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  24 individuals found for query Sears
Abiqail SearsABT 1775  
Anna Pearl Sears28 MAR 1897 Kansas 
Catherine Sears1747  
Elisabeth SearsABT 1810  
Elizabeth SearsABT 1720  
Etta Sears1871 23 SEP 1923 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Hester Sears1758  
Isaac Sears1770  
Isaac Sears12 JUL 1730 West Brewster, Massachusetts28 OCT 1786 Canton, China
Jasper Sears1772  
John Sears1755  
John Bouchier Sears1561 Plymouth, Devonshire, England 
John Bouchier Sears1528 England 
Joshua Sears3 MAY 1697 Harwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts21 JUL 1754 Norwalk, Connecticut
Juda Judy Sears2 JUN 1810 Knox Co, Kentucky17 APR 1883 Whitley Co, Kentucky
Lenora Martha Walker Sears1875 1938 
Louis James Sears1864 1954 
Lucy Sears1741 Virginia Kentucky
Mary Sears1769  
Paul SearsAFT 20 FEB 1636/37 Marblehead, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Rebecca Sears1771  
Richard Sears1590 Amsterdam, The Netherlands26 AUG 1676 Yarmouth, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts
Samuel SearsJAN 1662/63 Yarmouth, Massachusetts8 JAN 1740/41 West Brewster, Massachusetts
Sarah Sears1753  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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