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  14 individuals found for query Skaggs
Archibald SkaggsABT 1755  
Busell Skaggs1640 Derry, Ulster, England 
Henry SkaggsABT 1776  
James Skaggs1700 At sea enroute to America1798 
Lydia Ann Skaggs1793 1871 
Nancy Skaggs1781 Montgomery Co, Virginia Mason Co, Illinois
Richard Skaggs1670 Ireland 
Richard Skaggs1744 Virginia1818 Barren Co, Kentucky
Samuel Melville SkaggsABT 1860  
Sarah Skaggs1771 Kentucky 
Sarah Skaggs16 FEB 1772  
Sarah Ann Skaggs1798 Kentucky 
Thomas Skaggs1674 Ireland 
Zachariah SkaggsABT 1745 Virginia 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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