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  16 individuals found for query Sloat
Edwin Conover Sloat14 SEP 1878 New Jersey 
Elias SloatBEF 4 DEC 1726 New York 
Elias Sloat12 JUL 1759 Putnam Co, New York25 MAR 1825 Carmel, Putnam Co, New York
Elijah Sloat16 MAY 1786  
Eugene Sloat11 DEC 1872 New York 
Eugene Augustus Sloat22 JUL 1850 New York New Jersey
George Van Winkle Sloat11 JAN 1827 New York 
George Van Winkle Sloat18 DEC 1874 New York 
Hendrick SloatABT 1690  
Henry SloatBEF 10 FEB 1724/25 New York 
Howard Gildersleeve Sloat15 APR 1885 New Jersey 
Jan SloatBEF 15 JUL 1716 New York 
Jan SloatBEF 1642 Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands 
John Sloat30 OCT 1779  
Milicent Sloat3 MAY 1871 New York 
Tammy Sloat10 AUG 1802 Carmel, New York22 JAN 1873 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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