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  60 individuals found for query Shank
Aaron Ortega Shank18 FEB 1853 Somerset Co, Ohio1923 Iowa
Albert Shank26 JUN 1842 Somerset Co, Ohio26 SEP 1936 Pomona, Los Angeles Co, California
Allan ShankABT 1875  
Ann Shank8 JUN 1813  
Anna Shank26 AUG 1800 Virginia 
Anna Elizabeth Shank15 MAR 1828 Berkeley Co, West Virginia 
Anna Marie Shank25 FEB 1788 Virginia 
Annie Catherine Shank1854 1907 
Catharina Shank25 NOV 1789 Virginia 
Catherine Shank1837 Berkeley Co, West Virginia 
Christian Shank5 MAR 1817 15 AUG 1818 
Christian Shank1765 1834 
Christian Shank10 APR 1784 BET 23 AND 25 MAR 1823 
Cora Shank1875  
Dora Florella Shank20 NOV 1883 Pueblo, Colorado16 JUL 1960 Indianapolis, Indiana
Effie May Shank15 NOV 1885 Terra Haute, Virgo Co, Indiana6 OCT 1977 Terra Haute, Virgo Co, Indiana
Eli Shank1843 Berkeley Co, West Virginia 
Elizabeth Shank3 APR 1795 Virginia 
Elizabeth Shank27 APR 1823 1912 Ohio
Emeline Virginia Shank1 MAY 1857 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinios23 SEP 1935 
Ephriam Shank26 JUN 1846 Somerset Co, OhioNOV 1868 Kansas
George Shank12 JUL 1782  
Harriet Shank24 JUL 1840 Somerset Co, Ohio10 APR 1909 Marion Co, Indiana
Henry Issac Shank24 JUL 1860 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinios28 JAN 1941 Rockville, Indiana
Jacob Shank29 MAY 1792 Virginia23 SEP 1793 
James Shank24 JAN 1845 Somerset Co, Ohio14 FEB 1845 Somerset Co, Ohio
James Shank13 AUG 1821  
Jesse Lee Leroy Shank5 JAN 1851 Zanesville, Somerset Co, Ohio7 MAY 1894 Terra Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana
Jessie Estella Shank11 MAY 1890 Terra Haute, Virgo Co, Indiana24 JAN 1980 Terra Haute, Virgo Co, Indiana
John Shank1718 1791 
John Shank6 APR 1786 Bath (Berkeley Springs), West Virginia1851 Berkeley Co, West Virginia
John Shank15 NOV 1786 12 NOV 1835 
John Shank12 FEB 1815 12 FEB 1869 
John T Shank1830 Berkeley Co, West Virginia 
John William Shank15 AUG 1836 Somerset Co, Ohio12 FEB 1869 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinios
John William Shank19 OCT 1814 Morgan Co, Virginia28 SEP 1889 Edgar Co, Illinois
Julia Ann Shank28 JUN 1834 Falling Waters, Berkeley Co, West Virginia2 JUN 1925 Decorah, Winneshiek Co, Iowa
Lester ShankABT 1880  
Lydia Mae Shank1 MAR 1869  
Mahala Shank1846 Berkeley Co, West Virginia 
Margaret Jane Shank7 DEC 1849 Somerset Co, Ohio20 JUL 1926 Edgar Co, Illinois
Martha Shank4 FEB 1820  
Martin Shank27 MAR 1793 Virginia3 SEP 1880 
Mary Shank1840 Berkeley Co, West Virginia 
Mary J Shank1871 Wisconsin25 SEP 1932 
Michael Shank1692 Osthoven, Germany ?1759 
Myrta Shank1878  
Rebecca Shank15 MAY 1838 Somerset Co, Ohio8 OCT 1841 Somerset Co, Ohio
Rosa Melinda Shank18 MAY 1855 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinios3 OCT 1855 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinios
Sarah Shank23 SEP 1818  
Sarah Shank17 AUG 1803 Virginia 
Susan Shank1832 Berkeley Co, West Virginia 
Susan Edith Shank2 APR 1878 4 OCT 1939 
Susanna Shank9 MAR 1797 Virginia 
Susie ShankABT 1870  
Unk ShankABT 1870  
William Shank1824 Berkeley Co, West Virginia1882 
William ShankBEF 1869  
William Edwin Shank29 JAN 1874 7 NOV 1874 
William Finas ShankABT 1815  

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