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  48 individuals found for query Servoss
Alexander ServossABT 1825  
Anna Maria Servoss5 SEP 1839  
Catherine Maria Servoss21 JAN 1816 Montgomery Co, New York2 DEC 1878 Florida, Montgomery Co, New York
Christian ServossABT 1750  
Christopher ServossABT 1820  
David Servoss1788  
David Henry Servoss7 AUG 1823 Montgomery Co, New York17 NOV 1896 
Elizabeth Servoss6 SEP 1819 3 FEB 1897 New York
Ella F Servoss15 OCT 1874  
Elmer E Servoss17 JAN 1866  
Emery Servoss18 JUL 1863  
Florence A Servoss20 OCT 1871  
Florence M Servoss22 JUL 1887  
Freeman M Servoss30 JUL 1897  
George ServossABT 1750  
George Servoss18 FEB 1794 Montgomery Co, New York29 OCT 1826 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York
George E Servoss23 NOV 1879  
George H Servoss28 SEP 1845 JUN 1910 
Ida Servoss1865  
Jane Vanderveer Servoss18 SEP 1852  
John F Servoss19 NOV 1882  
John G Servoss1782  
John G Servoss1 MAY 1847 15 JAN 1909 
John Jay Servoss29 MAR 1818 Montgomery Co, New York17 FEB 1897 
Julia Servoss30 JAN 1843  
Julia Ann Servoss12 MAR 1821 Montgomery Co, New York22 MAY 1896 Florida, Montgomery Co, New York
Lawrence Servoss1780 1886 
Lawrence A Servoss6 SEP 1890  
Lawrence A Servoss24 OCT 1849 8 FEB 1911 
Lena Servoss1781  
Magdalene Servoss1764 Mongomery Co, New York ?1851 
Margaret Servoss1734 Flordia, Montgomery Co, New York3 MAY 1833 Flordia, Montgomery Co, New York
Margaret Jane Servoss27 AUG 1826 Montgomery Co, New York25 AUG 1900 
Maria Elizabeth Servoss3 JAN 1862 Hoedekenskerke, The Netherlands19 JUN 1934 Wemeldinge, Zeeland, The Netherlands
Marinus ServossABT 1840  
Mary Servoss1796  
Mary Bigham Servoss11 AUG 1856  
Milford Servoss25 FEB 1862  
Philip Servoss1779  
Sarah Servoss13 FEB 1776 Flordia, Montgomery Co, New York18 DEC 1856 Flordia, Montgomery Co, New York
Schuyler Servoss28 FEB 1886 18 JUN 1909 
Solomon Servoss1780  
Sophia Servoss1777  
Spencer ServossABT 1830  
Wilhelmus Servoss1716 1809 
Wilhelmus G Servoss1785  
William ServossABT 1720  
William George Servoss26 APR 1892  

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