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  70 individuals found for query Smart
Aaron J Smart13 APR 1846 Missouri 
Alverta Smart14 JUN 1899  
Amanda E Smart16 APR 1856 Christian Co, Missouri19 MAY 1911 Christian Co, Missouri
Benjamin Franklin Smart17 NOV 1851 Christian Co, Missouri10 JUL 1928 Marionville, Lawrence Co, Missouri
Calvin Luther Smart6 JUL 1839 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri Kansas City, Wyandotte Co, Kansas
Clara Melissa Smart1879 Christian Co, Missouri1964 
Cornelia Jane Smart6 JAN 1888  
Cynthia Smart4 SEP 1798 Franklin, North Carolina4 FEB 1873 Madison Co, Illinois
Dessie May Smart4 NOV 1882  
Edward Monroe Smart22 SEP 1870 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri15 SEP 1946 Pueblo, Pueblo Co, Colorado
Elisha Walker Smart11 SEP 1812 Sumner Co, Tennessee31 MAR 1879 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Elizabeth Smart1698 1755 
Elizabeth Smart17 JAN 1843  
Emmon Catherine Smart1858 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri3 AUG 1931 Hubbard, Maron Co, Oregon
Ernest Lafayette Smart1884 Christian Co, Missouri1972 
Frances Elizabeth Smart1860 1946 
Frances Madora Smart27 MAY 1860 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri22 JUL 1895 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Francis Marion Smart21 AUG 1841 Missouri19 MAR 1928 Sharon, Barber Co, Kansas
Franklin Walker m Smart13 AUG 1875 Marionville, Lawrence Co, Missouri19 NOV 1961 Coffeyville, Montgomery Co, Kansas
George Henry SmartAFT 1856  
Greenberry Franklin Smart15 JAN 1848 Christian Co, Missouri 
Harvey Smart1815 Sumner Co, Tennessee 
Hattie Deana Smart21 SEP 1890  
Henry M Smart30 DEC 1880  
Herschel Talmer Smart1880 1947 
Isaac Andrew Smart19 JUN 1852 Ray Co, Missouri2 APR 1928 Vibbard, Ray Co, Missouri
James Albert Smart15 DEC 1843  
James Allen Smart2 JUN 1850 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri15 JAN 1933 Monett, Barry Co, Missorui
James William Smart15 MAY 1896  
Jerome H Smart1842 Greene Co, Missouri 
John SmartAFT 1856  
John S Smart16 AUG 1846  
John Wesley Smart1 APR 1844 Missouri22 AUG 1923 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Joseph Elmert Smart12 JAN 1871 Missouri 
Joseph Henry SmartABT 1831 Marion Co, Indiana20 NOV 1870 
Joshua Smart27 FEB 1838  
Lafayette F Smart21 SEP 1844 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri16 JAN 1914 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Leeford Smart18 JUL 1893 17 JUN 1904 Kay Co, Oklahoma
Lettie Kiona Smart30 JUL 1868 Ozark, Christian Co, Missouri21 APR 1947 Los Angeles Co, California
Louisa Jane Smart12 NOV 1840 Greene Co, Missouri9 JUL 1895 Tulsa, Tulsa Co, Oklahoma
Lydia B Smart21 JUL 1893  
Martha Smart1818 Sumner Co, Tennessee 
Martha Ann Smart1843 Christian Co, Missouri1914 Tacoma, Pierce Co, Washington
Martha Josephine Smart16 MAY 1854 Christian Co, Missouri 
Martha S Smart12 AUG 1849  
Mary Smart6 NOV 1768 Scotland1846 Bloomington, Monroe Co, Indiana
Mary Emma SmartOCT 1868  
Mary Jane Smart19 OCT 1852 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri1932 Alfalfa Co, Oklahoma
Mattie Ann Smart27 MAY 1866 Indiana13 DEC 1945 Indiana
Nancy Almina Smart1873 Christian Co, Missouri1956 
Nancy Ann Smart2 DEC 1839  
Nancy Elizabeth SmartABT 1835  
Nancy Ellen Smart19 MAY 1885 Clay Co, Missouri 
Nancy Geneva Smart1848 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri12 NOV 1906 Marionville, Lawrence Co, Missouri
Nancy Jeanette Smart1853 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri 
Nellia Madora Smart5 FEB 1877 Christian Co, Missouri23 JUN 1956 Sharon, Barber Co, Kansas
Oby Marion Smart1882 Christian Co, Missouri1882 
Peter SmartABT 1785 UKBET 1818 AND 1820 Sumner Co, Tennessee
Samuel SmartAFT 1856  
Samuel Smart24 JAN 1814 Cocke Co, Tennessee13 MAR 1867 Missouri
Sandy Smart1814 Sumner Co, Tennessee 
Sarah Ann Smart1 JUN 1855  
Sarah Elizabeth Smart23 NOV 1865 Christian Co, Missouri1953 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Sarah M Smart1855 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri5 FEB 1912 Cherokee, Alfafla Co, Oklahoma
Wellmington Smart13 APR 1846 Missouri 
William SmartABT 1740  
William Alexander Smart16 JUL 1859  
William C Smart12 MAY 1816 Sumner Co, Tennessee9 JUL 1887 Christian Co, Missouri
William Crittendon SmartABT 1839 Greene Co, Missouri 
William Jonathan Smart1867 Christian Co, Missouri1867 

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