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  677 individuals found for query Smith
Aafltje Smith16 FEB 1728/29 New York 
Abbie SmithABT 1860 Kansas 
Abigail SmithABT 1650 Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts 
Abigail SmithABT 1675  
Abigail SmithABT 1702 Lancashire, EnglandAFT 1747 Maryland
Abigail SmithABT 1635  
Abigail Smith11 NOV 1744 Weymouth, Massachusetts28 OCT 1818 Quincy, Massachusetts
Able Smith1680 New York 
Abraham Smith1730  
Abraham Smith1800 TennesseeAFT 1860 Lawrence Co, Missouri
Abraham Smith22 SEP 1703 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York27 OCT 1755 Orangeburg, Rockland Co, New York
Ada SmithABT 1872 Texas 
Albert Wesley Smith1885 1964 
Alice Smith1557 Weston Hanger, Kent, England 
Alice SmithABT 1900 MissouriJUL 1987 Clovis, New Mexico
Alice Smith1669 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania13 MAR 1731/32 
Almilda P Smith1844 New Jersey 
Alsay SmithABT 1820  
Altje SmithABT 1680  
Alvia Murray SmithABT 1850  
Ambrose Alvin SmithJUL 1890 Izard Co, Arkansas 
Amerintha Smith1713 Jamestown, Virginia 
Amy SmithABT 1710 22 DEC 1793 Newtown, Queens, Long Island, New York
Andrew Smith4 NOV 1709 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey20 MAR 1794 New Jersey
Andrew Smith8 DEC 1689 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New JerseyBEF 24 APR 1767 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Andrew SmithABT 1820 Kentucky 
Andrew SmithABT 1648 Farsley, York, EnglandBEF 10 FEB 1703/04 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Andrew SmithAFT 1753  
Andrew Andreas Smith5 SEP 1733  
Andrew I Smith1640 Farsley, West Riding, Yorkshire, England1703 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Ann Smith1715  
Ann SmithABT 1665  
Ann Smith1697 Langford Co, Ireland 
Ann Smith9 MAR 1849  
Ann Smith1752  
Ann Smith27 SEP 1713  
Ann SmithABT 1787  
Ann Elizabeth SmithAFT 1806 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Ann R SmithABT 1805 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Anna SmithABT 1665 Glasglow, Lanark, Scotland 
Anna Smith28 JAN 1715/16 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey25 AUG 1777 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Anna Smith17 SEP 1731 Toppenemus, Monmouth Co, New Jersey26 DEC 1794 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Anna Smith6 JAN 1762 England30 MAY 1842 
Anna SmithABT 1770 1880 
Anna Smith8 SEP 1780 Oxford Co, North Carolina 
Anna SmithABT 1840  
Anna Smith24 APR 1792  
Anna Smith1775  
Anna Margaret SmithABT 1750  
Anne Smith1644 Munsley, Herefordshire, England 
Anne Smith10 JAN 1698/99 Middlesex Co, Virginia 
Anne Smith24 MAY 1862 Petersburg, Pike Co, Indiana 
Anne SmithABT 1760  
Annetje SmithBEF 12 SEP 1711 New York5 MAY 1789 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co, New York
Annetje Hannah SmithABT 1710 New York 
Annie SmithABT 1835  
Arie Smith25 SEP 1687 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Arod Duncan Smith11 MAR 1843  
Augustine Smith1689  
Azubah SmithABT SEP 1776 Rutland, Vermont 
Barbara Smith1693 Calvert Co, Maryland1764 Calvert Co, Maryland
Barbara Pauera Smith1695 Germany 
Barnardus SmithABT 1620  
Belle SmithABT 1850  
Benedict Curtis SmithAPR 1896 Colorado25 SEP 1953 Birmingham, Jefferson Co, Alabama
Benjamin Smith4 FEB 1694/95  
Benjamin SmithABT 1800  
Benjamin Smith1740 Lawrenceville, New Jersey 
Benjamin Byrd SmithABT 1891 Izard Co, Arkansas 
Benjamin Franklin SmithABT 1847 Missouri Gasconade Co, Missouri
Benjamin J SmithABT 1760  
Benjamin Robert Smith20 JAN 1859  
Bernardus SmithABT MAY 1674  
Bernardus Smith22 MAY 1727 New York 
Bert E SmithABT 1892  
Blanche SmithNOV 1893 Texas27 JAN 1979 Waco, McLennan Co, Texas
Bowel Bancroft SmithABT 1875  
Bowker SmithAFT 1722  
Byrd Smith3 JUN 1814 Tennessee 
Byrd Bowker Smith27 SEP 1761  
Carolina Smith12 OCT 1825 Licking Co, Ohio26 JAN 1906 Jackson Co, MIssouri
Carter SmithABT 1890  
Catharine SmithABT 1800  
Catharine B SmithABT 1800  
Catherine Smith1738 Lawrenceville, New Jersey 
Catherine SmithABT 1805 Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Catherine SmithABT 1645  
