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  21 individuals found for query Sinclair
Agnes Sinclair1513  
Bette SinclairABT 1860  
Eleanor Sinclair1457 Ravenscraig, Fifeshire, Scotland 
Elizabeth SinclairABT 1514  
Elizabeth SinclairABT 1680 1721 
Helen Sinclair1509  
Henry Sinclair1382 Orkney, Scotland 
Henry SinclairABT 1465 Scotland9 SEP 1513 Battle of Flodden, Scotland
Janet Sinclair1232 Dunnyglass, Scotland 
Jean SinclairABT 1515  
Katheine SinclairABT 1640  
Katherine A Sinclair1502 ScotlandBEF 1525 Scotland
Margaret SinclairABT 1400  
Margaret SinclairABT 1412 Scotland 
Margaret SinclairABT 1334 Roslin Castle, Midlothian, Scotland 
Margaret C Sinclair26 MAY 1832  
William SinclairABT 1395  
William Sinclair1436 Roslin, Caithness, Scotland 
William SinclairABT 1392 Dunbreath, Caithness, Scotland 
William SinclairABT 1520 Caithness, Scotland1608 Morayshire, Scotland
Williiam SinclairABT 1540 Scotland 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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