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  233 individuals found for query Scott
Abigail Scott5 FEB 1703/04 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Agnes ScottABT 1788 Virginia 
Agnes ScottABT 1590  
Albert ScottAFT 1886  
Alcey ScottABT 1799 North Carolina 
Alice Clarica Clara Scott1880 Missouri 
Alice E Scott9 MAY 1884 Shelby Co, Indiana 
America Frances Scott22 APR 1855 Taney Co, Missouri29 DEC 1931 Lincoln Township, Christian Co, Missouri
Amonty Bryon Scott1878 Texas30 APR 1929 
Andrew Jackson Scott9 MAR 1848  
Ann ScottABT 1755  
Anna ScottABT 1790  
Anna Ritta ScottMAY 1813 Tennessee21 MAR 1908 Beloit, Mitchell Co, Kansas
Annetje ScottABT 1705  
Archibald Scott1666 1698 
Archibald McCall Scott8 JUL 1886 31 JUL 1886 Montgomery Co, Pennsylvania
Arlos D Scott24 JAN 1900 Missouri1977 
Arzela Jane Scott25 OCT 1881 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri 
Augusta Scott2 DEC 1824 Powerville, Morris Co, New Jersey6 SEP 1863 Powerville, Morris Co, New Jersey
Averilla Scott1718 1745 
Bert Elmer Scott11 MAY 1889 MissouriFEB 1964 Oklahoma
Blaine Wahab Scott1882 1941 
Catherine ScottABT 1790 New Jersey 
Catherine Scott1767  
Catherine ScottABT 1775  
Charles Thomas Scott31 AUG 1857 Allen Co, Kentucky11 FEB 1940 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Charles W ScottABT 1865  
Clara Scott21 DEC 1884 Pleasant View, Tennessee 
Clifford Scott7 APR 1879  
Cryus Crawford ScottABT 1798 Columbia, Warren Co, Kentucky Limestone Co, Alabama
David Scott1785 Virginia1832 
David Stephen Scott1875 9 NOV 1948 Christian Co, Missouri
Dorothea ScottABT 1620 Sta Alphage, Canterbury, Kent, England10 APR 1688 Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York
Dorothy ScottABT 1620 England 
Dorothy Dartha Scott21 JAN 1783 Virginia31 DEC 1862 Arkansas
Earl Homer l Scott8 MAY 1898 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri25 AUG 1979 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Ebenezer Scott17 MAY 1723 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Ebenezer Scott3 NOV 1719 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Edith Scott4 DEC 1879 Pleasant View, Tennessee 
Eliza Jane Scott20 MAR 1864  
Elizabeth Scott1801 Ohio22 JAN 1888 Waterville, LeSueur Co, Minnesota
Elizabeth ScottABT 1738 Virginia 
Elizabeth ScottABT 1680  
Elizabeth Scott1 APR 1836  
Elizabeth Scott31 OCT 1885  
Elizabeth Scott28 OCT 1799 New Jersey12 MAY 1879 Six Mile Run (Franklin Park) Somerset Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth H Scott1764 1838 
Elizabeth Thompson Scott10 MAY 1808 Chillicothe, Ross Co, Ohio 
Elmer ScottAFT 1886  
Emily Emma J Scott1833 Missouri 
Esther Scott13 MAY 1701 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT 1745 
Esther Scott6 DEC 1689 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Esther Scott5 DEC 1700 1786 
Ethel ScottABT 1900  
Eunice M Scott17 OCT 1841 New York 
Frances Paralee Scott23 APR 1854 Wright Co, Missouri9 APR 1950 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Frances T Scott27 JUN 1745 Caroline Co, Virginia 
Francis ScottABT 1760  
Fred Scott27 APR 1874  
Fredrick Joseph Scott24 JAN 1885 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri23 JAN 1929 
George W ScottABT 1846 Missouri 
George W Scott1808 1840 
George Washington Scott3 JAN 1851  
George Washington Scott1865 1960 
Gertrude ScottJAN 1898 Arkansas 
Gideon ScottABT 1789 Virginia 
Gus Scott3 DEC 1877  
Hannah ScottABT 1750 28 DEC 1838 Claiborne Co, Tennessee
Hannah ScottABT 1745  
Hannah ScottABT 1812 Ohio 
Hannah Scott19 DEC 1717 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Hannah Scott1742 Scotland18 FEB 1792 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Harlan Scott25 NOV 1893 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri17 JAN 1896 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Harry Scott22 JUL 1871  
