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  47 individuals found for query Snyder
Abraham SnyderAFT 1744  
Arthur Morton Snyder15 JAN 1890 Summit Co, Ohio24 NOV 1929 St Lucie, Florida
Berry Landsom Snyder22 MAR 1849 Tennessee29 MAR 1939 Bonne Terre, St Francois Co, Missouri
Catalyntje Snyder1633  
Catrina SnyderAFT 1724  
Ceeletjen SnyderAFT 1724  
Christian Snyder1860  
Christina SnyderAFT 1744  
Clarence Everett Snyder1898 1971 
Cornelia SnyderAFT 1744  
Elizabeth SnyderAFT 1744  
Elizabeth SnyderABT 1724  
Elizabeth Snyder1847 29 AUG 1924 Ragersville, Ohio
Elizabeth Snyder12 JUN 1777 1833 Gibson Co, Indiana
Emma Elizabeth Snyder4 MAY 1874  
Eva SnyderJAN 1624/25 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
George A SnyderABT 1840  
George William SnyderABT 1875  
Hendrick Jansen Snyder1604 The Netherlands27 SEP 1647 
J H SnyderBEF 1871  
Jacob J Snyder6 JAN 1878  
Johanna SnyderAFT 1724  
Johannes Snyder28 AUG 1750  
Johannes Snyder4 JAN 1719/20 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York22 AUG 1794 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
John Snyder1850 8 AUG 1885 
John Frederick Snyder8 OCT 1885  
John Henry Snyder22 MAR 1869 St Francois Co, MissouriJUN 1957 Bonne Terre, St Francois Co, Missouri
Jury Snyder1694 Hoogduytsland, Germany 
Lea SnyderAFT 1724  
Margaret Snyder19 JUN 1728 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Margaret SnyderABT 1780  
Maria SnyderAFT 1724  
Mary SnyderABT 1740  
Mary SnyderABT 1785  
Mary Ann Snyder4 OCT 1875  
Melinda Snyder7 APR 1872 St Francois Co, Missouri27 APR 1956 St Francois Co, Missouri
Peter SnyderAFT 1744  
Rachel SnyderAFT 1744  
Rachel Snyder1800 New York1837 Gibson Co, Indiana
Roy Highland SnyderABT 1900 Calif 
Samuel SnyderABT 1844  
Samuel Edward Snyder12 SEP 1883  
Sarah Sabilla Snyder1867 New Jersey1959 
Seletje SnyderAFT 1744  
Thomas SnyderABT 1790  
Thomas Elwood Snyder26 SEP 1824 New JerseyFEB 1906 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
William Henry Snyder16 SEP 1881  

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