Catherine Smith2 NOV 1728  
Catherine Smith1833  
Catherine Smith1734 1810 
Catherine SmithABT 1785 New JerseyAFT AUG 1844 
Catherine Caroline Smith1827  
Catherine Vanderveer Smith8 MAR 1811 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Catrina Smith1721 Kingston, Ulster Co, NEw Y 
Champion Smith26 JUL 1861 4 MAR 1943 
Charles Smith30 DEC 1718 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Charles Smith30 NOV 1714 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Charles SmithABT 1731 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Charles SmithABT 1691  
Charles SmithABT 1860  
Charles Smith1655 Gloucester Co, Virginia 
Charles B SmithABT 1820  
Christina Smith15 APR 1770 Germantown, Columbia Co, New York Charleston, Montgomery Co, New York
Christina Smith21 JUN 1646 Tuyl, Gelderland, Netherlands 
Christopher Smith29 MAY 1631 Burnley, Lancashire, England 
Christopher Lawrence Smith18 MAR 1591/92 Rochdale, Lancashire, England3 OCT 1665 Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Maryland
Clarissa Smith27 JUL 1819  
Clarissa Smith14 JUL 1843 Tennessee1906 Missouri
Constantine Smith16 SEP 1717  
Cora A Smith29 APR 1868 23 APR 1936 
Cordelia A SmithABT 1850 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Cornelia Elizabeth Smith28 JUL 1860 Ray Co, Missouri18 MAR 1889 
Cornelius Smith16 MAY 1730 New York 
Cornelius Smith1795 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Cornelius Smith10 NOV 1689 Tappan, Rockland Co, New YorkBEF SEP 1691 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York
Cornelius Smith26 FEB 1659/60  
Cornelius Smith10 SEP 1691 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Crunby Carlin Smith8 FEB 1891 Cherokee Co, Kansas 
Cyrenius T Smith14 SEP 1845 Deal Beach, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Daniel Smith1840 Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Daniel SmithABT 1725  
Daniel SmithABT 1700  
Daniel Smith17 OCT 1748 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia 
Daniel Jr Smith5 FEB 1798 Buncombe Co, North Carolina 
David Smith16 DEC 1740 New York 
David SmithABT 1805 Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
David Hume Smith14 SEP 1847 Polk Co, Missouri29 JAN 1923 Izard Co, Arkansas
Deborah SmithABT 1661  Jamaica, Long Island, New York
Deborah Smith1694  
Deborah Smith1723 1814 
Delia Smith16 JAN 1855  
Delilah Elizabeth Smith1846  
Dirckje SmithBEF 24 OCT 1695 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Dorcas Smith1811  
Dorcas Smith1805  Caldwell Co, Kentucky
Dorcus SmithABT 1780  
Dorothy SmithABT 1800  
Dorothy SmithABT 1647 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey28 MAR 1698 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Dorothy Smith1636 England 
Dorothy Petyon SmithABT 1730 New Kent Co, Virginia 
Edith Smith 1990 
Edith Ellen Smith1 APR 1877 Bland, Gasconade Co, Missouri6 AUG 1944 Gasconade Co, Missouri
Effie SmithABT 1875  
Eleanor Smith10 FEB 1845 12 NOV 1906 
Eleanor SmithABT 1700  
Elijah Smith1720  
Elijah K SmithABT 1830  
Elijah R Smith5 JUN 1864  
Elinor SmithABT 1880  
Elisha Flenoia Smith1879 1950 
Elizabeth SmithABT 1657 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Smith1673  
Elizabeth SmithABT 1800  
Elizabeth SmithABT 1646  
Elizabeth Smith12 NOV 1718  
Elizabeth SmithABT 1820  
Elizabeth Smith1724  
Elizabeth Smith30 JAN 1790 Casey Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth SmithABT 1658 MAR 1693/94 Calvert Co, Maryland
Elizabeth Smith1765 Christina, New Castle Co, Delaware1829 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware
Elizabeth Smith5 AUG 1699  
Elizabeth Smith1756  
Elizabeth Smith1837  
Elizabeth Smith31 JAN 1790 Kentucky 
Elizabeth SmithABT 1845 Indiana 
Elizabeth Smith30 NOV 1755  
Elizabeth SmithABT 1780  
Elizabeth Smith2 NOV 1799 Mercer Co, Kentucky26 JUL 1865 Rockville, Parke Co, Indiana
Elizabeth Smith1785 1868 
Elizabeth Smith9 FEB 1679/80 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Smith1803 Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Elizabeth Smith1678 Brandon, Middlesex Co, Virgina6 AUG 1720 Spotsylvania Co, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth SmithABT 1800 Tennessee 