Harry Walter Scott1878 1950 
Hattie Scott26 AUG 1895 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri3 DEC 1975 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Henry ScottABT 1725 Scotland 
Hester Jane Scott1716  
Howard Russell Scott9 JUN 1869 Vermillion, Ashland Co, Ohio24 AUG 1950 Republic, Greene Co, Missouri
Hubbard ScottABT 1787 Fauquier Co, Viriginia Caldwell Co, Kentucky
Ida ScottAFT 1886  
Inez Scott21 SEP 1887 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri 
James Scott1728  
James ScottABT 1695 28 NOV 1745 
James ScottABT 1880  
James Scott1755 Virginia6 NOV 1834 Caldwell Co, Kentucky
James Scott1746 1809 
James ScottAFT 1748  
James Scott1797 1879 
James Scott22 FEB 1751/52 Caroline Co, Virginia 
James Scott10 SEP 1799 Franklin Co, Ohio 
James C ScottABT 1880  
James Clayton Scott1 APR 1831  
James H ScottABT 1862  
James Tooke Scott1718 Isle of Wright, Virginia3 NOV 1763 Isle of Wright, Virginia
Jane ScottABT 1739 Virginia 
Jennie ScottAFT 1886  
Jeremiah ScottABT 1630  
Joan ScottABT 1605 Long Sutton, Somerset Co, England 
John Scott2 NOV 1719 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
John Scott9 JAN 1679/80 Gravesend, Long Island, New York1736 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John ScottABT 1686  
John Scott19 OCT 1747 Caroline Co, Virginia 
John Scott1798  
John Scott3 APR 1682 Chuckatuck, New Kent, Virginia28 JUL 1729 Isle of Wright, Virginia
John ScottABT 1760  
John ScottABT 1725 1773 
John ScottABT 1860  
John ScottABT 1717 County Antrim, Ireland 
John Allen Scott17 MAY 1821 Tennessee13 AUG 1879 Webster Co, Missouri
John Grant ScottABT 1869 Christian Co, Missouri 
John Horace Scott1844  
John M Scott3 SEP 1803 Ohio 
John O Scott1833 Virginia 
John Silas ScottABT 1855  
John W ScottABT 1785 Glouchester Co, VirginiaOCT 1854 Prince Edward Co, Virginia
John Walter Scott26 JAN 1855 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania21 OCT 1927 Atlantic City, New Jersey
John Walter Scott1884 21 OCT 1927 Montgomery Co, Pennsylvania
Joseph ScottABT 1840  
Joseph Scott1800 Plain, Franklin Co, Ohio 
Joseph Scott21 JUN 1791 Virginia20 SEP 1850 Cove Creek, Crawford Co, Arkansas
Joseph ScottABT 1757 MarylandABT MAR 1853 Rochester Co, Indiana
Joseph Scott1761 Rowan Co, North Caorlina1817 Livingston Co, Kentucky
Joseph Berry Scott1 APR 1852 DeKalb Co, Alabama1921 Crane, Stone Co, Missouri
Joseph Mitchell Scott19 FEB 1781 Shippesburg, Cumberland Co, Pennsylvania 
Julia Ann Eudora Bell Scott22 OCT 1859 Kentucky26 MAY 1932 
Knight Scott1752 Maryland 
Lella L Scott22 JAN 1896 MissouriOCT 1979 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri
Lewis Scott1854 1922 
Lewis Scott18 DEC 1803 Ohio 
Lindsey Scott25 OCT 1838  
Lucy Scott1810 Kentucky1875 Polk Township, Christian Co, Missouri
Lucy Scott1788  
Lucy Scott29 MAY 1737 Virginia 
Lydia ScottABT 1820 Indiana1850 Missouri City, Fort Bend Co, Texas
Lynn Sterling ScottABT 1815 Ohio 
Lyon Lynn Sterling ScottABT 1815 Ohio 
Mae ScottAFT 1886  
Maggie Scott11 DEC 1881 Pleasant View, Tennessee 
Mahala Jane ScottSEP 1822 Misssouri 
Margaret ScottABT 1815 Ohio 
Margaret E ScottABT 1852 Taney Co, Missouri 
Marqurite Ellen Scott9 JUL 1878 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri 
Martha ScottAFT 1886  
Martha Scott1750  
Martha ScottABT 1715  
Martha Jane Scott1890 1973 Cumberland Co, Tennessee
Mary Scott30 AUG 1712 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Mary ScottABT 1720  
Mary Scott1801 1858 
Mary Scott9 FEB 1829 Scott Co, Indiana19 DEC 1869 Clark Co, Indiana
Mary ScottABT 1770  
Mary Scott30 MAR 1766 Russell Co, Virginia20 FEB 1850 Russell Co, Virginia
