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  42 individuals found for query Skinner
Abigail Skinner17 FEB 1689/90 Malden, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Anna SkinnerABT 1720  
Bailey Dent Skinner23 MAY 1842 Monroe Co, Missouri15 NOV 1925 Alluwee, Nowata Co, Oklahoma
Benjamin Codell SkinnerABT 1900  
Catherine Skinner1855  
Cornelius SkinnerBEF 1710 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Cortlandt Skinner16 DEC 1727 Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co, New Jersey15 MAR 1799 England
Elizabeth Skinner1845  
Gabriella M SkinnerAPR 1842 Marion Co, Kentucky 
George W Skinner1858  
Hannah Jane Skinner1847  
Henry M Skinner1868 1940 
John Skinner16 NOV 1764 Boone Co, Kentucky16 NOV 1764 Perche, Boone Co, Missouri
John Skinner1 MAR 1736/37 Middlesex Co, New Jersey1787 
John JC Skinner1860 1910 Johnson Co, Indiana
Jonathan Skinner1703 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Joseph SkinnerABT 1780  
Martha A Skinner1850  
Mary Skinner1648 Surry Co, Virginia 
Mary SkinnerABT 1700  
Mary SkinnerABT 1714 ABT 1769 
Mary Ellen Skinner1853 1926 
Mary Emaline Skinner1846  
Matthew SkinnerABT 1697 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Nancy Skinner23 JUL 1768 Rowan Co, North Carolina 
Nathaniel Skinner1 JUL 1766 Somerset Co, Pennsylvania14 NOV 1820 Bealsville, Belmont Co, Ohio
Nathaniel Skinner22 MAR 1822 Belmont Co, Ohio20 JUN 1906 Whiteland, Johnson Co, Indiana
Nathaniel Skinner10 JAN 1704/05 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey1 OCT 1801 Turkey Foot, Somerset Co, Pennsylvania
Pheby SkinnerABT 1800  
Phillip Skinner15 SEP 1793 Belmont Co, Ohio11 NOV 1852 Morgantown, Brown Co, Indiana
Rachel SkinnerSEP 1707 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Richard SkinnerOCT 1709 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Richard Skinner1639 Isle of Jersey, England1682 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Richard Skinner15 DEC 1668 Elizabethtown, Union Co, New Jersey12 MAY 1727 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Richard Cornelius Skinner18 FEB 1815 Hickory Co, Missouri28 SEP 1884 Wheatland, Hickory Co, Kentucky
Rueben SkinnerABT 1736 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey21 APR 1814 Turkey Foot, Somerset Co, Pennsylvania
Ruhamah A Skinner11 NOV 1851 15 MAR 1924 Johnson Co, Indiana
Sarah SkinnerABT 1698 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Susannah Skinner26 JUL 1760 Rowan Co, North Carolina 
Willett Wright SkinnerBEF 1710 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
William Skinner1790 Georgia26 DEC 1873 Boliver, Polk Co, Missouri
William MacGregor SkinnerABT 1687 Scotland21 AUG 1767 Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co, New Jersey

* Individual - family ties unknown

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