Elizabeth Smith1825 North Carolina Douglas Co, Missouri
Elizabeth Smith1736  
Elizabeth Smith27 SEP 1869 Petersburg, Pike Co, IndianaAFT 1900 Ozark, Franklin Co, Arkansas
Elizabeth Smith8 DEC 1691 Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts 
Elizabeth SmithBEF 26 NOV 1699 Haddam, Connecticut 
Elizabeth Smith25 FEB 1777 6 SEP 1837 
Elizabeth Smith29 OCT 1673 Jamestown, James City Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth Smith16 NOV 1838 Tennessee14 AUG 1916 Elkhorn, McDonald CO, Missouri
Elizabeth Charlotte Smith15 OCT 1874  
Elizabeth H Smith2 SEP 1823  
Elizabeth H SmithABT 1847 Missouri22 APR 1931 Fayette, Howard Co, Missouri
Elizabeth Jane Smith11 OCT 1831 Deal Beach, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Jane Smith15 SEP 1815 Newark, Essex Co, New Jersey13 JUL 1840 Pompton Plains, Morris Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth Jane SmithABT 1850  
Elizabeth Perry Smith8 MAR 1838 15 JAN 1920 
Elizabeth Ross Smith25 MAY 1838  
Elizabeth Stockton Smith1791 Ohio 
Ella Elizabeth Smith19 MAR 1852 Keokuk, Lee Co, Iowa 
Ellen Smith15 DEC 1852  
Ellen Smith15 DEC 1876 Mooney Township, Polk Co, Missouri5 DEC 1920 Mooney Township, Polk Co, Missouri
Elma Gerlue Smith1868 1956 
Elnora Cornelia SmithABT 1850  
Emeline Smith16 JUN 1833 3 MAY 1863 Ripley, Indiana
Emily Lou Smith1833 Battletown, Kentucky 
Emma Smith29 JAN 1834 Deal Beach, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Emma Ann SmithABT 1877 New York, New York 
Emmet SmithMAY 1884  
Enoch Smith21 JUN 1750 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia 
Ephraim Smith5 OCT 1704 Stonington, Connecticut1774 
Ephraim Smith17 SEP 1797 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Erasmus Smith1814 Kentucky 
Esther Smith4 JAN 1712/13  
Esther SmithABT 1700  
Ethel SmithABT 1890  
Eva B SmithABT 1895  
Ezra A SmithABT 1890  
F B Smith1888  
F H Smith1878  
Fleckner Jane Smith11 SEP 1846 Fort Madison, Lee Co, Iowa4 MAY 1902 Wilsontown, Adair Co, Missouri
Frances Smith1738  
Frances M SmithABT 1865 2 JAN 1906 Hebron, Missouri
Francis SmithABT 1750  
Francis SmithABT 1645 Kennet, Chester Co, Pennsylvania1711 Kennet, Chester Co, Pennsylvania
Francis SmithABT 1670  
Francis Elizabeth Smith17 APR 1824 Tennessee24 FEB 1907 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Francis Marion Smith1857 Tennessee1938 Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri
Frank L Smith5 MAY 1869 20 FEB 1914 
Frank Otto Jacobe Smith1893 1971 
Frankie SmithABT 1840 Missouri 
Franklin Smith29 NOV 1878 Cherokee Co, Kansas 
Fred SmithABT 1877  
Garret Smith15 NOV 1685 New York 
Geertryd Smith1685 Tappen, Nassau Co, New York 
George Smith19 OCT 1745 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia 
George Smith20 FEB 1712/13 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
George SmithABT 1875  Iverness, Sunflower Co., Mississippi
George Smith1772 Maryland28 AUG 1862 Bethlehem, Washington Co, Pennsylvania
George SmithABT 1760  
George SmithABT 1800  
George Franklin Smith15 AUG 1870 Ozark Co, Missouri 
George W SmithABT 1819 Kentucky 
George Warren Smith26 JAN 1845  
Guy Smith1675 Ely, Cambridge, England1720 Virginia
Guy Smith1769  
Guy Smith1704  
Guy Smith26 AUG 1730 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co, Virginia10 JAN 1781 Bedford Co, Virginia
H C SmithABT 1850  
Hannah Smith28 SEP 1707 Lexington, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Hannah SmithABT 1778 Redstone, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania 
Hannah Smith1660 Henrricks, Hempstead, Long Island, New York 
Hannah Smith1676 Jamaica, Long Island, New York 
Hannah Smith1853 West Bethlehem, Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Hannah Smith1658 1712 
Hannah Smith1777 1832 
Hannah SmithABT 1680  
Hannah Smith1691 Jamaica, Long Island, New York 
Hannah Smith1685 1715 New Jersey
Hannah SmithABT 1755  
Hannah SmithABT 1700  
Hannah Smith4 JAN 1684/85 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Hannah Smith1630 Jamaica, Long Island, New YorkJUL 1674 Jamaica, Long Island, New York
Hans SmithABT 1690  
