha SchollABT 1785 Clark Co, Kentucky10 OCT 1840 
Mary SchollABT 1805  
Peter Scholl15 SEP 1754 Shenandoah Valley, Rockingham Co, Virginia11 SEP 1821 Licking River, Clark Co, Kentucky
Peter SchollABT 1668 Long Island, New YorkSEP 1749 Great Egg Harbor, New Jersey
Peter SchollABT 1690 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter Morgan Scholl1788 Boone's Station, KentuckyABT 1829 Callaway, Missouri
Pieter SchollAPR 1634 The Hague, The NetherlandsDEC 1697 Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Pieter SchollABT 1575 Brelle, The Netherlands 
Rachel SchollMAR 1773 Shenandoah Co, Virginia21 SEP 1846 Barren, Kentucky
Sarah Scholl1795 Fayette, Clark Co, Kentucky 
Sarah SchollAFT 1766 Virginia Tippecanoe, Indiana
Selah Scholl17 OCT 1791 Fayette, Clark Co, Kentucky 
Septimus Boone Scholl21 NOV 1789 Fayette, Clark Co, Kentucky11 AUG 1849 Independence, Jackson Co, Missouri
William Scholl22 SEP 1784 Boone's Station, Kentucky11 AUG 1846 Adair, Missouri
William Scholl1752  
William Coyler SchollBEF 21 MAR 1730/31 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey1 OCT 1798 Clark Co, Kentucky

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