Mary Catherine ScottMAR 1849 Missouri Missouri
Mary Elizabeth Hope Scott1721 Pennsylvannia29 JUN 1790 Forsyth Co, North Carolina
Mary Frances Scott26 NOV 1841 Indiana15 DEC 1921 Barry Co, Missouri
Mayme Scott22 MAR 1882  
Mehitable Scott16 JAN 1706/07 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Mildred Smith ScottABT 1785  
Minnie Frances ScottABT 1885  
Minnie May Scott5 APR 1865 Iowa14 APR 1936 Carterville, Jasper Co, Missouri
Nancy Scott1617  
Nancy Ann Scott1809  
Nancy Susanna Scott25 DEC 1829 Tennessee21 AUG 1886 Douglas Co, Missouri
Nimrod ScottABT 1785 VirginiaABT 1838 Crawford Co, Arkansas
Nora ScottAFT 1886  
Oma K Scott1877 18 JUN 1963 Barry Co, Missouri
Oscar F Scott1849 Ohio30 JAN 1915 St Edwards Inf Ft Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas
Oscar F Scott1825  
Otis Scott1890 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri 
Patience Scott6 JUL 1781 23 APR 1845 
Peter Scott27 JUN 1687 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Peter Wooding Scott1876 1952 
Prudence ScottABT 1785 Virginia 
Rachel Scott19 APR 1760 5 APR 1813 
Rebecca ScottABT 1792 Virginia 
Rebecca Scott1808 Kentucky 
Rebecca Ott Scott1880  
Rice Scott12 AUG 1743 Caroline Co, Virginia 
Robert Scott11 APR 1847  
Robert ScottABT 1805 Shelby Co, Kentucky26 NOV 1889 Marengo, Crawford Co, Indiana
Robert Scott30 DEC 1758 Caroline Co, Virginia 
Robert William ScottABT 1853 Taney Co, Missouri 
Ruth Scott16 JUN 1900 Arkansas4 DEC 1970 
Sabria Ann Scott1821 1906 
Sallie I Scott5 JAN 1844  
Samuel Scott31 MAY 1685 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Samuel Scott11 AUG 1715 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Samuel ScottAFT 1748  
Samuel Scott14 MAR 1754 Caroline Co, Virginia 
Samuel C ScottABT 1800  
Samuel W ScottABT 1785  
Sarah Scott1800 Kentucky 
Sarah ScottABT 1660  
Sarah ScottABT 1750 9 FEB 1842 
Sarah Finley Scott27 NOV 1806 Chillicothe, Ross Co, Ohio 
Sarah Jane Scott28 MAR 1823 Crawford Co, Arkansas 
Sarah S ScottABT 1837 Missouri 
Spotswood Henry Scott1 OCT 1812 Prince Edward Co, Virginia30 AUG 1883 
Stallard Scott1790 1859 
Susie Anne Scott1831 1916 
Syvanus Scott1672 1742 
Thomas ScottABT 1840  
Thomas ScottABT 1705 Glouchester Co, Virginia 
Thomas Scott15 JUN 1718 St Margaret Parish, Caroline Co, VirginiaAFT 1772 Caroline Co, Virginia
Thomas ScottABT 1600 Godmersehem, Kent, England 
Thomas ScottABT 1730  
Thomas ScottABT 1780  
Thomas ScottABT 1760  
Thomas ScottABT 1625 England8 AUG 1678 Northampton, Virginia
Thomas H Scott28 FEB 1748/49 Caroline Co, Virginia 
Thomas Jefferson Scott11 FEB 1850 Taney Co, Missouri 
Unk Scott  
Wealthy ScottJUN 1840  
William ScottABT 1800  
William ScottAUG 1870 Missouri 
William ScottAFT 1748  
William Scott8 OCT 1681 BEF DEC 1683 
William ScottABT 1801 Ohio 
William Scott15 DEC 1756 Caroline Co, Virginia 
William ScottABT 1650 Isle of Wright, Virginia11 OCT 1717 Isle of Wright, Virginia
William ScottABT 1770  
William ScottABT 1810  
William Scott25 DEC 1683 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
William ScottABT 1650 Gravesend, Long Island, New York 
William Scott30 AUG 1712 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
William Scott16 AUG 1709 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
William B Scott1813 Virginia 
William B ScottABT 1785  
William Otis Scott12 OCT 1890 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri8 APR 1940 Madera Co, California
William Thomas Scott1787 North Carolina Webster Co, Missouri
William Ward Scott21 DEC 1809 Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee1894 Christian Co, Missouri
Winfield William Wallace Scott7 MAY 1848 11 SEP 1929 Pleasant View, Tennessee

* Individual - family ties unknown

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