Harlin Henry Smith16 MAY 1881 Spring Creek, Calico Rock, Izard Co, Arkansas 
Harriet Smith12 MAY 1800 Cambridge, New York21 JUN 1867 Cincinnati, Ohio
Helen Elizabeth Smith1881 1938 
Helen Louise Smith9 OCT 1829 Deal Beach, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Helena Smith1649 Tuyl, Gelderland, Netherlands 
Hendrick SmithABT 1670  
Hendrick Smith1645 Lochem, The Netherlands 
Henrietta Smith28 AUG 1841  
Henry Smith28 AUG 1802 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Henry SmithABT 1714 Stafford Co, VirginiaABT 1788 Aquia Creek, Stafford Co, Virginia
Henry Smith3 FEB 1740/41 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia17 FEB 1801 Russell Co, Virginia
Henry John Smith1841 1914 
Hiram J SmithABT 1868  
Howard D Smith13 OCT 1888 Cherokee Co, Kansas 
Howard L SmithABT 1875  
Hugh Smith17 DEC 1757 England1841 Washington Co, Indiana
Hugh Smith26 JUN 1787 Virginia24 JUN 1827 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Hutton SmithABT 1796 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Ida Jane Smith31 OCT 1827 Deal Beach, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Isaac Smith1793  
Isaac Smith1736 Jefferson Village (Maplewood), Essex Co, New Jersey9 FEB 1823 Springfield, Union County, New Jersey
Isaac H Smith1882  
Isaac Rinehart Smith21 JUN 1828 Hacker's Creek, Lewis Co, West Virginia 
Isabell Smith1585 Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England 
Isabella Smith18 SEP 1845 Mercer Co, Kentucky1932 Inidanapolis, Indiana
Isabella Smith1737 1781 
Israel Smith1738 Lawrenceville, New Jersey 
Israel SmithABT 1706 Jamaica, Long Island, New York 
Israel Smith17 SEP 1814 Washington Co, Pennsylvania29 MAR 1892 West Bethlehem, Washington Co, Pennsylvania
James Smith1817 Kentucky 
James SmithABT 1825  
James SmithABT 1766 Burlington Co, New Jersey 
James SmithABT 1800  
James SmithABT 1840  
James Chenoweth Smith8 DEC 1841  
James Harvey SmithABT 1782 Virginia Union Township, Ralls Co, Missouri
James Harvey SmithAFT 1806 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
James L SmithABT 1825  
James M SmithMAR 1860 West Bethlehem, Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
James Madison Smith1856 1931 
James Marshall Smith1830  
James Monroe Smith1 AUG 1814 Long Ridge, Farifield Co, Connecticut22 JUL 1893 Knox City, Knox Co, Missouri
James Monroe Smith23 JUL 1857  
James O SmithABT 1900  
James T Smith25 AUG 1851 Mercer Co, Kentucky25 MAR 1916 Ellis Co, Texas
James Tully Smith30 MAY 1854  
Jan Smith8 OCT 1743 New York 
Jan SmithABT 1720  
Jane Smith1641 Stafford Co, Virginia 
Jane Smith1700 Fayette Co, Virginia 
Jane SmithABT 1670  
Jane Smith5 OCT 1798 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Jane SmithABT 1815  
Jane SmithABT 1790  
Jannetje SmithABT 1680 Hempstead, Queens Co, Long Island, New York 
Jannetje Smith4 JAN 1651/52 Tuyl, Gelderland, NetherlandsAFT 16 JUL 1732 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Jasper Smith1737 Lawrenceville, New Jersey 
Jasper Jr Smith1701 Long Island, New York19 SEP 1754 Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Jeffery Emmett Smith29 NOV 1883 Cherokee Co, Kansas 
Jemima Smith1729 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New JerseyFEB 1803 Rowan Co, North Carolina
Jemimah Smith1730 1785 
Jennike Smith28 JUL 1650 Tuyl, Gelderland, Netherlands 
Jenny Byrd Smith1771  
Jeremiah Smith1656 Henrricks, Hempstead, Long Island, New York1726 Henrricks, Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Jeremiah Smith1751 1794 
Jessie May Smith11 MAY 1881 Cherokee Co, Kansas23 DEC 1894 Weir, Cherokee Co, Kansas
Joan SmithABT 1610 BEF JAN 1644/45 Boxgrove, Sussex, England
Joanna Smith28 MAY 1710  
Joannah Smith1752  
Johanna Smith1673  
Johanna Smith1821  
Johanna Smith8 NOV 1805 South Hempstead, Long Island, New York 
Johanna Hendricks SmithABT 1673 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey2 JUN 1747 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John Smith23 SEP 1725  
John SmithABT 1850  
John SmithABT 1760  
John Smith1719 England6 MAY 1813 
John SmithABT 1669  
John Smith5 MAY 1750 14 FEB 1819 
