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  11 individuals found for query Sips
Adrien Hendricksen Sips1606 Breda, Northern Brabant, The NetherlandsAUG 1664 Bergen, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Annajte Sips10 AUG 1726  
Annejte SipsAFT 1725  
Ariaentje Sips30 MAY 1732  
Catlyntje Sips5 AUG 1731  
Cornelis Sips6 MAY 1730  
Helmagh Sips10 MAR 1714/15  
Henricus SipsABT 1665  
Jannejte Sips30 SEP 1735  
Jannetje Sips15 APR 1722  
Johannes Sips17 AUG 1718  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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