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  11 individuals found for query Shackleford
Abner Terry Shackleford29 MAY 1858  
Alford Terry Shackleford1824  
Barbary Shackleford1826 1858 
Charles ShacklefordABT 1800  
Dorothy Shackleford1800 KentuckyBET 1828 AND 1832 Casey Co, Kentucky
John Shackleford1705 Gloucester Co, Virginia19 FEB 1789 King & Queen Co, Virginia
Mary ShacklefordABT 1745  
Nancy ShacklefordABT 1760  
Rachel Emily Shackleford1788 Lincoln Co, KentuckyBET 1829 AND 1830 Casey Co, Kentucky
Richard B Shackleford4 MAY 1770 Orange Co, VirginiaAFT 1850 Simpson Co, Kentucky
Zachariah ShacklefordABT 1745 Virginia1810 Casey Co, Kentucky

* Individual - family ties unknown

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