John Smith3 JUN 1701 Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co, Virginia1 DEC 1775 Glocester Co, Virginia
John Smith12 SEP 1624 Burnley, Lancashire, England 
John SmithABT 1683  
John SmithABT 1615 England1643 Maspeth, Queens Co, Long Island, New York
John SmithABT 1700  
John SmithABT 1745  
John Smith1589 England 
John SmithABT 1657 Virginia1718 Bristol, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
John SmithABT 1800  
John Smith14 JUL 1724 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
John B SmithABT 1790 18 JUL 1871 Pennsylvania
John Elmer Smith1884 1919 
John Harrison Smith1863 1942 
John L Smith17 MAR 1837  
John M Smith1788 Pennsylvania10 SEP 1857 Illinois
John Nicks Smith19 NOV 1891 15 JUN 1963 
John Rox Smith1631 Roxbury, Massachusetts1706 Freeport, Queens Co, Long Island, New York
John Thomas Smith18 MAR 1831  
John W SmithABT 1800  
John W SmithABT 1783  
John W SmithABT 1810  
Jonathan Smith30 APR 1711 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Joseph SmithABT 1775  
Joseph Smith1637 Christ Church, Middlesex Co, Virginia 
Joseph Smith1863 West Bethlehem, Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Joseph Smith24 JUL 1722 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Joseph Smith6 JUN 1756 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia 
Joseph SmithABT 1780  
Joseph Jackson SmithABT 1860  
Joseph Moxley Smith6 OCT 1846  
Josephine SmithABT 1849  
Judith SmithABT 1700 Jamaica, Long Island, New York 
Judith Smith1811 1841 Grainger Co, Tennessee
Judith Anna Smith9 MAY 1806 Olney, Henrico Co, Virginia9 JUL 1874 Richmond, Virginia
Julia Smith11 AUG 1854 Michigan1918 Greenville, Montcalm Co, Michigan
Julia A Smith2 DEC 1817 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Julia Ann Gincy Elizabeth Smith1826 1904 
Karen Smith1584 Exeter, Devon, EnglandABT 1650 Sandwidh, Kent, England
Katherine Smith1842 Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Katherine SmithABT 1625  
Katie Bowker Smith1767  
Keziah Smith9 DEC 1769 26 AUG 1838 
Keziah SmithABT 1702 Jamaica, Long Island, New York2 NOV 1779 Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
L Smith Smith1886  
Lambert Smith29 JUL 1726 New York 
Lambert SmithBEF 11 OCT 1656 Tuil, Gelderland, The NetherlandsAFT 1750 New York
Lambert Smith8 APR 1722 New YorkBEF JUL 1726 New York
Lambert Smith12 OCT 1717 New YorkBEF APR 1722 New York
Lammert Smith24 SEP 1712  
Laura SmithABT 1860  
Laura D Smith1830 New York 
Lavina C Smith1849  
Lawrence SmithABT 1685  
Lawrence Smith16 SEP 1719  
Lawrence Smith29 MAR 1629 Burnley, Lancashire, England Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Maryland
Lee Smith18 FEB 1879 Powell, Missouri1948 Jopliin, Jasper Co, missouri
Lemuel SmithABT 1830  
Lena SmithBEF 16 JUL 1706 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Lenora Bell Smith8 JUN 1884 Izard Co, Arkansas 
Leonard SmithABT 1801 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Leroy SmithABT 1875  
Leyntje Smith1649 Tuyl, Gelderland, Netherlands 
Louie SmithABT 1877  
Louisa SmithABT 1835  
Lucinda R Smith1824 1886 
Lucinthia M Smith6 FEB 1842 North Carolina1895 Salem, Fulton Co, Arkansas
Lucretia Smith1785  
Lucy Byrd Smith1763  
Ludlam SmithABT 1740  
Lydia SmithABT 1720  
Lydia Smith1736 1786 
Lydia Smith1776 Tennessee 
Lydia Smith1734 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia 
Lyida Smith6 JAN 1804 14 FEB 1888 
Magdalena SmithABT 1690  
Magrietje Smith21 JUL 1719  
Mandy Jane Smith30 AUG 1880 Leighhton, Colbert Co, Alabama15 JUN 1971 Leighhton, Colbert Co, Alabama
Marcella Jane Smith16 OCT 1848  
Margaret Smith2 NOV 1728  
Margaret Smith1736 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia Fauquier Co, Virginia
Margaret SmithABT 1785 South Carolina 
Margaret Smith17 APR 1842  
Margaret SmithABT 1792 Mercer Co, Kentucky30 DEC 1851 Rockville, Parke Co, Indiana
Margaret C Smith28 APR 1850  
Margaret Elizabeth Smith11 APR 1784 Rowan Co, North Carolina 
Margaret J SmithAFT 1806 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Margret Bell Smith6 JUN 1893 Cherokee Co, Kansas 
Margrietje Smith6 JUL 1720 New York 
Maria SmithABT 1700  
