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  27 individuals found for query Seay
Abraham SeayABT 1700  
Alescent SeayABT 1740  
Austin L Seay12 MAY 1796 Virginia 
Benjamin Seay20 JAN 1815 Kentucky 
Daniel Webster Seay23 JAN 1805 Sumner Co, Tennessee13 JUL 1875 Smith Co, Tennessee
Jacob Seay1730 The NetherlandsBEF 1821 Amelia Co, Virginia
James Jammie SeayABT 1740  
Jesse SeayBET 1717 AND 1718 Amelia Co, Virginia1807 Amelia Co, Virginia
John E Seay11 FEB 1800 Kentucky 
John Philemon Seay29 APR 1764 Halifax, Halifax Co, Vriginia13 SEP 1830 Smith Co, Tennessee
Joseph Benson Seay1857 Tennessee1929 
Joseph Wentworth Seay27 DEC 1894 KentuckyJUN 1984 Falls Church, Fairfax Co, Virginia
Keziah SeayABT 1740  
Leonard Seay25 AUG 1774 Albemgola, Virginia27 SEP 1842 Washington Co, Kentucky
Leonard W Seay20 SEP 1812 Kentucky 
Lucinda W Seay7 APR 1807 Kentucky 
Maiden Dee Seay1 JAN 1734/35 Amelia County, Virginia10 MAY 1840 Missouri or Spartanburg Co, South Carolina
Martha D Seay2 MAR 1802 Kentucky 
Mary SeayABT 1740  
Mary D Seay19 FEB 1797 Kentucky 
Oney SeayABT 1740  
Reuben SeayABT 1740  
Robert Winston Seay15 APR 1810 Kentucky 
Samuel W Seay17 AUG 1804 Kentucky 
Susanna P Seay11 OCT 1817 Kentucky 
Unk SeayABT 1835  
William Seay17 AUG 1804 Kentucky 

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