Maria SmithABT 1693 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Mariah Jane SmithABT 1865  
Mariejte Smith1675  
Maritje Phillip Smith1 APR 1741 Bergen Co, New York 
Marritje Smith25 JUL 1683 New York 
Martha SmithABT 1873  
Martha Smith1740 Newtown, Long Island, New York 
Martha Ann Smith4 JUL 1833 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana16 JUL 1918 Surtz City, Greene Co, Indiana
Martha E SmithABT 1845 Harrison Co, West Virginia 
Martha Elizabeth Smith1770 North Carolina 
Martha Patsy Smith17 NOV 1780 Kentucky31 MAR 1851 Cincinnati, Hamiton Co, Ohio
Martin M Smith24 SEP 1866 Ozark Co, Missouri 
Martin Robert Smith30 APR 1813 Indiana 
Mary SmithABT 1880  
Mary Smith16 DEC 1712 Baltimore Co, Maryland1771 Frederick Co, Virginia
Mary SmithABT 1820  
Mary SmithABT 1794 Virginia Crawford Co, Illniois
Mary Smith1705 King & Queen Co, Virginia 
Mary SmithABT 1615 England Henrico Co, Virginia
Mary Smith1760 Ireland1820 Henry Co, Tennessee
Mary Smith21 AUG 1793 Mercer Co, Kentucky17 NOV 1851 Livonia, Indiana
Mary Smith1663 Christ Church, Middlesex Co, Virginia1686 Middlesex Co, Virginia
Mary Smith1642 New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut 
Mary Smith27 JAN 1757 New Jersey 
Mary Smith1685 St Giles Parish, London, England 
Mary SmithABT 1875  
Mary Smith1800 New Jersey 
Mary Smith10 SEP 1720 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Mary Smith24 OCT 1682  
Mary SmithABT 1705  
Mary Smith28 FEB 1641/42  
Mary Smith1647 Watertown, Massachusetts 
Mary Smith1798 10 AUG 1860 Andrew Co, Missouri
Mary Smith1733 Orange Co, New Jersey 
Mary SmithABT 1745 1823 Ohio
Mary Smith1708  
Mary SmithABT 1635  
Mary Smith1795 1826 
Mary SmithSEP 1682 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Mary SmithABT 1840  
Mary Agnes Smith6 MAR 1836 Deal Beach, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Mary Alice Smith5 JUN 1864  
Mary Ann Smith1787 1846 Brokaw Hill, Ohio
Mary Ann SmithABT 1790  
Mary Ann Smith1 JAN 1827 Bentley, Hampshire, England18 JAN 1883 Ohio Comm., Stafford Co, Kansas
Mary Ann Smith1826 Mendham, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Mary Coffin Smith25 NOV 1800 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts29 SEP 1869 Needham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts
Mary D SmithAFT 1806 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary E SmithABT 1835  
Mary E Smith1849 1891 
Mary E SmithBEF 1830 (Port Deposit, Maryland) 
Mary Ellen Smith22 JUL 1873 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Arkansas 
Mary Emily Smith12 AUG 1869 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary F SmithABT 1866  
Mary Frances Smith26 MAR 1877 Pineville, Izard Co, Arkansas11 JAN 1940 Calico Rock, Izard Co, Arkansas
Mary Francis Smith11 OCT 1835  
Mary Isabel Smith29 SEP 1856  
Mary J SmithABT 1875  
Mary J Smith1852  
Mary Jane Smith1738 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia 
Mary Katherine Smith1876  
Mary Lois Smith1677 Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England 
Mary Lydia SmithBEF 1742 Garrard Co, Kentucky 
Mary Magdalene Smith13 OCT 1804 Washington Co, Pennsylvania7 DEC 1898 Carterville, Jasper Co, Missouri
Mary Merrill Smith22 NOV 1799 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Mary Polhemus Smith4 SEP 1810 Deal Beach, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Mary Sarah Smith4 JAN 1850 West Bethlehem, Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Mary Warren SmithABT 1760 Virginia 
Matilda Preston Smith12 DEC 1794 New Hampshire18 DEC 1878 Washington Co, Ohio
Mattie C SmithABT 1875  
May Smith14 FEB 1895  
Mildred SmithABT 1780 South Carolina 
Mildred Smith7 JUL 1840  
Myrtle Annie Smith1885 1970 
Nancy SmithABT 1828  
Nancy Smith19 OCT 1758 6 FEB 1845 Cass Co, Illinios
Nancy Smith23 AUG 1838  
Nancy SmithABT 1810  
Nancy SmithABT 1790  
Nancy Smith1740  
Nancy Smith20 OCT 1795 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Nancy Smith20 DEC 1780  
Nancy E SmithABT 1870  
Nancy H SmithAFT 1806 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Nancy J SmithABT 1840  
Nancy Jane Smith4 JUN 1843 South Carolina7 MAY 1905 
Nancy Jane Smith7 MAR 1834 Kentucky 
Nannie R Smith12 OCT 1897  
Nathaniel Smith1812 1864 
Nettie SmithABT 1870  
Nora Bell Smith1891 Kansas1956 Picher, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma
Obadiah SmithABT 1705  
Olive Smith1785 Waynesburg, Green Co, PennsylvanaiJAN 1864 Waynesburg, Green Co, Pennsylvanai
Ora Olive Smith4 MAR 1885 Columbus, Cherokee Co, Kansas3 NOV 1966 Tulsa, Tulsa Co, Oklahoma
Parsell SmithABT 1825  
Patience Bland Smith24 OCT 1779 Chester Co, South Carolina 
Peninnah Smith1766 FEB 1867 Skirbeck. Lincolnshire, England
Perlina Smith1805 Logan Co, Kentucky 
Perry Smith18 MAY 1888 Izard Co, Arkansas 
Peter SmithABT 1700  
Peter Peterson SmithABT 1690 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Peter Petersson SmithABT 1660  
Petrus Smith20 NOV 1716  
Phebe Smith1736 Orange, Essex Co, New Jersey 
Phebe SmithABT 1770  
Philamon Smith1736  
Prudence SmithAFT 1806 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Rachael Ann Smith20 NOV 1843 Maysville, Mason Co, Kentucky13 MAY 1930 Aurora, Lawrence Co, Missouri
Rachel SmithABT 1707 Jamaica, Long Island, New York 
Rachel Smith31 JUL 1752 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Rachel Smith1687 Henrricks, Hempstead, Long Island, New York 
Rachel Smith1764 22 OCT 1847 
Rachel SmithAFT 1753  
Rachel SmithDEC 1861 Missouri 
Rebecca SmithABT 1685  
Rebecca Ann Smith14 JAN 1845 Stafford, Greene Co, Missouri28 DEC 1922 Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co, Kansas
Regner Smith23 DEC 1727  
Richard Smith1629 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey17 JUL 1692 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Richard SmithABT 1600 EnglandBEF 31 JAN 1659/60 Accomack Co, Virginia
Richard SmithABT 1660 1714 Calvert Co, Maryland
Richard SmithABT 1660 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Richard Smith24 MAY 1635  
Richard SmithABT 1735  
Richard Norman Smith12 JAN 1837 Armstrong Co, Pennsylvania12 OCT 1900 Weir, Cherokee Co, Kansas
Richard W SmithJUN 1838 Alabama 
Rienza Smith14 SEP 1839  
Robert Smith1791 Cynthiana, Harrison Co, Kentucky 
Roy Raymond Smith16 APR 1883 Ottumwa, Wapello Co, Iowa 
Samantha Ellen Smith23 FEB 1872 Petersburg, Pike Co, IndianaAFT 1880 Walker, Franklin Co, Arkansas
Samuel Smith23 DEC 1736  
Samuel Smith1777 Pennsylvania 
Samuel Smith26 OCT 1814 Pendleton Co, KentuckyDEC 1888 Franklin Marion Co, Illinios
Samuel SmithABT 1636 Taunton, Plymouth Co, MassachusettsABT 1714 Jamaica, Long Island, New York
Samuel SmithABT 1789 New Jersey 
Samuel Smith1872 1947 
Samuel C Smith14 MAY 1862  
Samuel D Smith25 DEC 1820 South Carolina16 MAY 1896 Texas
Samuel J Smith9 MAR 1833 Washington, Daviess Co, Indiana17 NOV 1922 Franklin Co, Arkansas
Sanford Smith26 FEB 1760 Stonington, Connecticut15 JUN 1815 Scipio, New York
Sara SmithABT 1840 Resacca, Georgia 
Sarah Smith1702  
Sarah Smith12 SEP 1720 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Smith1634  
Sarah SmithABT 1700 1759 
Sarah Smith1800 Tennessee 
Sarah Smith20 MAR 1727/28 22 NOV 1800 
Sarah SmithABT 1750  
Sarah Smith1707 Ulster, County Antrim, Ireland Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
Sarah Smith28 NOV 1675 Farsley, York, England1759 
Sarah SmithABT 1839 Robertson Co, Texas 
Sarah Smith1793 Danville, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Sarah Smith17 OCT 1748 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia 
Sarah SmithABT 1670  
Sarah Smith1756 11 APR 1835 South Carolina
Sarah SmithABT 1800  
Sarah SmithABT 1740 Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Smith20 JAN 1751/52 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia 
Sarah Ann SmithABT 1825  
Sarah Ann SmithABT 1673 Isle of Wright, Virginia 
Sarah B Smith22 APR 1806 Somerset Co, New Jersey18 JAN 1882 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Sarah E Smith26 JAN 1813 Madison Co, Kentucky5 APR 1890 Boone Co, Missouri
Sarah E Smith1868 Ozark Co, Missouri 
Sarah E Smith1854 1934 
Sarah Elderts Smith5 FEB 1814 Flatbush, Kings Co, New York 
Sarah Ellen Smith20 AUG 1863 Wakenda, Carroll Co, Missouri2 DEC 1942 Kansas City, Jackson Co, Missouri
Sarah Jane Smith9 FEB 1852 Illinois Butler, Oklahoma
Sarah Louise Smith25 MAY 1849 Marion Co, Indiana13 OCT 1910 Blackwell, Kay Co, Okalhoma
Sarah Susan SmithABT 1660 Old Rappannock, Essex Co, Virginia21 JUN 1720 Powhatten Plantation, Essex Co, Virginia
Serene Armitta Smith8 FEB 1879 Izard Co, Arkansas 
Sophia Smith23 SEP 1759 Pleasant Mills, Burlington Co, New Jersey26 DEC 1817 
Stanley George SmithABT 1900  
Stephen SmithABT 1830  
Stephen Smith1768  
Susan Smith25 AUG 1822 Ohio 
Susan Wilson Smith14 SEP 1873  
Susann Smith4 MAR 1730/31  
Susanna Smith1844 Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
Susanna SmithABT 1642  
Susanna Smith1727  
Susannah Smith6 JUN 1788 Pennsylvannia25 OCT 1854 Switzerland Co, Indiana
Susannah Smith10 JUL 1715  
Susannah Smith1761  
Susannah Smith1763  
Susannah Smith20 AUG 1804 BEF OCT 1863 Oden, Mongomery Co, Arkansas
Susannah SmithABT 1680  
Tabitha Smith20 APR 1729 Stoughton, Massachusetts 
Tacey Smith26 AUG 1827 Guernesey Co, OhioJAN 1870 Oskalossa, Iowa
Theresa Smith1813 Kentucky 
Theunis Smith1724 New York 
Theunis Smith23 FEB 1718/19 New York 
Thomas SmithABT 1625  
Thomas Smith1732  
Thomas SmithABT 1780  
Thomas SmithABT 1652 12 OCT 1722 Jamaica, Long Island, New York
Thomas SmithABT 1775  
Thomas Smith4 OCT 1754 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia28 JUL 1838 Clark Co, Kentucky
Thomas Smith17 DEC 1637  
Thomas Smith20 NOV 1677 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Thomas Smith1826 Indiana 
Thomas Smith7 NOV 1727 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Thomas SmithABT 1700  
Thomas Smith1757 Baltimore, Maryland 
Thomas SmithABT 1662 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Thomas Andrew Smith13 DEC 1883 Stone Co, Missouri 
Thomas J Smith1854 1925 
Thomas J SmithABT 1880  
Thomas Jackson SmithABT 1830  
Thomas S SmithABT 1845  
Thomas S Smith18 MAR 1844 Franklin, Marion Co, Indiana30 DEC 1930 North of Guthrie, Logan Co, Oklahoma
Thomas Samuel Smith14 FEB 1879 Franklin Co, Arkansas3 DEC 1960 Kansas City, Jackson Co, Missouri
Timothy Smith20 NOV 1730 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Tobias Smith5 SEP 1726  
Tryntje SmithBEF 19 JAN 1696/97 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Turner Smith1802 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Ulysses Sherman Smith30 AUG 1895 Cherokee Co, Kansas 
Unity Smith1681 1726 
Unk SmithABT 1750  
Unk SmithABT 1815  
Unk Smith  
Unk Smith BEF 1930 
unk SmithABT 1780  
Unk B Smith14 NOV 1899  
W A SmithABT 1850  
W N Smith  
Walter Smith12 AUG 1747 1804 
Walter Washington Smith15 OCT 1885 Izard Co, Arkansas 
Wapha Smith1896 Missouri 
Waters Smith1732 Lawrenceville, New Jersey 
Wiliam G Smith2 NOV 1803 Virginia1879 Stockton, Greene Co, Indiana
Willemtje Smith4 APR 1658  
Willemtje Smith31 DEC 1654 Tuyl, Gelderland, Netherlands 
William SmithABT 1830 BEF 1886 
William Smith26 APR 1805 Deal Beach, Monmouth Co, New Jersey28 APR 1891 Tottenville, Richmond Co, New York
William Smith17 SEP 1740 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia 
William Smith28 OCT 1742 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia 
William SmithABT 1840  
William Smith1600  
William Smith1687  
William Smith1600 Jamaica, Long Island, New York 
William SmithABT 1725  
William SmithABT 1700  
William Smith1857 West Bethlehem, Washington Co, Pennsylvania 
William Andrew Smith8 JUN 1843 Ozark Co, Missouri1924 Brixey, Ozark Co, Missouri
William C Smith1864 Missouri 
William D Smith25 DEC 1866 Petersburg, Pike Co, IndianaAFT 1900 Whitley, Crawford Co, Arkansas
William Franklin Smith8 MAR 1870 Izard Co, Arkansas13 MAR 1948 Stone Co, Arkansas
William Gideon Smith4 APR 1843  
William Henry Smith6 JUN 1843 Deal Beach, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
William Ira SmithABT 1888  
William Jasper Smith6 NOV 1860  
William M Smith17 FEB 1782 New York, New York24 JAN 1834 Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut
William Nelson SmithABT 1860 1892 
Willis L Smith20 JAN 1880 Lexington, Kentucky8 DEC 1947 Bend, Deschutes Co, Oregon
Zelma May SmithABT 1820  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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